Dannie tells Phillip that she has played her cards and it is time to give up. He tells her to stop and she says that sometimes tragedy makes you stronger. He asks her how she intends to pay the grant if she leaves? She says it is a good question. He suggests she ask his father and she says he has done enough already for her. He says he will loan her the money but she laughs and says that he practically knows nothing about her. He tells her that if she ends up without a degree, she will be swallowed by debt. He also tells her to work out her issues with Kwame.
Sankey tells Angela’s dad that they lost Angela’s DNA and need another one. He drops the phone and Kaneng asks her how she lost the DNA? She says they could not find anyone in Angela’s apartment. She asks her why she did not say so at the beginning? She tells Sankey that they need to get Dan transferred from jail that day and also get a reduction on his sentence. Sankey wonders what is happening? Kaneng tells her that she just had a crazy discussion with Dan. Sankey tells her that she then needs to call the prosecutor immediately.
Ene asks Chuks what is going on? He tells her that he is about to turn the cartons into a good opportunity. She tells him that if he does not get the cartons out of the house, she will throw them out and he can also go and live with them out there.
Phillip visits Kwame to discuss Dannie. He tells Kwame that he needs to sort out his issues with Dannie and when he sees the DVD, he asks why he is still keeping it? Kwame says it reminds him not to trust anyone easily. Phillip tells him that Dannie is packing it all up and without submitting her project, she will not be able to repay the grant. Kwame is surprised that he is getting relationship advise from Phillip. He believes that Phillip is talking to him because he feels bad about his failed relationship with Tare.
Sankey tells Kaneng that there is little she can do for Dan. Prison transfers and reduction of sentence take a lot of time. Kaneng insists that she does something urgently about getting Dan out of that prison but Sankey insists that reduction of prison terms is not her remit but Kaneng insists that she make it her remit.
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Chuks asks Ene why there is no breakfast for him? She tells him that she wanted to prepare breakfast but there was no room for her to do so. He reminds her that he will arrange the cartons that day and she tells him to ensure he does that or he will not only be missing breakfast.
Kwame puts a call across to Freddy. He will come and see Freddy during lunch and will buy him ice cream.
TTK meets Kaneng at Ziggy’s and tells her that she cannot believe that she is eating breakfast while Dan wallows in jail. She tells TTK that she is working very hard to get Dan out of the prison. TTK accuses her of not achieving anything. She replies that she at least gave them hope. TTK tells her that that is not enough.
Soji comes to visit Chuks and says he was about to leave before Chuks opened the door. Chuks tells him that he has been trying to get the Grab people to come and get their extra goods but their website is down and their lines are busy. The only option is for them to return the goods themselves. We? Soji asks and wonders why he always ends up in this situation? Chuks reminds him that it is because he is a good friend.
TTK serves Kaneng breakfast and Kaneng commends the food and invites TTK to join her. She asks TTK what her knowledge of Dan is like? Will she say that she knows him well? TTK says that she is an authority on Dan. Kaneng asks if she thinks that Dan will do something crazy? TTK says he will not do anything of such. Kaneng reminds her that Dan killed someone. TTK says that that was the extreme. Kaneng asks her if she has noticed any changes in Dan? She says that Dan has not been seeing her but she is sure he is doing that to protect her.
Kwame meets with Freddy at the ice cream joint. He asks Freddy why he is not in school and Freddy says he got the day off to say farewell to Dannie. Kwame asks if Freddy can get him the name of Dannie’s professor? Freddy tells him to ask Dannie. He says he is asking Freddie. Freddie says he may be able to get it. Kwame asks for his price and he says that money is not enough. He has a date on Valentine ’s Day and he wants Kwame to be his driver, with a small hat and all!
Chuks and Soji gets to the Grab office but it has been emptied! He tells Soji that he has been had!
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Segun reports to Sankey that the DNA from Mr. Mukoro has arrived and has been delivered to the lab. She asks him not to lose it. She takes a call from the prison and hopes that it is about Dan’s transfer. She finishes the call and covers her face. Segun asks whether the transfer was rejected? She tells him it is worse. Antoine was found dead in his cell this morning. They just lost the biggest evidence they have against Masters.
Chuks and Soji comes back home and worries about what to do with the boxes? He needs to hide them from Ene. Soji tells him to keep calling the guy. He has taken some of the boxes while Frank took some. He asks Chuks again where he got the money to buy all these boxes? Chuks dodges the question again and scurries out with some of the cartons.
Kwame gets home and is happy. He calls a courier company. He wants to have somethings delivered to US, top priority.
Chuks carries the boxes to Bimpe’s house. He needs to keep the boxes in her house. She asks why he needs to keep them in her house? She asks him to do something for him for once without asking questions. She tells him that she does not want Ene’s trouble and the goods could also be stolen. She does not want police trouble. She asks what is in the boxes? He says it is Grab. She tells him oh, it is Erastus? He asks if she knows him? She tells him that the guy is on Twitter. He conned a lot of people of their money and is trending on Twitter. Chuks asks if the people got their money back? She tells him yes, and he fed the poor with the rest of the money! She asks him where he got the money from? He tells her that he borrowed it from Ene. Bimpe is surprised that Ene has that kind of money. She asks whether Brenda pays her Pas better now? Chuks confesses that he borrowed it from Ene’s ajo account. Bimpe is alarmed and he tells her that he intended to pay it back, double. She tells him to tell Ene because secrets destroy relationships. That is what she learnt from her issues with Soji. Chuks is afraid that Ene will kill him.
Dan begs Ota to go to Warden Bello’s office and in 15 minutes, come to the wood workshop with warders. Ota wonders what is going on and is reluctant but Dan begs him to ensure he does that even if it is the last thing he does for him.