Kwame reads and archives the email from Dannie’s school. As he was doing so, Dannie comes out from the shower and asks if he was able to check his email? He says yes. He tells her that Majid wants them to meet. She says he is a sweet guy. No wonder the ladies like him. Kwame warns her to tone it down to avoid giving Majid the wrong reasons.
Fred and Amaka listen to recordings announcing Dan’s disappearance. She got someone from the sound department in the office to produce that. He asks her to buy as many radio and TV spots as she can find. She suggests they adda reward but he thinks that will sound like putting a bounty on Dan’s head. She reminds him that Masters’ people may already have put a price on his head. Fred takes a call from a journalist and complains about their numerous calls.
Ene comes home and asks Chuks why he did not help her bring in the clothes she washed? He apologizes and says he forgot. They sit down and she asks when his mum is coming? He said he does not know. His mum is not very sure yet. He tells her that he knows she is tired of all these problems. She agrees that she is tired and complains that the problem is self-imposed. Chuks promises to become the kind of husband she wants but she tells him that this is not time for poetry. They need to find practical ways to pay off his debts. She suggests he gets a job. He asks what kind of job he can do? She tells him that she has saved some money and they can use that to pay off Salewa and use the rest to prepare for his mum’s visit.He is surprised that she wants to pay off Salewa’s debt and she tells him that he is still her husband and she will not allow TTK to embarrass him. He asks her what he has done to deserve such a woman as her?
Sankey gets back to her office and takes a call from the DPO. As she finishes, Segun comes in and is surprised that she is back so early from the press conference. She tells him that there is nothing to say other than that Dan is missing. Segun tells her that Ahmed came to look for her but has just left. She screams that he should just leave her alone as he is not the only person prosecuting a case. She worries about what to do with these cases? Segun reminds her that Dan’s case is open and shut. Masters attacked him and there are warders that are willing to testify to that. Sankey tells him that would have worked if she can find Dan. Segun is surprised at his disappearance. He tells Sankey that he interviewed Vince and he said absolutely nothing. He only said that if Masters wants to find Dan, he will do that effortlessly. Sankey wonders why she is the only one saddled with all these disappearing witnesses; first it was Angela and now Dan.
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Kwame, Tare, Phillip and Dannie meet with Majid. Kwame introduces Tare as a staff of Black Ananse. Phillip tells Tare that she has achieved her mission. She looks beautiful and he has noticed. She ignores him and asks for Majid’s perspective on something. Majid was busy discussing performance arts with Dannie.
Chuks visits Soji who wants to know how he has been? He tells Soji that going to Bimpe to ask for advice was a big failure as she dragged Ene clubbing. Soji is surprised that she moved from grieving to clubbing. Chuks tells him about his dalliance with the police and with TTK. He agrees with Soji and Bimpe that all relationships are doomed! Soji tells him not to think about that.
Kwame asks Majid what issue he has with the trailer? He tells Kwame that he does not like the trailer especially where his brother committed suicide. Phillip says it was only a trailer. Kwame agrees and suggests that Phillip re-works the trailer. Majid is however back to his tete-a-tete with Dannie. Kwame explodes that Majid had better pay attention or they will pack it all up and he can get a room with Dannie. Ajid gets up and asks them to pack it all up. He tells Dannie that he is coming back and leaves.
Chuks tells Soji that Ene wants him to get a job. He laments that if TTK had allowed him take his place at the bar, he will not be looking for a job now. Soji tells him that TTK will not allow that happen. He complains that he needs money to rent a show room. He complains that if his last deal has gone the right way, he would have been one of those being celebrated in the newspaper he was holding. Soji warns him that it is that attitude that got him where he is now. He tells Chuks that he had better use this extra time to do well or be lost forever.
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Kwame walks after Phillip and accosts him. Phillip asks what Kwame wants? Kwame complains that Majid was wasting their time and being unprofessional. Phillip tells him that it is not about their work but more about his not being able to handle his girlfriend. Kwame tells him that he is not the one who cannot tell his girlfriend how he feels about her. Phillip warns him about spoiling his chances of working with Majid. As they were arguing, the elevator doors open and Dannie walks out and waves at them as she walks off. Phillip tells Kwame that he should be worried about where Dannie is heading off to now.
Mimi calls Ene at home and Ene hopes that all is well? She wants Ene to send her some of the ajo money. Ene asks whether she wants to buy a car or why will she want the whole money? Mimi does not need the whole money and Ene convinces her to take a quarter and leave the rest with her.
Kwame accosts Dannie and asks her where she is going to? She tells him that she is going to see the queen. He tells her that he is serious now and asks where she is going to? She tells him it is a surprise but he reminds her that he does not like surprises. She tells him that he was weird in there and is being weird now. He asks her to tell him where she is going to or? She asks him or what? As he was standing there, she walks out and gets into a car with Majid. Kwame looks daggers at them as they drive away.
Ene tells Chuks that Mimi, whose turn it is to collect the ajo money called last night for her money but she was able to get him some weeks to pay up. She gives him the money to pay off Salewa and tells him that they are in this together as they agreed to for better for worse.

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Kwame, Tare and Phillip meet in the lobby. Phillip asks if they got any message from Majid? He has not and Tare asks where Dannie is? Phillip asks whether she spent the night away from the hotel? Kwame gets annoyed at that and as they argue, Dannie walks in laughing with Majid. Kwame screams that surely he is not that funny! Dannie tells them that she just had breakfast with local flavour with Majid. Tare remarks that she seems to like local flavour while Kwame looks daggers at everyone!