Fred screams at Brenda to stop but she lashes out at Danni again & slaps Cosmo instead. Fred drags her away while Sheila attends to Danni & Amaka looks after Cosmo who is clutching his jaws.
Soji excuses himself from Tare & Bimpe to go & get day for another shoot. Tare & Bimpe gists. She tells Bimpe that Soji is keeps & Bimpe confirms that she is aware of that. She asks after their reality show & Bimpe fills her in on what they are up to.
Fred asks Brenda what that disgraceful conduct was for? Brenda is not assuaged & regrets not scratching Danni’s eyes out. Fred asks what it is all about & she tells him it is about Danni’s project with Kwame. Fred tells her that that is no way for an Ade-Williams to behave. She says she was raised a Mensah & they look out for each other.
Dan meets with Sankey & the sick bay & asks her why they are meeting there? She tells him that it is to defray prying eyes. If Masters is watching him, he will think he came to get treated. She tells Dan of the need to get them information quickly. Dan tells her about Masters’s operation in prison, about the warder that brings Masters a phone and is also the conduit for the drugs. If they do a prison sweep & grab the phone & drugs, they may get Masters desperate & he will divulge information. Sankey thinks it is a long shot. Dan also talks to her about Ota. He wants Sankey to try and get Ota out of the trouble he had to put him in to gain Masters’s trust. Sankey looks at Dan and asks if he is okay? He says he is okay but when Sankey suggests that they can send in a psychologist to see him, Dan flares up at her.
Soji is shooting photographs at the safari when Bimpe talks & disturbs his concentration. He asks her to keep quiet. as he settles down again, her phone rings loudly & she steps away from him to talk o Harriet. She wants to know what is going on. her cameraman tells her that a lot is going on including their dinner with Tare. She suggests that it is time for Bimpe to a minister the love test on Soji.
Sheila is tending to Danni. Fred comes down to ask after her project with Kwame. He is not happy that she played with his emotions again. Sheila is also shocked that she put another person through the same thing she did with Monica even after they warned her. She says she was inspired to use Kwame for the project after she heard about his story around the house. He comes off as a work-in-progress, a picture waiting to be framed. Sheila and Fred do not find this funny. She eventually confessed that she got a grant from the university to fund the project and wanted to complete and hand it in without anyone knowing.
Masters is using Salewa’s picture as a footman again & Dan does not find this funny & accosts him saying that he has never used the picture for anything since he collected it except step on it! Masters tells him that if the picture is a test of his resolve, then he is now feeling the heat. He asks if Masters has any child or anyone he cares about? Maybe if he does, he may start understanding emotions. Masters is not moved. he tells Masters that he can offer him something else.
Bimpe is talking to the camera about the trip & how nice it has been without knowing when Soji comes into the room. She tells the camera about the rhinos and that a group of rhinos are called a crash. She talks of how rhinos are endangered just like love which is why she has the love test she is meant to administer on Soji but as she was saying that she does not need the love test as she knows that her beau loves her, he snatches the list off her hands!
Bimpe tells him that she can explain and it is not what it looks like but he is not amused. He asks if she has been testing him all these while? She tells him that it is not so. Harriet just sent her the list but she does not intend to use it. He goes after the cameraman & tells him to stop recording before he breaks the camera. As Bimpe pleads with him, he stakes off & locks himself up in the room.
Fred goes back upstairs to reason with Brenda but she was quite adamant. She believes that Danni had an agenda she came to execute. He explains that Danni did the wrong thing by taking advantage of Kwame but she is sorry & is ready to apologize. She tells him that by the time she is through with whatever is left of Danni, she will be the one apologizing. Fred suggests that they let Danni & Kwame talk. She tells him that she will not let her near her brother. Fred explains that Danni has developed some feelings for her brother but Brenda is not moved.
Bimpe begs Soji to come out of the room so that they can talk but he does not respond. The cameraman continues to record as she cries and begs him to come out & talk to her.
Brenda gets home & meets Kwame watching the video again. She asks him to stop watching it but he sarcastically tells her to come & see the best part. He says ha the project is actually no bad & can make an A+! she tells him about her trip & he asks what she has done? She tells him about her efforts to scratch Danni’s eyes out if not for Fred & tells him to get over her. He says he is over it all. She assures him that like Telema, he will get over this “manipulative cow” too. She does not want to hear he name of that insect in her house again.
Bimpe continues to beg Soji to come out. She tells him about her love & regrets letting Harriet talk her into the love test which she was not going to administer on him anyway. after crying and sitting on the floor for a while, the cameraman hands her his handkerchief & asks her what she will do if he does not come out for the whole night? As they were talking, his phone rings & it’s Harret calling. He hands her the phone and as she was talking to her, Soji opens the door & asks her to come in.
Masters asks Dan what he is offering? Dan is ready to offer whatever he wants. Masters is surprised he is ready to pay such a price for just a picture. He says that Dan must be pathetic & Dan agrees. He tells Masters that he can help him act as his conduit if he wants to get messages out of the prison in case the police is watching him. The messages can be sent via his lawyer.
Soji takes Bimpe out to the balcony & tells her that it is his turn to talk. She listens to him. He tells her that he loves her in his own way. She is funny, witty, & fun to be with. However, he loves her but he is not in love with her. Bimpe wonders what he is talking about? He tells her that he is not ready for the relation now. She tries to beg him but he tells her that he wants time out on the relationship. A stunned Bimpe slaps him & tells him that she will not allow him dampen her enjoyment of the trip & storms away from him.