Cosmo brings Dannie’s phone which she forgot outside. She calls back the number that called her and tells them that she did not send in anything.
Fred tells the doctor and Dan that it was quite fast. The doctor tells them that he gave Dan a strong analgesic. Dan complains that it does not work. Fred tells him to take it on the chin and stop complaining. Sheila also chimes in that even Fred is also suffering. Dan reminds them that Fred is not recovering from a stab wound. He asks them to allow him continue his consultation with the doctor. Fred and Sheila find a reason to leave. Dan asks the doctor to up the dose of his pain killer. The doctor tells him that he has told him why he cannot do that. The pain he is feeling is from his addiction. He advises Dan to consider checking into rehab. Dan vehemently refuses saying that the doctor wants to lock him up like an animal, a dog. Sankey walks in then and the doctor scrams. Dan asks what Sankey is doing there? She tells him that she came to see him for herself after he made everyone crazy by running away. she has a question for him; is he now a drug addict?
Ene is at home when her phone rings. When she sees it is Chuks, she drops the phone and goes back to lie down. Chuks calls Soji and asks him to come as Ene has left him.
Dannie barges into Brenda’s and asks after Kwame. Brenda tells her that around here, people greet first before asking questions. Dannie says she is not big with customs and Brenda adds common sense to that. Dannie greets her and asks for Kwame. Brenda says she must be desperate. Dannie grabs her phone but Brenda collects the phone from her. She wants them to have tea, chat first and then she will tell Dannie where Kwame is. Dannie has some ideas where Kwame might be. She wonders whether this is the part where Brenda tells her to stay away from Kwame? Brenda says she will talk and she will tell her to take care of Kwame.
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Dan thinks that Sankey has the nerves to ask him after addiction. She tells him about her aunt Carol; a nice lady inspite of her arthritis and whenever she visited her, she will give her chewing gum and she is dependent on some white tablets. Sankey thought nothing of that until the tablets finished and the lady went berserk. She asks if Dan is an addict again? He wonders if she is worried that he will not be a good star witness? She tells him that she is worried that she is not responsible for what he is going through. If he got hooked on drugs, she will feel that the enemy scored one on them. He tells her that he has been clean since he came out of jail. She is happy to hear that.
Soji tells Chuks that he should have called him. He tells her that he did not call him to come and lecture him. He is bothered that Ene has left for good. Soji tells him that Ene will come back. She is just annoyed. Chuks is worried that Ene’s parents will keep her from him. He felt like someone dropped a hot iron on him when she left.
Brenda tells Dannie to try John’s sandwiches as they are good enough to die for. She asks if there is meat as she is a vegetarian. Brenda is surprised. She would have considered Dannie a carnivore. Dannie asks what the discussion is for? Brenda asks what happened between them in Ghana? She insists that it is between her and Kwame. Brenda asks what it will take to make Dannie to unmake her travel plans? Dannie reels out a long list of things and when she finishes, Brenda asks her how much? Dannie is surprised that Brenda is offering to pay her off.
TTK meets Dan lying on the couch and asks why he is not lying upstairs? He gets up and as they chat, Kaneng comes in. Dan enthusiastically jumps up to meet her. He tries to hug her but she stops while looking at TTK. He is happy about what she did but she tells him that he is the one that did everything. They talk and when she gets up to leave. She promises to come back some other time. She came to drop off some legal documents. TTK asks for the documents but Dan asks why? Kaneng passes the document to TTK who brings out the document and complains about the paper quality, syntax, spelling, etc. Kaneng tells her that there is nothing wrong with the document. She insists that it be corrected and Kaneng collects it back from her. As Kaneng leaves, TTK manages to stutter out some words saying that though she blames Kaneng for the mess Dan is in, she still thinks she did something to get him out. Kaneng asks if that is a thank you and smiles broadly at that.
Chuks is still complaining that Ene is ignoring his calls and texts. He notices that Soji is looking at the wall and asks what he is looking at? He does not want Bimpe to know that he is around. Chuks asks him to concentrate on the problem at hand. He asks Chuks to call Ene’s parents but Chuks is bothered that it will inform them of the problem and give them reason to say I told you. Chuks is no good.
Dannie wonders why Brenda wants her to stay and take care of her brother? Brenda tells her that is what she wants and she is willing to pay her to do so. She gets up to go and Brenda stands up in her face and tells to stop talking as she is not talking to Fred or Sheila. She is talking to a Mensah. She tells Dannie that since she claims to have such feelings for Kwame, she has to stay back and show it.
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Sheila asks how Dan is doing? Dan says he is good. Fred comes down and asks if Sheila wants to go for a walk? Sheila goes into the kitchen. Fred tells Dan that he wants to talk about what he did in the morning. Dan says he has apologized and insists on being treated as an adult. Fred yells at him and they exchange yells till Sheila comes in and breaks it up. Fred bends down and cries.
Soji asks Chuks to call Ene’s brother. He tells her that the Okoyes are a close-knit family. They talk to each other a lot. He reminds Soji of when they called a family meeting for him. As they were talking, someone knocks on the door and Chuks screams Ene. Soji wonders if she does not have her own key? They open the door and Bimpe walks in. she wants sugar.
Sheila comes back with Fred’s drugs and wonders when he took the drugs. The pack is almost finished. Fred is surprised. Sheila normally gives him his drugs so he could not have taken them. Dan suggests that he may have taken it without knowing. Sheila suggests that they get a doctor to check Fred up. Dan thinks it is a good idea and gets up to go for a walk. Sheila and Fred wear a worried look.
Dannie comes to visit Kwame in Phillip’s house. He thought she has left. She says she has packed and tells him about the call from the school. She hopes he knows what he is doing. She can control it but she cannot guarantee the number of people that will see the footage of him. He wonders whether she thinks he could not do it because he is such a terrible person? She asks if his quietness is because he is having second thoughts? She tells him that the school sent her a mail while they were in Ghana together. He owns up that he deleted the email. They wanted her back in US but he does not want that. He is that kind of man who goes to everything to prevent his woman from doing what will take her away from him.
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Dan tells Fred that it is time he moves out. He cannot allow anyone to talk to him like a child. A distressed Fred looks on as he moves away.