Dannie and Tare joins the boys at breakfast. Kwame says he will go to see his cousin with Dannie if Majid does not call. Phillip says he has a stiff neck & Dannie gives him a massage. Dannie says they need to spice things up a bit as everything they are doing is not working. Kwame reminds her that she could not even get Tare jealous from a massage. She tells Kwame that sometimes a massage is just a massage. Tare comes back to the table with her food and tells Dannie that she can see her game but does not understand why.
Frank and Afi tells Obiora about Dan’s release. Salewa comes in and they hail her but she is not looking too happy. They ask if she has not heard about her father’s release? She tells them that she wishes she can see him to tell him how happy she is. She tells them of Dan’s disappearance. The police and everyone has been looking everywhere.
Phillip accuses Tare of coming to Ghana just to meet him when she heard that he is shooting in Ghana. She hotly denies this and tells him that she would have lughed at his face but it is too ridiculous to laugh at. He accuses her of throwing a tantrum when she did not get the attention she deserves and she calls him an arrogant sob. When he calls her an acid-tongued lady, she throws his drink in his face and storms off leaving Kwame and Dannie open mouthed.
Chuks orders for a soft drink and tells Frank that the police is still harassing him as if he is not the victim. Salewa comes in and Frank tells Chuks about Dan’s freedom. Chuks has not even heard that Dan was stabbed and taken to the hospital. Salewa tells him that Dan has been missing and shows him the missing person picture. He asks if he can do anything to help and apologizes for still owing her. She tells him that is the last thing on her mind. TTK comes behind them and asks what it is she is hearing about Chuks owing Salewa some money?
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Sheila joins Fred back in the car and he asks if she saw anything? He hopes that the fact that he has no money will not allow him go far. She says no. he asks for the colour of the cloths the doctor said is missing? She tells him it is brown shirts and dark pants. They see someone wearing the same thing and Fred came down from the car and calls Dan but it is someone else.
Dannie meets Tare walking with a glass of drink and asks if it is not too early for a drink? She backtracks at the look on Tare’s face but says that Tare and Phillip are a very passionate pair. Tare says she is not paired with Phillip. Dannie insists that she can see it. Tare reminds her that she is not in a position to judge as she is out of a relationship. Dannie tells her that the fact that she and Kwame do not crave labels does not mean that there is nothing between them. She tells Tare that she is enjoying her relationship with Kwame. Tare tries to warn her about Kwame but she insists that Kwame has been quite open with her. As they were talking, Kwame calls and she leaves to meet with him.
TTK asks when Chuks will pay Salewa back? Salewa tells her that they are not talking of money. Chuks jumps on the bandwagon. TTK tells them that she heard them clearly and asks when and how Chuks intends to pay back? Salewa reminds her that it is her own money. She cuts Salewa off. Chuks tells her that he is owing a lot of people and they are not harassing him. She gives Chuks 48 hours to pay or she will contact the police and he will explain to them how he swipes kids’ piggy bank. Salewa protests at being called a kid.
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Chuks visits Ene in the office and she tells him she is busy. He tells her that the police called him again this morning. She asks what they wanted? He says they wanted to know if Erastus has contacted him? She wonders if they will have to live with police harassment all their lives and also reminds him that he needs to find the money he took from her before she gets into trouble in the office. He tells her that TTK made a scene in the office insisting that he must pay Salewa back within 48 hours or… ene walks away from him.
TTK appears on Peju’s show to talk about Dan’s pardon. She tells Peju that the pardon is due to services rendered to the state, the details of which she is not allowed to disclose. She suggests that he may have walked off due to the heavy medication or stumbled and knocks Peju’s suggestion that he may have disappeared to avoid staying with his family. She asks anyone who has any information about his whereabouts to contact them via the numbers at the end of the show.
Kwame takes Dannie to their house in Accra and tells her of the history behind the house. He talks about how they sold the place when their parents died and things got rough and how Brenda struggled to provide for them. Dannie tells him that it is over now.
Ene calls TTK to ask after Dan’s whereabout and apologizes for Chuks owing Salewa. TTK tells her that she at least has the decency to apologize unlike Chuks. She promises to pay back everything soon. TTK advises her to hold Chuks with a strong hand. Husbands can run amock if left unchecked. Ene asks if she is planning to get married soon? She says no and Ene tells her that when she marries, she will realize that the theories of marriage is different from the reality. She drops the phone on her and Chuks calls her and she tells him that she called TTK and got him some more days. He tells her that his mother called and will be coming to stay with them for some days!
Kwame and Dannie are in bed and he tries to get her interested in the bed but she is trying to concentrate on the iPad she is working on. After a while, she gets up to go to the shower but refuses when he suggests that he joins her in the shower. He asks if he can check his email on the iPad and she agrees. He stumbles on a mail from her school and wears a worried look!
Dan is shown lying in some uncompleted house and rolling over in pain.

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Majid has eyes and ears only for Dannie and Phillip tells Tare that she is looking quite beautiful today but spoils it by telling her that she has what she craves now. She ignores him and continues trying to get Majid’s perspective on something with no success. Kwame suggests a new way to change the trailer but Majid was not even listening. Kwame shouts at him to either listen or they will pack up everything to enable Majid and Dannie get a room. Majid stands up and tells them to please pack it up!