Ene meets Feke in the conference room. She asks where Ene went yesterday? Ene says she went home. Feke tells her that she has been doing that often and it has been noticed by both herself and Brenda.
TTK shouts on Salewa to finish her tea quickly so that they hit the road. Ene calls to thank her for her patience with the morning. TTK accuses Chuks of free-loading but Ene says it is not true. She is ready to return Salewa’s money but TTK tells her to leave it at the bar & drops the phone.
Tare, Kwame & Phillip get down and Dannie & Majid are nit there. Phillip asks if Dannie has been out all night but Kwame did not find that funny. As they were wondering what happened, Dannie and Majid came in laughing. Kwame scowls that he cannot be that funny. Dannie tells them that she just had breakfast with local flavor with Majid. Tare remarks that Annie must like local flavor a lot. Majid tells them that it was a good thing they brought Dannie along. She has convinced him to stick with their team & he promises to be of good behaviour. Phillip invites them all to a drink to celebrate.
Chuks visits Soji and asks for his help in going to drop Salewa’s money at Ziggy’s Bar. Soji asks where the money came from and he tells him that Ene came through for him. He needs Soji’s back up in case TTK starts her drama. He also informs Soji that he is now looking for work. Soji is thrilled & believes that Ene will be happy too. As Soji goes in to change, Chuks screams for Soji to come. He has found Erastus.
Soji asks if Erastus picture is now in the newspaper? Chukkas tells him that he saw an advert for Hold that sounds much like Erastus. Soji does nit believe him saying there are too many 419ers in Lagos. Soji asks what he wants to do? He says the seminar is the place to catch Erastus. Soji tells him to call the police but he says he will confirm that Erastus is the one first. Soji asks him to wait for his meeting to end.
Kwame, Tare, Dannie & Phillip get into the lift while Majid walks the stairs. Dannie jokes with Kwame but he does not respond. The lift doors close & the lift jerks to a stop. Phillip asks if it is power shortage & Kwame asks if he thought he is in Lagos? Dannie makes a call to report the broken lift.
TTK and Salewa drive round the town looking for Dan to no avail.
Kwame asks Dannie if she has anything to do with it? She reluctantly agrees that she did to enable Phillip & Tare talk to each other. Phillip asks how long they will be there for? She tells them it is for maybe 15 minutes. Phillip is worried that they will miss Majid but Dannie has that fixed.
Chuks gets to the venue of the seminar and meets the receptionist. The starter pack contains drug made from NAFDAC-approved Indian hemp which can cure everything. When Chuks concludes the woman’s statement fir her, she asks him if he has been to any of their seminars in the past? He tells her that he guessed.
Kwame discusses with Dannie in the lift and squashed shoulder to shoulder in the other corner are Phillip & Tare.
Dan is in an uncommitted building when two boys come in. They search him & when they found nothing, they left him to go and smoke. He approached them and wirelessly begs for cigarettes but they ignore him.
Kwame asks Dannie how she managed to convince Majid to come along? She tells him that she used her usual charm. He asks her what exactly she did this time? She asks if he is asking whether she slept with Majid to convince him & he asks her if she did? She tells him that Majid could have even done that for fun. Just then, the lift gives a heavy lurch.
Dan walks out of the uncompleted building and two well-built young men in army camouflage follow him. He sees them and try to evade them but they tag along.
The receptionist asks Chuks whether he wants to sign up? Chuks says he is not ready yet. She asks what he is doing there then? He asks her if their speaker is around? She answers that he is in the changing room. Chuks asks where that is but she will not tell him. He asks her how much the seminar costs and she tells him it is N20,000.
Dan walks into a compound and the two young men appear from both directions and tells him that he needs to come with them!
Back in the lift, Dannie tells Kwame that she is not into talking to him right now. He tells her that he wants labels now. He wants a girlfriend who will be there when he needs her. She asks him what she is supposed to say after he just accused her of being a whore? Phillip taunts Tare who is having a panic attack. He talks about the lift crashing and killing all of them and she tells him to stop. He accuses her of wanting just to be with him and that is why she flew all that miles to be with him and also talks about her sticking with him even after she was warned that he is no good. Se gives him a very big shove and he falls on Kwame on the other side of the lift.
The two guys tell Dan that he has to come with them. He asks them who they are and where they want to take him? They tell him that he will soon know.