Chuks cooks spaghetti for Ene that is getting ready for work. She asks why it is so black? It’s been a while since he cooked last. He tells her that the best part is the burnt part. She returns the plate to the kitchen and when he complains about spending the whole morning cooking, she tells him that if he thinks he can cook away their problem, then he is a bigger fool than Erastus took him for.
Phillip asks Kwame what happened to his movies? He asks if there is any other thing he is hiding? Kwame says he has another news for Dannie. Phillip asks what the news is? Valentine’s Day is almost here. Kwame says he could teach Phillip but he will charge him for doing so.
Ene tells Bimpe that she gives Chuks F for efforts. She realizes that Bimpe has not even been listening to her. Bimpe tells her that she does not even know what she feels right now. Ene tells her that it is a part of the grieving. Bimpe asks why she should be grieving? Did Soji die? Ene tells her that she had a nice relationship with Soji and it is natural that she will feel bad now that it is no longer there.
Phillip and Kwame discuss Black Ananse. Kwame wonders why he is suddenly interested in the company he abandoned? He tells Kwame that they need to start afresh. He proposes that they start with a movie to be shot in Ghana. Kwame wants to see the script before he makes up his mind. It is no longer Phillip calling the shots. When he agrees to partner, Phillip proposes they meet I Ghana in a week’s time.
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Kwame asks what he is going to be doing in Accra? Phillip asks if that is not his home town? He asks what he will be doing from this week? Phillip reminds him that he wanted to understand all about the film. Phillip tells him that he is needed at Ghana as he will be meeting with some investors and will require Kwame’s expertise. The lead actor is not playing ball. Kwame smiles at Majid Michael giving Phillip trouble.
Sankey discusses the case with Segun. Something does notsit well with the case. She does not understand why Dan will tell Masters everything they do there. Segun wonders whether it is possible that Dan confessed unwillingly? Sankey says it does not make sense but wonders if Masters has a hold on Dan’s mind as he had on Angela?. Segun also asks why Masters will want to kill Dan if he has a hold on his mind? Sankey hopes she will get answers to these from Dan today.
Phillip and Kwame discuss the proposed trip to Ghana. He wants Kwame to come along and try and manage Majid Michel. If he can get the guy to come back to the PR events, that would have helped. Kwame tells him that he agrees to go but he chose the wrong week. He tells Phillip that he is not aware of how long Dannie will be around for and knows that she will be wondering where he is now. As he gets up to leave, Phillip tells him to bring Dannie along!
Fred berates Kaneng. She agrees that she has regrets but did not expect things to get to where it did. He screams that he warned her about how dangerous Masters can be but she did not listen. He blames himself for what happened to Dan and Kaneng tells him that he cannot blame himself. He tells her that he will not allow Dan to die. He is going to make some calls and it is time to re-visit the committee on prerogative of mercy. She tells him that they need Sankey’s and the prosecutor’s concurrence. Fred tells her that they had better come along or they will face a lawsuit.
Freddy comes out and asks Phillip what Kwame is doing there? Phillip reminds him that Kwame is Dannie’s special friend and that is not the way to speak with him. Freddy asks if Kwame told him how he broke his promise? He promised to drive him to a date but changed his mind afterwards. Phillip needles him for going on a date. Kwame reminds him that he agreed but explained that Dannie is in the way. Phillip suggests that they double-date and the problem will be solved. Kwame does not think it is a good idea but Freddy shouts at him to do it!
Kaneng discusses Dan’s issue with Ahmed and Sankey. They insist that they do not owe Dan right now. He has not produced the evidence they require to nail Masters or find Angela. She reminds them that he got them information that led to where Angela was but Sankey says that they got there late. She also has reason to doubt Dan’s loyalty. Kaneng tells them that they had better ensure that Dan does not go back to prison when he is discharged from the hospital or they will struggle for their jobs. Ahmed asks her if she is threatening them? She tells him that if Dan goes back to the prison, she will sue the police, the ministry of justice, the prosecutor’s office etc for taking advantage of a prisoner and abandoning him. She walks out on them.
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Ene and Chuks come back home and Chuks thinks that their visit to the police station went quite well. For the first time, someone actually listened to him. Ene tells him that if it is not for him, she will not have to be interrogated by the police. Chuks reminds her that it is for better for worse but she tells him that with him, it is for worse and worser. He tells her that there is no word like that. She turns on him but stops when they hear a sound.
TTK meets Dan’s doctor and asks him what they can do to alleviate Dan’s pains? The doctor explains to her that they found a high level of narcotics in Dan’s blood. It is high enough to suggest that that he used heroin recently. The pain he is feeling is his body craving for the drugs. He asks TTK to convince Dan to come into the hospital’s detox facility. TTK asks why he is telling her to ask Dan? He tells her that he thought they were close. She tells him that she does not understand Dan now.
Bimpe is screaming when Chuks and Ene bursts in. she is screaming Kenya and when they eventually hears what she is saying, she complains that Soji broke up with her in Kenya and asks them who breaks up with a girl in a romantic place as Kenya? Chuks asks her if she would have preferred if he broke up with her in Lagos? She stones him with whatever she could find and Ene asks him to leave and come back later.
Dan harasses the nurse attending to him when TTK comes in. After the nurse leaves, TTK asks him if he has been using heroine? The doctor says that they are finding it difficult determining the right dosage of anesthetic to give him. When he does not answer she asks him again. He tells her that he used it only once and he was made to do so by Masters. She screams at the outrage and gives him the documents for the detox centre. He tells her that he is not an addict. She tells him that she wants him cleaned up of this filth!

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Dannie asks what Kwame wanted to ask her? He asks if she fancies a trip to Ghana and she asks him when? Tomorrow, he says and she asks him to let them do it!