Ene asks what Bimpe means that she is at fault? She does not have anything to do with their breaking up. she tells her that she has been anti-Bimji from the beginning & asks how she expects the relationship to survive? She accuses Ene of being Telema’s friend. Ene tells her to leave Telema out of it & she says it is Chuks that is the problem and if Ene can keep Chuks happy, she will be able to take care of Soji. Ene asks her how she dares accuse them of her issues? She says it is all Soji’s fault for dumping her. Ene tells her to rest but she says she needs to go through the 10 stages of grief so that she can be her fabulous self again. Ene grabs her bag to go to work & Bimpe asks where she is going to? She tells Ene that some of them have to go to work. Bimpe asks if what she is doing is not work with all the hard work she had to put into it?
Dannie & Kwame arrive the hotel in Ghana. She sits down but he tells her there is more. She goes into the bedroom and reads the note welcoming her to his home town. She taunts him about water bed & mirror ceilings as they collapse into bed.
Bimpe enumerates the 10 stages of grief but Ene argues that it is 5 stages & they only happen when someone dies. Bimpe tells her that she just said that she is mourning. Ene asks her where she found these stages she is talking about? She says she found it in psychobabble.com. Ene wonders why she will look up her feelings online instead of feeling it? She says she will look that up online too.
Kaneng tells Fred that she has filed an injunction stopping the police & prison authority from taking Dan back to prison. That should buy them some time. Sheila comes out and as Kaneng explains what they are doing to her, Fred takes a call & screams “my brother is free! The governor signed the pardon! Sheila hugs him.
Phillip walks into the bedroom where Dannie & Kwame are still under the sheets. She asks if he plans to keep walking in on them like that? He reminds her that Kwame is there for business. He asks Kwame to put on some clothes. Kwame reminds him that the meeting is for 11 but Phillip tells him they need more time to prepare. He will be waiting for him at the poolside. On second thoughts, he also asks Dannie to come along. They may need her charm on Majid Michel in case Kwame did not come with his A Game.
Fred gleefully tells Dan that he is a free man now. Dan is surprised. Fred tells him that all that murder, prison, etc is all in the past now & he is holding the hands of a man he is proud to call his brother. Dan is happy and they hug. Fred asks if the doctor has told him about the detox program? Dan says he is nt an addict & does not need to detox. He however asks Fred to tell the doctor to give him some more morphine. The doctor will believe if the request comes from Fred!
Sheila calls TTk to break the news of Dan’s freedom. TTK tells Salewa of the news & they both hug & go crazy!
Bimpe calls Ene who just got to the office to ask if Soji will come back to her if she drops her flamboyant self? Ene asks what she means? She asks Ene if Soji will come back to her if she become a plain Jane? Ene asks what is different from the Bimpe on the road? She says she has been thinking about this. She asks Bimpe not to call her with such stupid questions at work. Bimpe tells her that she is her role model and when she wants to be plain and unglamorous, she looks up to Ene!
Phillip hopes that Kwame came with his A game as Majid is big player. Kwame asks why he asked Dannie to come along if the meeting is so important? Phillip tells him that she is an assets. Just then, Dannie climbs out of the swimming pool & Phillip asks if Kwame sees what he is seeing? He knows that Kwame cannot wait for this to be over before he and his girlfriend run off. Dannie who is drying herself asks who is talking of girlfriend? Phillip asks them what they call themselves? Dannie says that they do not believe in labels as she runs off to town. Phillip asks Kwame when he does not believe in labels? He asks if Kwame is bothered about what Dannie is getting up to? Kwame says he trusts her but Phillip tells him that his question is who else does Dannie know in Accra besides them?
Ene asks what Bimpe wants again? She tells Bimpe that her life is not dull as Bimpe believes. Bimpe tells her to forget that one. new question, if she grows dreadlocks to match Soji’s dreadlocks will he love her? Ene asks if she loves dreadlocks but Bimpe says it is Soji that matters now. She asks if Soji will love her if she sells all her cloths and buys only jeans like Soji? She eventually says she has a solution. She will wear a wig and test that on Chuks & Ene & Soji. If it works, she will unleash it on everyone. Rasta Bimpe, here I come.
The nurse comes to see Dan who has just called for a nurse. He asks what Dan wants? Dan says he wants to apologize for manhandling the guy earlier. The nurse tells him not to worry, he has seen worse. Dan asks him to give him a dose of morphine but the nurse refused. He calls the guy nearer & makes him an offer. He has a lot of money outside there & will settle the guy well. He still says no & as he leaves Dan screams & asks what is wrong with all of them in the hospital? He may as well be back in prison!
Kwame & Phillip meets with Majid Michel & as they were starting to talk, Dannie comes out & calls him. He abandons the guys & tells Dannie to come and sit down!
Chuks & Soji share a drink at Ziggy’s & Chuks complains that it has not been easy. He has been begging Ene all these while to no avail. Soji says he cannot help. He used to talk with Ene but all that has stopped now. Chuks says that the only person that could have talked to Ene now is Bimpe but that one too has her own wahala. Soji says maybe talking to Bimpe may help take her mind off things. Chuks calls a Bimpe that is lying all covered up on her sofa. He asks if they can talk? She tells him to leave her alone. He says she does not sound right. She says she is cutting herself off. He asks what she means but she switches the phone off. Soji asks what she says & Chuks tells him that she says she is cutting her herself. They scramble to get up.
Majid meets with Phillip, Kwame & Dannie with Dannie sitting beside him. He complains of all the bad things Phillip did during the shoot! Phillip apologizes. Kwame tells Majid that all that is Phillip being Phillip. They dropped him on his head when he was born! Dannie reminds Kwame about Phillip firing his PA as an after-thought & Kwame concludes that she came after him with a knife! just then, Tare walks in and see them. She stops & they all gape at her.
TTK & Salewa arrive the hospital with food for Dan & a cake to celebrate. The doctor meets & as he was talking to them, Salewa goes to see her father & runs out to say he is not on his bed. As they were asking if they moved him, a female nurse runs out to tell the doctor that it looks like Dan has left the building!

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Tare asks what is happening but Phillip says she needs to answer their questions. She introduces herself to Majid & tells him that his manager called her to come & help him with some PR issues over some pregnant girl. Majid is surprised.