Salewa cries that they have killed her father but the others console her. The doctor asks who she is & is told she is Dan’s daughter. Fred asks why they cannot increase the dosage of anesthetic used? The doctor tells them that the resistance found in Dan is consistent with the presence of narcotics in his blood. Dan might be using drugs. It is not uncommon in prison, he tells them.
Dannie tells Kwame that Kwabena reminds her of him. He says Kwabena could not be like him. She says shehas not been this relaxed in a while. He tells her that she should not have accepted Kwabena’s card. As he was complaining, she screams that she forgot to inform the Ade-Williams’ that she is still in Lagos. She tries their numbers but no one is picking. She calls Freddy who informs her that everyone is in the hospital. She grabs her things and Kwame offers to drive.
Chuks calls Soji who asks whether he has reconciled with Ene? He says no and is worried that Ene may decide to leave him when she comes back. Soji tells him that Ene loves him too much to do that. He informs Chuks that he has finally decided to call it quits with Bimpe. Chuks worries that this may encourage Ene to also leave him. Soji assures him that it will not & decides to join him at home.
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Kaneng tells them that she asked Dan what he was using but he tells her off. TTK asks why she did not say anything? She says she is not in the habit if screaming wolf at he hunches. Fred also blames her but accepts that he also noticed some strange behaviours. TTK worries that the drugs may affect the surgery but the doctor says they will proceed carefully. They will proceed with rehabilitation after the surgery. Fred asks if he knows of any good place? He says that the hospital has a good detoxifying & rehabilitative place. TTK suggests that the man that tried to kill Dan may have injected him with the drugs. The doctor says that he does not have enough drugs in his system to overdose. They are waiting for a toxicologist. She says she will wait for the report. Fred asks when they can see Dan? The doctor says he will inform them when the surgery is through.
Dannie and Kwame visit the Ade-Williams. Freddy and Cosmo tells them what happened to Dan. Dannie consoles Freddy at the roller-coaster life he is living. Freddy asks why Dannie is still in Nigeria? She tells him that she has some unfinished business.
Chuks worries that Ene is not back yet. Soji tries to convince him that it is better for Ene to be out there cooling herself rather than trying to kill him with a kitchen knife. He assures Chuks that all is well. Chuks worries that Ene may have made up her mind just like Soji made up his mind to leave Bimpe. Soji says that he did not plan it. It just happened while they were in Kenya shooting. Chuks accuses him of being wicked and says that Bimpe paid a heavy price for fame. Soji tells him that he is also paying a heavy price for fortune.
TTK and Fred come out from seeing Dan and assures others that he is okay. Salewa asks them to tell them as it is. He tells them that Dan was resistant to some drugs but should be okay. Salewa accuses Fred of not helping her father when she begged him to help. TTK tries to stop her but she will not listen. Sheila tells her strongly that no one has been more concerned about Dan than Fred. Salewa runs off. Dannie calls Fred and tells him that she heard what happened. She is taking care of Freddy. He tells her that he has made arrangements for Freddy to be taken care of. She does not need to worry about anything.
Ene comes home and Chuks fusses about her but she does not talk to him. He tells her that Soji came back after he left and told him that he has finally broken up with Bimpe. She gets up and carries her things. He asks where she is going to and she tells him that all men are the same. You all enjoy breaking ladies’ hearts. He asks where she is going to and she says she is going to see Bimpe.
Masters meets with Sankey in the police station and jibes that he is making an exception to see her so late. He asks how Dan is doing? She tells him that he miscalculated this time. Dan is alive and they have his wounds to prove where he was attacked by Masters. Masters asks whether she knows that Dan was depressed before she chose him to spy for her? She asks if he tried to kill Dan because he suspected that he was spying on him? He tells her that Dan told him everything. She tells him that they have Belo and other warders’ statement and he tells her that the poor deranged man attempted suicide.
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Kwame asks Freddy for some of his hot cocoa. He serves Kwame the tea and asks him if he wants to use his car for the Valentine’s Day date or he should ask grand dad for a car? Kwame says he will not be able to do that as he now will have his own Valentine’s Day plan. He asks why Kwame cannot keep his words? Kwame says he will hire him a driver. He asks what Dannie will like that day? Freddy asks if Kwame has forgiven Dannie about everything she did?
Bimpe tells Ene stories and after a while, Ene asks if there is alcohol in the juice Bimpe is drinking? Bimpe says she would have told her if there was alcohol. Ene tells her that she can level with her about their break up. Bimpe tells her that it was not Soji that broke up with her. She broke up with him. She tells her about Kenya and goes to get her pictures of Kenya when Chuks comes in. ene lets him in and accosts him about making her look stupid in front of Bimpe by lying about Soji breaking up with Bimpe.
Dannie asks Freddie who will take care of him? He says there is no one but Dannie says Fred tells her that someone, a family member will come to stay with him. He tells her that she can stay. Kwame asks after her family and she tells them that there is not much to tell. She has a brother called Chinedu and her parents broke up when she was 8. Her parents are friends and they tried to get her to conform but did not succeed so much. Kwame wonders why she had not said that before? Freddy reminds him that he did not ask. Phillip walks in just then.
Ene and Chuks bicker over who broke up with who between Soji and Bimpe. Bimpe comes out and gives them the presents she got for them. She asks them to open it and smiles at their matching love bracelets. It celebrates their long lasting love, at least they have tried. She asks Chuks if he has seen Soji of late and hopes that he is not crying about her leaving him! She is sure he will be alright with Chuks there for him.
Everyone is crowded around Dan’s bed. He is awake and sees everyone around him. Sheila tells him that he gave them a scare and TTK cries that he should never do that to her. He assures her that he will not do that again. He asks if they got Masters? He is ready to testify at the trial. He suddenly remembers Ota and is worried that Masters will kill him. Fred promises to call the police in the morning. The doctor comes in and asks them all to leave so that the patient can rest.

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