Dan is accosted about Fred’s drugs. He explains that he may be suffering from the effects of the drugs he is taking and apologizes. Fred tells him they understand and now he can start his journey to recovery. Dan says no. He appreciates all the support she is getting but coming from a prison, he is not ready to go into rehabilitation again.
Soji tells Harriet he has not been hiding from her. She asks why he has not responded to her on the show? He is not interested. She insists on hearing from him and when he turns his back on her, she tells him her efforts are to ensure that she avoids a lawsuit. He assures her that no one will sue her. She is happy as that allows her to play around with the way the editing of the final copy goes. That gets Soji’s attention.
Everyone, TTK, Amaka, the counsellor chimes in on why Dan should check into rehab. The counsellor tells him that he cannot go through the treatment at home. TTK tells him that they are not judging him but want him to become the man they know and love. He tells them that he would rather be at home than any hospital.
As Harriet turns to leave, Soji stops her and asks what she meant by freedom to edit the show as she sees fit? Harriet gives him the option of the seeing the first cut of the show before they agree on the final cut. She asks him to choose his place or Bimpe’s for them to see it together. He is not comfortable with that and asks if they cannot watch the clips separately? Harriet asks him if it is guilty conscience or his hatred for Bimpe that is bringing out that kind of reaction from him? She insists that they cannot view separately. He reluctantly agrees to Bimpe’s apartment.
Dan says no to going for any rehab. The counsellor tries to explain that he cannot go through the treatment at home as it will subject his family to undue pressure. Dan tells them that the mistake they are making is that he is not an addict. He has not touched any drugs since he was released from prison and he is still not dead. The counsellor makes him an offer; if he checks into rehab, they will release him if the first phase of treatment goes well. He is not interested in the deal.
Amaka chimes in and tells Dan about the story she was told of how Reginald tried to cover up his addiction and pleads with him to listen to them. Dan exploded on her and asks her to stop comparing him to Reginald. He wonders what her place in the discussion is and insists that she is assuming too much privilege by getting involved in the discussion. Fred shots on him to stop as Amaka has as much right as everyone to be in that room and she is also worried about his recovery as Amaka sobs in one corner. Dan storms out on all of them and goes upstairs.
Freddie walks into the kitchen and meets Sheila sifting through Dannie’s food. She offers him some but he refuses to touch any of them. Cosmo comes in with more of Dannie’s things which she left behind and Freddie begs Sheila to let him keep some of the useful items. Sheila says no. Freddy begs and she tells him that she will have to check the DVDs first t ensure that they do not contain harmful materials.
Soji & Bimpe watch the recording of Bimji and Soji protests at the harsh way he is portrayed. He complains and about statements he claims he never made but Bimpe screams that he said those things and they are his true intentions. She accuses him of being wicked, or which other man will take a girl to Kenya just to break up with her?Harriet tells Soji to chill.
Sheila meets Fred who has been sitting out in the sitting room since 3am. She asks why he has been sitting there & asks him to come to bed. He says he has been reading. He tries to get up but sits down back again after feeling pains. She thinks he has been sitting for too long & also suggests that it may be better if they get a new bed. He thinks it is not just the bed. He may need to start sleeping in the guest room. Sheila asks him if he has anything he wants to talk about? Fred is surprised at her outburst as she walks away from him.
Soji & Bimpe continue to bicker. Harriet calls a one-hour break to enable them calm their nerves. While they are at it, she also asks Soji to be a gentleman & buy them brunch.
Amaka visits for lunch & tries ti get Sheila’s spirit up with little success. She asks what the issue is but Sheila brushes her off. She suggests a number of new things she thinks will spice up Sheila’s life like romantic walks, etc but Sheila is not biting. She asks how their Valentine’s Day went? Sheila does not have a good story to tell. Amaka reminds her that it will soon be their anniversary & suggests that they take time off & be with each other alone.
Bimpe protests that they have not finished yet as Harriet gets ready to leave. Harriet tells her that she has a deadline to meet. She promises to finish the editing & not to make it as bad as it looks. Bimpe & Soji stare at each other after she leaves & after a while, he leaves without exchanging a single word with her.
Amaka talks to Fred who asks after Dan? He is worried that Dan has been locked up in his room all day & wonders if he has eaten? Amaka tells him Dan is okay. she suggests that Fred takes time off with Sheila. Fred does not think the time is right especially NIW that they have Dan to take care of. He instead suggests they hold a party & invite most of their friends. Fred is not very hungry and stops eating. He wants to call Dan’s counsellor.
Segun tells Sankey that he is working on the DNA sample. Sankey is annoyed that it is still taking this long. He however tells her that the doctors hopes that from the amount of blood spilled, that the patient was quickly rushed to the hospital or he would have died. The blood sample and the blood on the floor belong to the same person.
Sheila is furious that Fred is hiding from her & using Dan’s condition as a shield. She tells him to go ahead & run as usual. Fred is furious & Amaka tries to broker peace. Sheila will not have Fred talk to her as a child & insists that she is his wife & will not be treated otherwise. Fred gets up & storms out of the dining room!