Bimpe brings Harriet a cup of coffee & asks Harriet if she is sure that Soji called her baggage? Harriet says she is sure he did not mean it that way. He must have been speaking figuratively but Bimoe is not amused. She gives Bimpe an advance copy of Bimji but Bimpe s not interested. she asks Bimpe if she is listening? Bimpe does not understand what good can come out of Bimji. Soji dumped her. Harriet tells her that she may have been dumped but other do not know it yet. They can still milk it and make money and also make her famous.
Phillip gives Danni a drink but she is not much of a drinker. He asks her if all this is for Kwame? A waste of pretty face he thinks. Se asks if he is sure he should be talking to her? Has he not heard that she is damaged good? A manipulative soul & could be twirling him around her little finger? Phillip tells her not to flatter herself. They already have a black sheep around here & there is no room for a back up.
Sheila wonders what is worrying Fred? He tells her about the plan to bribe a judge. Sankey calls to tell him that they have a judge willing to go along with the plan. He is surprised they can find a judge that is willing to go along with the plan. He is ready to get it out of the way. He drops the phone and tells Sheila that he hopes the whole thing is worth it in the end.
Phillip asks Danni why she chose to humiliate someone she claims to have feelings for? She tells him about their art & how she got too close without meaning to. He asks what is so special about the art? She tells him a lot of money has been spent on it. Thousands of dollars. He asks what the money was spent on? She says her trip, cameras, and recorders. All their time together was recorded and now she has to start afresh. Phillip wonders why? She says she does not want to expose Kwame any further. He smirks & tells her that Kwame can handle it. He has no shame. Danni defends Kwame & tells him that it is not Kwame’s fault that he desires to be loved. Phillip tells her that she rationalizes his faults easily. He tells her to hand in her project or she will regret it.
Masters meets the new warder & tells him hat he is used to certain privileges in prison. The man tells him that his people have done well. He should tell him what he needs. He tells the warder that he needs to communicate with his people outside. The man tells him there can be no phones for now. As he leaves, 47 tells Masters that he should not trust this rat. Masters tells him that he notices that he is bothered about his position when Masters is out of the prison. He tells Masters that there is only one leader in the prison. As they were talking, Dan comes out & Masters tells him that 47 is bothered about his position in the prison. Dan tells him he is not interested. Masters tells him it is not so easy. They need to settle it. 47 tells Dan that there can be only one captain in prison.
Bimpe tells Harriet that Bimji is the only thing she has in place with Soji. Harriet tells her how they can make the best out of the bad situation which will make Soji come back. She gives Bimpe the contract from Soji transferring all rights to Bimji to her & asks her to sign. She says no. Bimji is the only thing she has jointly with Soji and if she signs, he will be gone.
Dan asks Masters what he is trying to do? Get him killed? He is not interested in being anyone’s leader. Masters tells him that I is not that easy. He reminds Dan that a short while ago, he was ready to do battle with 47. Dan says that was then. Masters tells him that he must fight or else he will question his convictions again. 47 tells Dan that he flies like a butterfly & stings like a bee. He is ready to settle it now. Masters tells them to set a date and time for the fight. as 47 leaves, Masters tells Dan to utilize whatever he has to win the fight or else he will be taking orders from someone like 47!
Soji comes into the bar & Kwame who has been talking to Frank bumps into him & accuses him of not looking where he is going. He tells Kwame that he can see quite well. It is just that he is looking at someone asking for it. He leaves Kwame & tries to order a drink but Kwame turns back & also orders a drink & starts shouting to be served first. Soji asks what is wrong with him but he grabs Soji’s shirt. Soji asks Jim to get off before he gives it to him. He eventually leaves the shirt & asks Soji to send him his dry-cleaning bill.
They eventually order drinks & end up on the same table. Kwame tells Soji how manipulative women can be. Bimpe comes in & asks to see Soji privately. They move to a different table & she asks him about this time out he is asking for.
Amaka comes in & sees Danni lying on the couch in the Ade-Williams. Danni is not even aware of her presence. Amaka asks whether she has gone to see Kwame? She says she did but it did not end up well. She apologized but he did not seem to accept it. She tells him that sometimes an apology is not just enough. She wishes her luck & leaves. Danni calls Professor Mckenzie & tells him that she cannot turn in her project on time. She will make arrangements to return her grant.
Soji tells Bimpe that it has not been easy but he has used the time out to reflect on things. She hopefully says that they are good together, their fans love them but Soji cuts in and tells her that she is the one everyone loves. The time out has shown him all the things that are not working out between them. Like he was discussing with Kwame, live is too short to be spent with the wrong person. Se gets up & tells him that she is going to be famous and he will be the one to run back to her. As she storms out, Kwame comes to join Soji on his table and when Soji orders another malt, Kwame changes the order to whisky for both of them on his tab.
The new warder is being roughened up by Masters as Dan walks into the wood workshop. He screams that it was Masters’s men that messed up with her. as Masters releases his shirt, he tells Masters that his money does not cover all these rough treatment and that he is still the warder. Masters tells him to take a message. All units proceed as planned.

Next on Tinsel
Segun is reporting back to Sankey on wallis-talkie on the activities of two men he is shadowing. He could not get close enough to hear what they are talking about but notices that money exchanged hands.