Dan comes into Bello’s office and asks for a message be sent to Sankey. Masters has recruited another warder who is helping him send messages outside. Bello tells him that the warder has been suspended. Dan tells him that Masters has recruited another warder. Bello says it is not true as he warned all his men seriously. Dan tells him that Warder Ashiru is now working with Masters now. Bello says he will deal with him if he lays his hands on him.
Soji lugs Kwame home and Brenda opens the door to admit them. She asks him what he did to her brother? He tells her that they got home in a taxi and it is not unusual. He has also been brought home drunk before too. As he leaves, Kwame who is sprawled on the table stirs. Brenda asks if he is okay or disappointed? He starts ranting about Dannie. Brenda tells him that he will get over Dannie and can have any other girl he wants. He says that he does not want any other girl. He wants Dannie.
Erastus tells Chuks that everyone wants the same thing and Chuks asks what they want? He tells Chuks that they all want to partner with him. He has not really lost all faith in Chuks but he called him names to get him to dig deeper and achieve more. As he gets up to leave, Chuks tells him not to go. He wants to partner with him and will raise the required funds. He asks how Chuks intends to do that?
Warden Bello calls Sankey to pass on Dan’s message. Sankey is surprised that Masters could recruit another warder so quickly. There is a message about a lady, Warden Bello tells her that Masters said to tell all unit that it is a go. Sankey says that no one has contacted her but Masters gets agitated over anything that concerns Angela. She drops the ozone & instructs Segun to get the teams ready.
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Brenda fetches a drink for Kwame but he says he will take it later. He wonders how he got home & Brenda tells him that his survival instincts which got him home was his photographer friend. He is surprised at that. She tells him to break free of her. He tells her that she makes it sound like it is the turning over of a page. She tells him that it is the same thing he did with Telema which got him nowhere. He reminds her that he married her, even if it is for a while. She tells him that he cannot force people to love him.
Chuks try to convince Frank to lend him the funds he needs for the Grab business. Frank asks him how much he is talking about? He tells Frank that it is N400,000. Frank screams and tells him that if he had that kind of money, he will be out of the uniform and out of this job. Chuks tells him that it is this kind of attitude that will keep him on this job forever. He reminds Chuks that he is not doing so well himself. Salewa walks up to them and greets them. He turns and she asks him why he is frowning? He tells her that Frank is running his mouth when he wants a loan. She reminds him that he may not have the money. She asks to help and Frank tells her that she can only help if she has N1million. Chuks tells him to keep his opinion to himself. Salewa says that she will go to get him some money after she tells her mum that she is leaving. Chukkas tells her not to tell her mum about the money!
Segun reports back to Sankey on his walkie-talkie as he shadows the warder. He reports that the man has made contact with Masters’s man and they have exchanged money and a message. Sankey asks if he could hear what they are discussing? He says he cannot without blowing his cover. As they were speaking, he reports that the meeting has ended and Sankey instructs him to leave the warder & trail Masters’s man.
Chuks tries to talk Carol into investing in his Grab business as he waits to collect Salewa’s money. Carol refuses. Salewa comes out with her piggy bank & Chuks is very disappointed at the size. He asks how much is in there & she tells him that it is N8,500. He grumbles & she asks if she should put her money back in the bank! He says he has no choice & collects everything. As he leaves, Carol asks Salewa why she gave him the money? She tells Carol that he is a friend and he needs the money.
Segun gets down from the car & trails Masters’s man and reports back to Sankey as he follows on foot. After a while, the guy slows down and Segun reports that he has been spotted. Sankey asks him to apprehend the guy immediately. He announces his presence as a police officer and the guy took off. He runs after the guy but the guy is getting away. luckily, he turns into the street where Sankey is waiting with other policemen & Sankey jumps down & gets him to stop when she pointed a gun in his face. She calls him Usain Bolt & asks him to take them to the house where he is going to. He says that he has not committed any crime & is surprised at the harassment. Sankey asks one of the policemen to cuff him & take him to the station. She instructs Segun to canvass the area and see what he can find out.
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Chuks tells Soji that in his next life, he will avoid some people. Soji tells him that he will also avoid some friends in his next life. He complains that with all his begging, he is only able to raise N8,500.
Phillip meets Kwame at Ziggy’s and Kwame says he did not expect to see Phillip there. Phillip says he is surprised himself but says his being there does not mean that he has accepted Kwame’s proposal. Obiora takes his order but Kwame orders a whisky for him and he agrees. They swap stories about Phillip’s trip to Ghana. He tells Kwame that it was work all through as his shoot did not get off as planned. The nice thing is that other Ghanaians are not like Kwame. He is also surprised that most people that met him identified him as Nigerian. It must be his Azonto, he thinks. Dannie enters & after greeting them, tells Kwame that she is getting ready to go back to the US. He looks away.
Chuks is considering how to raise funds for his Grab business. Ene comes back and tells him to concentrate on what he knows best which is his fashion. He complains that it will not work. She suggests that he joins the contribution scheme in her office. after a while, he asks her to help him get something from the neighborhood store. She refuses saying she is tired but he insisted & as she leaves, he asks to use her mobile phone. Immediately she steps out, Chuks takes over the laptop she was working on & goes to work on her account!