Kwame screams at Freddy and asks who else has seen the video? He grabs the poor boy and hoists him up. Freddy says he does not know. He dumps Freddy back on the sofa and fumbles for the DVD. Freddy says he cannot take it away. He tells Freddy to tell Danni to come and it from him. Amaka and Cosmo come out & try to stop him but he pushes them out and walks out with the DVDs.
Soji and Kwame land in Kenya and are welcomed in the resort. They register in the inn and as they were making their way to their room, he sees a camera man recording their every move & ask who the guy is? Bimpe tells him to let it go.
Freddy tells Amaka that he just wanted to keep Kwame entertained. She asks him what is in the video? He tells her that it is videos of Kwame doing strange things. Strange things like what? He tells her like his pouring dirt on himself, in his wheelchair in chains? Doing what? Amaka asks. She tells him not to bother to answer that. How did you find it? She asks him? He says that he did not find it. He knew about it. He asks how they can get the DVD back from Kwame? Amaka asks him, we? as she leaves the room.
Soji & Bimpe get into their room & he is on the phone arguing with Harriet about the cameraman. He insists that they are there on a personal trip but Harriet tells him that the cameraman will just be there to get some footage for the program. He turns & asks Bimpe if she is on this? She says she knows nothing about it. As they were talking, he hears a noise. He gets up to check & finds the cameraman at the door. He asks the guy to leave before he throws him out. The man insists that he has his briefs. Soji pushes him roughly out of the room. She tells him to take it easy. He says he will not let Harriet spoil their trip. She reminds him that he is already doing that with his anger. She tells him that goldfish has no hiding place. Well, not this goldfish, he says as he picks her up. He tells her that they came to be together but she reminds him that he came to work. They are going to have a quiet night sans cameras at least for tonight.
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Masters tells Dan that not all labour and debt is equal to the other. He explains that in his house, he has a wide range of coffee, 26 of them. From the downright expensive to the worst type and he decides who drinks what. It is his house. Dan reminds him that the prison is not his house. He tells Dan that if he offers a service, he decides the price. They continue their game but the warder comes and gives him a phone to take a call. Dan looks on as he takes the call. He finishes & tells the warder to hang on. He will have a word n a few minutes. 47 hails him & tells him that he can now decode his conversations now. He knows that he will soon leave the prison. If he goes, he knows that Masters will hand over control of the prison to him. Masters tells him to shut up & his demeanor changes. Dan tells him to play his move. He tells Dan hat he has him where he wanted. He may have missed the signs yesterday but now he can see clearly through him.
Brenda comes out and meets Kwame. She greets him but he does not respond. She pulls off the earphones he has plugged on & asks if he has been drinking? He tells her to mind her own business. She asks what the issue is? He says that he hoped that by the time he woke up this morning, this will be one huge joke. She tells him to quit the melodrama & tell her what the issue is. He says that he is the completion of a university degree. A piece of performance art for that conniving… He hands her the video which he calls the Kwame Mensah Puppet Show & tells her to watch it in one of the screening rooms with the big screen.
Soji and Bimpe set off on their safari with the cameraman recording away.
Dan and Masters continue their game of chess but Dan’s mind is not on the game. The warder comes around and Masters tells him that he needs the place to be free for at least two hours. He plays a move and asks Dan for his move. Dan is lost in thought. As he is jolted back to reality, 47 and his boys land with a prisoner who he calls an animal. The man screams defiantly and this got Masters to open his mouth at the defiance. 47 encourages the boys to land more and more blows on the man lying on the floor.
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Soji and Bimpe are out on the safari and he snaps away at the animals. They get out of the safari van when they see the white rhinos for him to get better shots. They are all these while shadowed by their cameraman. They get back and the cameraman jump down to capture their every move. They get down and Soji picks a grinning Bimpe up and takes her inside.
Sunday searches the prisoner’s pocket. Masters asks him how long & he says about two hours. Masters tells him to ensure that the guy is still breathing. He pushes the guy around & tells Masters that there is still life. The boys laugh. Masters tells Dan it is his turn. Dan asks what? It is his turn to beat the prisoner! Dan tells him that his duties are different. He says that they are all encouraged to multi-task. Dan says it is not his thing. Masters reminds him that he is in prison for murder and he just said he is ready to be the man he is. 47 lifts the man’s head up & asks Dan to beat him or kick him or kill him. Dan reluctantly gets up & lands two vicious blows on the man’s neck, all the while looking very worried!
Soji and Bimpe get into the restaurant and she tells him that she noticed that he was a little scared. He says that he was working & did not have time for that. She hoped that she was his able assistant. They look up & see Tare who jumps up to give them a gig hug. Bimpe asks if Telema is there & Tare without missing a beat tells them that Soji missed an opportunity to dine with crew men from his past. Bimpe quarrels with her answer & she tells them it is a joke as Telema is not even in the continent. They join her for dinner.
Fred & Sheila ask Amaka what happened about the DVDs. Danni comes in just then & asks if Fred saw the DVDs she left in his study? He asks her what was in the DVDs in a fatherly tone & she asks what is going on? Freddy comes downstairs to meet them & Fred asks if he has told Adanna what happened to her DVDs? He says he went to bed early last night & just came downstairs to tell her when he heard her voice. She asks what happened & Sheila tells her that Freddy played it for Kwame’s entertainment & he has them now. Danni flies off the handle & says that Freddy knew exactly what he was doing & why is he even snooping around her things? Freddy scurries back upstairs.
Tare tells Soji and Bimpe about Telema’s project. She is flying out tomorrow to join Telema to complete her current project which is different from the first one. She asks after two of them & why the cameraman is following them. They tell her that they are now Bimji. They have their own reality show. She is surprised that Soji could go along with a reality show. He says that Bimpe’s fans wanted to see more of her & he kind of went along with it. Soji asks why she left in a hurry? He hopes it was not because of that drunken Phillip? She tells him that Telema’s project came up at the same time & helped her make up her mind. She confesses that she had feelings for Phillip.
Fred tells Adanna to be more careful with private things. Sheila asks what she will do now? Amaka asks why she will take such pictures of Kwame’s without his consent? Danni tells them that she did not mean to ridicule him it was just… Fred asks her to stop. No need for such details. He tells her to ensure that she does not leave that kind of materials in a child’s space. She gets the joke & screams no no no, it is not the kind of pictures you are thinking of! They ask what kind of pictures are they then? Brenda barges into the house and levels Danni with a hot slap that throws her onto the sofa! Alfred screams & Sheila tries to rouse Danni.

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Bimpe tells the camera about her love test for Soji & concludes that she does not need to rest his love. Just then, he snatches the list from her she looks worried as he turns to look malevolently at her!