Dannie comes home and is let in by Cosmo. She gives him the kente she bought for him for at least taking that punch on her behalf. He tells her that they had to move her things to a different room as Dan is at the room near the master bedroom.
Chuks comes home and Ene has been worried about him. She asks where he has been? He tells her he has been away. He did not pick her calls because his phone battery has been low. She hopes that he still has Salewa’s money. He tells her that it is better for her to sit down first!
Brenda is pissed that she had to hear about Kwame’s trip to Ghana from Ivy. He asks if he is now required to tell her about all his trips? She wonders why he is abrasive and hopes it is not about his trip. He tells her that Dannie has proved her right. She expected her to disappoint and he has done that. He came to take his things and move back to Phillip’s flat and this time with his blessings. Brenda talks to him about wanting only women who do not want him because once he has them, he will stop wanting them. She likes Dannie who is the first to crack his code, which is continue to be unavailable to make him want her more. She might even invite Dannie over for dinner. He is happy that all the troublesome women band together.
Fred and Sheila discuss Dan with the doctor. The doctor confirms that Dan is lucky as the stitches on his body are still intact. He suggests that Dan checks into the hospital for proper care. Dan walks into the study and screams that he does not want to go back to that hospital. It feels like another prison. Sheila asks whether the doctor can be coming to look after Dan at home? The doctor confirms that is possible. They agree on this as TTK and Salewa walk into the study and scream in delight as Salewa jumps into Dan’s hands.
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Dan is okay. TTK tears into him for putting them through so much trouble. He is apologetic and says he needed to clear his head by being alone. Salewa tells her to stop. TTK launches into another round of tirade and how she could have had a heart attack after cooking. Fred tells her they are glad she did not have the attack. Sheila suggests they all allow Dan and Salewa to have a quiet moment. They all leave the room and Dan hugs a crying Salewa.
Chuks tells Ene how he met Erastus who now answers Maximillian and how he escaped while he was waiting for the police. Ene tells him that he should have called her or Soji. Ene tells him that their problem is how to pay off their debt and hope he still has Salewa’s money. He shows her the HOLD carton and when she wonders what it is, he tells her he had to pay an entry fee and does not have Salewa’s money any longer.
Dannie meets Freddy who jumps into her arms. They catch up on old times. She asks after the girl he went on a date with and he says she is fine. Dannie digs deeper and Freddy says that everyone is making fun of them and calling them boyfriend and girlfriend. The girls stalks him during lunch. Dannie suggests that he speaks to her and tell her how he feels. He is afraid of her reaction. She talks about two of them as two lonely hearts. Freddy asks after her companion on her trip? She tells him to gather everyone to share the gifts she got for them and he runs off.
Dan asks why Salewa is crying? She tells him that while he was in prison, he acted like he has given up on everything including her. That is what everyone tells her. He tells her that he will never give up on her. She is the only thing that gave him the strength to survive the place.
Ene is furious with Chuks for spending the money he is to use to pay Salewa’s debt on making Erastus richer. She throws the HOLD carton at him and a plastic bag fell out. Chuks picks it up and asks Ene if she thinks it is the real thing? She tells him not to even think about it but smells the content and confirms that it is not real.
The doctor tells them that Dan needs to check into a proper medical institution to be cared for. TTK says he needs to stay in a warm environment where he will find love like with her and Salewa. Sheila reminds her that Dan came to their house which means that he is comfortable there. The doctor agrees with Sheila and also asks TTK to take it easy with Dan. TTK asks how they can be sure that Dan has not been using further drugs? The doctor tells them that he does not have new needle marks. TTK says she will stay with Dan to ensure he is okay. Fred sees the doctor off and comes back to remind the ladies that the doctor advised that they pull together to make Dan comfortable. Freddy runs down and announces that Dannie is back and got them all presents.
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Dannie shares her presents to everyone. Amaka visits and is happy when she got the text that Dan is safe. Dannie gives them their presents and they ask how the trip to Ghana went? She tells them that it reminds her that she still has one more trip to make. They ask if she is sure of the trip? She confirms that and they share a group hug.
Ene packs her bags and Chuks asks what she is doing? She tells him that she is tired and cannot stay with him after he stole from her and remains unreliable. She tells him that she knows that if the HOLD pack had contained real Indian hemp, he would have gone to sell it and would get into trouble with the police and leave her to run around to get him off. She packs up her bag and as she gets up to go, he reminds her that she is his wife and he paid bride price. She tells him that her father will return the bride price for him to use and pay off his debt. He stands at the door and says he will not let her go. She tells him that it is in his interest that she goes because she cannot guarantee his safety if she stays. As she storms out, he calls her name repeatedly.
Fred comes downstairs where Dannie is sitting all alone. He tells her that Dan thanks her for the gift and asks if she wants to join Amaka and Sheila upstairs with Dan? She says no, maybe later. Fred sits with her and asks if anything specific happened in Ghana? She says that she still has some unfinished business in the States with her project, etc. Fred tells her that she left for Ghana with bright spirits and came back dejected. He accuses her of holding so much back. She tells him that it is the way she is and she is not going to change just because of anyone. She believes that Kwame will continue to be selfish. He suggests that she does not give up so easily.
Ene goes home and meets her dad and brother sharing a drink. She tells them that she came to spend some time at home. Her brother asks if she took Chuks’s permission? She tells them that Chuks needs his creative space and she is giving him some space. Her father tells her brother that his daughter is always welcome in his house.
Sheila comes down with Freddy who came to say good morning to Dan and TTK at breakfast on his way to school. He has a question for Dan who encourages him to ask his question despite Sheila’s reservations. Freddy after some reluctance asks him how prison was? He hesitates but answers that it was horrible. Freddy asks if that is why he scratches his body? Sheila whisks Freddy away at this point. Dan is worried that a twelve year old noticed. He asks TTK if Salewa suspects same? TTK denies it.

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Dannie barges into Brenda’s house looking for Kwame. She tells her that in this part of the world, people call first before barging into people’s houses.