Dannie tells Kwame that she has contacted her school about her project and she will not be submitting it again. He tells her congratulations and wants to go back to his discussion with Phillip but Phillip tells him that Dannie is not finished yet. He says that Dannie is through. Phillip asks Dannie if she is through? She says that there is also one more thing. She will soon be leaving. To where? Phillip asks? She says she will be going back to the States as there is nothing else to do here and leaves.
Sankey and Segun interrogate Masters’s man. They claim that they found blood in the house he left and a gun in his car. They ask him where Angela is? He says he has nothing to say. Sankey tells him that he is on his way to jail for murder but he tells them that he knows the law and if there is no body, there is no murder. Sankey tells him to go and read the law again if he can read. He says he does not need to read. His lawyer will do that. Sankey asks them to put him in the cell. Segun is worried that Vince’s big shot lawyer will soon come to spring him free. Sankey asks him who says the lawyer will arrive anytime soon? There is no law that says you must make a call if you do not have credit on your phone. Segun asks if they should arrest the warder but Sankey says no, otherwise Masters will suspect that they are onto him. She also asks Segun not to call Angela’s dad. Instead, she asks him to get some boys together& run tests on the blood they saw in the house & check whether it matches Angela’s.
Chuks is suddenly a loving husband and Ene is suspicious as he helps her with her dress in the morning. By the time he brings her lunch, which he warmed while she was in the shower, she asks him what is going on? Has he done anything wrong or does he need anything? He tells her that he knows that he has made some mistakes in the past but he desires for things to be perfect for them. She hugs him!
Masters asks if Dan has seen the warder? Dan pretends he does not know the warder he is asking after. Masters explains and he says that the warder sometimes gets to work late. 47 asks if Dan is disturbing Masters? Masters asks why thinks so? He says that he saw Amsters frowning. Masters tells him to keep his feelings to himself. Just then, the warder arrives & Masters go to meet with him. 47 asks what is happening between two of them but Dan reminds him that it is not his business. He tells An that it will soon be fight time & his body will tell him what he is getting into.
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Dannie meets a giggly Fred and Sheila who accuse her of being absent at dinner and breakfast. She apologizes and tells them she has news for them. She will be leaving soon. Fred tells her that it is expected after what happened. Sheila tells her that she does not need to run off. She thanks them for their hospitality and goes off to her room. Sheila tells Fred that she is taking this falling out with Kwame too hard.
Chuks meets Erastus at Ziggy’s & Erastus is surprised that Chuks could make it. Just as he was giving up, the transfer came in. He is happy Chuks could make it as a partner and Chuks is elated. he can see himself in billboards.
47 is doing press ups & Dan asks him to stop screaming and do whatever he needs to do in private. He goes to threaten Dan but the door opens and another set of new comers come in. 47 goes to harass them but one slips through & goes to Dan to tell him to help him locate Masters. He has a message for Masters from ne of his boys. Dan asks what the message is for? Vince sent him with a message to Masters saying that he has been nabbed. He suspects that the warder was followed. Dan asks him not to breathe a word of this to any other prisoner. 47 finishes and turns to slap the guy with Dan.
Dannie comes into the study to meet Fred. He is indulging in some reflections on old memories. She thanks him for making the house comfortable for her. She can now understand why Monica was the kind of person she was. He tells her that she brought back memories of Monica and she will be missed by Freddy and everyone. He advises about being circumspect next time and she agrees. He tells her that he noticed that she likes Kwame and also believes that he likes her. He asks if it is too late for them to resolve their issues? Dannie says that a lot has happened between them and it is better that they go their separate ways.
Chuks receives a consignment of Grab products but the consignment is a lot more than he ordered for. He tries to explain that to the delivery man but he simply drops everything and leaves.
Kaneng meets with Dan and brings Dan up to speed. The police has arrested Masters’s man but they are yet to find Angela. They think they have some evidence. Dan tells her that the man arrested sent a message to Masters but luckily, he intercepted the message. He asks Kaneng to tell Sankey to hurry up as they do not know what else the arrested man will do to reach Masters. Kaneng says she will press Sankey and co to transfer Dan out of the prison immediately.
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Soji visits Chuks and asks what kind of a friend he is, storming out of his house without caring that he is in the midst of a break up? Chuks apologizes. Soji sees all the cartons and asks Chuks what is going on? Where did he get the money from? Is he trying to convert his house to a Grab depot? Chuks says he ordered for 6 cartons but got 16 instead. He thinks it was a mistake. Soji tells him to call the company and clear it up. He says the company will not mind if he sells it all and shares the profit with them. Soji is not amused. Chuks tells him to help him arrange the cartons before Ene comes back.
Dannie meets Freddy in the kitchen & he asks if she is still annoyed at him? She says they do not have any problems between them. He tells her that there is a girl n his school who has a crush on him. He is not sure he likes her but she is smart, & likes computers. Dannie hails him for being sharp. She has asked him to be her Valentine & he does not know what to do. She advises him to take it easy & things will work out.
Ene comes home and Chuks tells her that he can turn a bad situation to a good one. She does not even look at him but goes straight to the kitchen and comes back with the biggest spoon she can find. He begs her to drop the spoon and take a deep breath.
Dan, who is scratching his body, asks why Kaneng is looking at him like that? She asks if he is using drugs? He asks her if she knows what it is like to be locked up in the prison? He is under a lot of pressure & Masters second-in-command is busy threatening to bash in his head. He tells her that it is 47 that is the man to talk to if they are looking for a drug dealer. He asks Kaneng to tell Salewa to come and visit.
Dannie is sharing a nice time with Amaka and Sheila. Amaka suggests they hold a farewell dinner for Dannie but Dannie thinks it is not necessary. She insists and confesses that she was suspicious of her visit at first but gradually accepted her. As they were sharing memories and Amaka and Dannie share a hug, Phillip walks in and says that he gets worried whenever he sees three women whispering. Amaka tells him that they are not whispering but talking about a farewell dinner for Dannie. He asks Dannie to step aside with him and once they were out of earshot, he accosts her & asks what she is trying to achieve with this her sacrifice over her project?

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Dan tells Ota to go to Warden Bello’s office in 15 minutes and come to the wood workshop with warders. Ota asks what is going on but he screams at him to do it!