Bimpe is rocking the dance floor with the cameraman as Soji watches. She tells him the style she wants them to dance and the guy displays to her delight. Soji asks Ene how she can let this happen? Ene tells him that she is not the one that dumped her. He tries to tell Bimpe to go home but she tells him to buzz off. He charges atheism but the cameraman holds him off & tells him to stay off if the lady does not want to leave with him. Ene tells him to stop so that she can talk to Bimpe. He asks her if Bimpe looks like someone that is ready to listen to reason? He simply charges in, pushes the cameraman to a corner & carries Bimpe off on his shoulder. The cameraman tries to go after him but Salem stops him. Bimpe screams kidnappers as he hauls her off the bar.
Danni begs Kwame to listen to her. He holds the phone to his ear but does not talk. After a while, he hears Brenda coming out & dumps the phone. She asks who that was & he says it was a business call. She settles down to breakfast & asks what he is up to for the day? She knows that now he is idle, they need to keep him occupied. He tells her not to worry. He is over her.
Soji tries to get Bimpe to drink her coffee but she is not drinking. She tells him to leave. He tells her that he should not have said what he told her in Kenya & she brightened up. He then continues that he should have waited for them to get back before he tells her. Her mood changes immediately & she tells him to carry his muscles and dada and leave her house. She immediately gets under the covers and stops listening to him. Ene comes in & asks after her. He tells her that she is refusing to drink the coffee which will clear the drink she had. Ene looks him in the face and tells him that he should not have started this if he knew he is not ready to conclude it. That got through to him.
47 meets Masters with Dan in tow. Masters stops his meal & asks if there is a problem? 47 says that they did not receive enough goods but what was available he apportioned to all the customers. He leaves & Masters tells Dan about the suspended warden. Dan asks if that is the warden that works with him? Masters looks changed & he removes his foot from Salewa’s picture & tells Dan he can have it. Dan cannot believe his ears but he gingerly bends down & picks the picture. He tells Dan that he is in a generous mood & will take up Dan’s offer. He needs a conduit to outside the prison. He needs Dan’s brother to buy him a judge. Dan looks as if he has been smacked.
Brenda & Kwame are in Brenda’s office. She tells someone who does not want to speak to her off on the phone & drops the line abruptly. She tells Kwame that she is not angry contrary to what he may believe. He tells her that he is reading & suggests he moves to his former office. She tells him it’s nit necessary. He gets a text & Brenda asks who it is? He tells her that she is keeping watch over him because she dies not believe that he will stay mad at Danni. He picks his things & moves to his office. As he settles in, his phone rings. He picks it when it kept on ringing & tells Danni to come to Odyssey Pictures to explain herself.
Chuks visits Soji & asks why Soji did not tell him how the Kenyan trip went? If Ene had not told him, he would not have known of their break-up. Soji tells him they are taking a time-out. Chuks asks what that is? He tells Soji that he and Ene felt that Soji and Bimpe were in love following their lovey-dovey moves. Soji says that he should have listened to Chuks and Ene and stayed away from getting entangled with Bimpe. He says that love does not exist as it is portrayed in songs and movies. Chuks tells him that it is confirmed now. His experience with Telema has damaged him irreparably! As Soji looks on horrified, Harriet visits. She came with a first cut if the show ready ti be shopped around for sponsors.
Danni visits Kwame. She stands gingerly at the door & he asks her in. He asks her what she wanted from him? She wants to tell him everything. She came to Nigeria looking for inspiration for her project & he came along. When she kept on hearing stories about him, she decided that he is a good subject. He tells her he feels flattered that she found him an art subject. As she stumbles along, he got tired & threw things at her across the desk & told her that she is not even apologizing to him! She tells him that she is sorry, she used him, she manipulated him, and the only reason they met was so that she can use him as a subject for her art project.
Soji tells Harriet that he has nothing to discuss regarding Bimji. Harriet tells him that she knows how investors can be and she does not want to take the decisions alone. He needs to protect the interest of Jean-Baptiste De-La-Rosa. Chuks clears his throat & Soji asks if he has a cough? He asks Soji to meet with him in private. They step aside & he tells Soji that he may regret the decision to give up his rights to the reality show if it makes money. Soji is not interested in anything at all. He tells Harriet to shop the video & once De-La-Rosa’s investment, she should pass whatever is left to Bimpe alone and that is it.
Kwame tells Danni to continue. She stutters & he tells her not to play games with him as he invented it. She tells him that she was thinking of what to do with her project when he walked in. She had gone everywhere (the museum, slave port, etc) looking for ideas but could not come up with anything interesting when he walked into the spa. She had heard so much about him in the house. He reminds her that they met when she scratched his car with her bike. She says they met earlier than that at the spa on a day he walked in & was talking to an art producer on the phone. She tells him about the theme of her project which is how everyone uses the other person. He recounts everything they went through & she tells him that she tried to stay away from the whole thing when it started getting out of control. He tells her that he no longer believes anything she says. She tells him about when she tried to walk away from it all and return to The States but he begged her to stay. He asks her why she decided to stay? Crying, she tells him that she started falling in love with him.
Sankey & Kaneng pay Fred a visit & express their displeasure at his visit to Masters in prison. They wonder what he wanted to achieve? He is bothered about Dan’s association with that criminal. That could get Dan killed if Masters discovers his real role. They tell him that they need him to work with them to appear to buy a judge for Masters. He protests that & they tell him that as they expect that he may be under watch by Masters’s men, they will have to arrange for him to meet with an actual judge to arrange the deal.
Kwame does not believe what Danni is saying but stands up and meets her halfway. He asks if they are being recorded as they speak & goes ahead to frisk her. At some point, the frisking slowed down & she held his face & with tears streaming down her face, she plants a kiss on his lips & after a while he responds. As things were getting deeper, Brenda walks in. Kwame stops & reminds Danni of the day she came to his house, took her bath & when things started getting steamy between them, she broke it off & ran off because her clothes were dry? He tells her that the shoe is on the other leg now & walks out leaving her & Brenda behind.