Tare asks what they are doing & Phillip tells her to answer that. Tare introduces herself to Majid & he is surprised she knows him. She says his manager called her and agreed to her fees and paid her fare to come and help him with some PR disaster over some pregnant women. He says he does not know who called her but it is not his manager. Tare says the manager had American accent and Phillip asks Dannie if she has anything to say to that? Kwame tells Majid that she is not some crazy fan but a staff of Black Ananse. Dannie tells Majid about Tare and Phillip’s love story. He is pissed at his name being used unnecessarily & walks off in a huff.
TTK and the doctor are trying to figure out what happened to Dan when Peju and her camera crew come into the hospital to ask for a quote. The doctor throws them out and apologizes saying that the prison authorities have removed their guards and he did not think they needed any extra guards. TTK chides him for the porous security.
Chuks and Soji barges into Bimpe’s room worried. She wonders what is worrying them and Chuks tells her that they thought she wants to cut herself. She tells him that she told him that she is cutting herself off from circulation. She chews them for thinking she wants to kill herself and Soji leaves. Chuks says he wants to ask Bimpe what to do to repair his relationship with Ene? Bimpe tells him not to bother. The relationship is already doomed. Chuks tells her that she is just annoyed at her failed relationship. She suggests isolation and tells Chuks that is what she is doing now and tells Chuks to close the door after him.
Tare and Phillip tear at each other while Dannie and Kwame look on. Dannie tells them that they have booked the tour bus for a tour in the evening and asks them to come along for the ride.
The doctor tells the Ade-Williams that one of the male nurses is missing his off-duty clothes. That is probably how Dan left unnoticed. Fred still berates him for their lax security. He suggests that TTK and Salewa checks Dan’s flat.
Bimpe comes to invite Ene out for a night at the club. She is bored with isolation and is ready to go dancing and drinking and having fun. They wish her well but she insists that Ene must come with her. Ene tries to wriggle out of it but Bimpe insists that she must come especially after she slipped out of the sleep-over the other day like a thief in the night. Chuks asks why she is asking a married woman to the club instead of the husband? Ene asks if he thinks that she needs his permission to go to the club? She asks Bimpe what time the club is for?
Kwame and Dannie come downstairs for the tour but Tare and Phillip are not there. Just then, they find Tare to her delight. Tare says she is already in Ghana and can as well enjoy herself. Dannie goes off to look for Phillip while Tare and Kwame square off over Kwame’s movies and what they have been up to lately. He denies that he is dating Dannie and says they do not want labels for now. Tare remarks that it is strange coming from someone who will do anything for labels inclusidng blackmail for marriage. Just when Dannie has given up on locating Phillip, they meet him downstairs waiting for them.
Sankey and Segun meet Masters in Bello’s office. Sankey needles him for not looking too happy today and asks if he is losing control? Masters asks her what she will do about his disappearance? Who? Sankey asks. Masters tells them that it is a pity that they have lost Dan their precious witness after all the trouble they went through to secure him a pardon. He laughs at her as he turns and goes back to his cell.
Ene comes to meet Bimpe for the club outing. She tells Bimpe that she is excited about this whole thing. It has been so long she wore that kind of outfit and looks forward to enjoying herself. She asks how they are going? Is a taxi coming to pick them up or what? Bimpe tells her that she cannot go to the club dressed the way she is. The bouncers will probably think she is someone’s mum and will not let them into the club. She goes to get Ene one of her short sleeveless gowns.
Tare and Phillp and Kwame pose for pictures with Dannie behind the camera. She arranges them with Tare between the guys and all their faces covered in dark glasses. Just before she takes the picture, however, Tare walsk off from her position and stands beside Kwame!
TTK cannot believe that the landlord has already packed up Dan’s things. She sits Salewa down and tells her that her father has been using drugs. She is surprised and recognizes that the drugs must be why he has been aggressive. She is worried that her father will be released from prison only to die from drugs. TTK assures her that they will give Dan all the support he needs to get through it.
The group is ready to go back to the hotel and Dannie suggests that Tare sits beside Phillip in the bus. Tare asks Kwame about his sister Brenda? Kwame reminds her that international calls are still allowed between Kenya and Nigeria. She tells him that Brenda will not disclose anything on the phone. He tells her that Brenda is still her usual controlling self. As they get to the bus, Dannie asks if Kwame does not have friends they can hang out with? Tare tells her that Kwame has probably burnt all the bridges with his friends across West Africa and goes to sit in the bus. Dannie accosts Kwame and tells him that there seem to be more sparks between him and Tare than between Tare and Phillip and she has got her eyes on them!
Bimpe tells Ene that she could not believe that Ene could jump that fast, the way she flew into the taxi. Ene reminds her that she was behind her every step of the way. Bimpe thinks someone should write the story and get her to star in it. She has already practiced it. Ene tells her that she has been going along with all these nonsense because she wants to support her through her grief. She is not happy that Bimpe changed her clothes. Bimpe tells her that she needs a wardrobe change and she will be too happy to help with the designs!
Dannie and Kwame walk hand in hand into the hotel with the sunset behind them and Tare tells them that they are now becoming irritating! Kwame tells her to get irritating with Phillip who is walking in behind them. Tare walks on and Phillip shouts that they know Kwame is a terrible film-maker and now they also know that he is even a worse match-maker.
Sankey apologizes for getting to Fred’s house late. He tells her it is okay. At least she is there now. He asks if she has been to the hospital? She says yes but there is very little to see there. She tells them that Masters knows that Dan is missing. They are shocked as they had not told anyone about his missing yet. Kaneng asks if it is possible that Masters has a hand in Dan’s disappearance? Sankey grudgingly acknowledges that it is possible. Fred asks her to put out a press briefing immediately.

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Phillip and Tare hotly argue about the purpose of Tare’s visit to Kenya with Phillip insinuating that she came to Ghana to see him but she tells them that she came to work with Majid. He insists that she came to see him and is getting annoyed now because she is not getting the attention she craves. She throws his drink into his face!