Dan tells Ota that he is the last person he expects to see. He asks if Dan expects him to be in solitary forever. Dan asks how solitary was? He says it was as he expected. Dan cooks up an excuse and runs away from there.
Sheila and Fred discuss Danni. He is going to see Brenda and Sheila asks if he is going to discuss Danni with her? He tells her that he will. Sometimes, these young people need an older person to put things in perspective for them. Cosmo asks if he is still coming to the market with Sheila? She tells him no. his task is to ensure that her husband takes his drugs. He tells her that he is not a child. He can take care of himself. She hugs him and gives him a peck and calls him a charming old Cupid. He tells her that he knows that she fell for his charms!
Dan meets Masters in the workshop and he checks the accounts and finds it satisfactory. He sends Sunday off on an errand but he tells him that there is a problem. Safari in the next cell refused to organize his cell mates to enable him run the errand he was sent on the last time. Masters asks him to bring Safari to him tomorrow. As he leaves, Masters informs Dan that his friend Ota has been released from solitary. Dan tells him that he has a cordial relationship with Ota. As Dan tries to leave, he asks whether Dan is leaving so early? Dan tells him he will be back when it is time to share the goods to the customers.
Chuks and Ene relax on their sofa as they watch a program on TV. Chuks says that is the kind of house he wants but Ene says she does not even want a very big house. He asks her to keep her negative thoughts to herself. He will get them a big house and she can stay in one or two rooms if that is what she wants. Her phone rings and Aunty Nkechi tells her that Chuks must apologize to Uncle T. Chuks tells him that he will not allow any other man to push him around in his house. Ene is leaving for the market and checks the brown envelope but it has only N500 in it. She snatches it and leaves in annoyance.
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Dan tells Sankey and Ahmed that he is now a member of Alhaji Abubakar’s gang. They are impressed and he tells them that it has not been a walk in the park. They still ask him for solid information especially on Angela to enable them help him and his friend. He tells them that they may have to swap places with him to see how easy it is. He has some information; Masters is an emperor in the prison with all the prisoners under him. They tell him they know already but they still need to get solid information from him and time is ticking for them all.
Chuks complain to Soji that it is poverty that is making Ene’s people insult him. He calls Erastus and tells him that they need to meet at Ziggy’s. Soji warns him about being in a hurry to make money. He tells Soji that there is money to be made and when he hammers, he will buy a big house and when Ene’s people come to see him and they fill a form at the security gate, they will think twice before coming to disturb him. Soji tells him to go at his own pace and that for every big man, there is a bigger man. He wishes Soji a safe trip and runs along.
Dan is reading in his cell and Ota comes to meet him. He tells Dan that he has been to the warden’s and the warden asked him to put all his belongings in a box and swallow the key as his release will not happen soon. Dan tells him it is one of those things. He asks if Dan planted that key on him? Dan tells him to leave his cell if he has nothing to say to him. He asks what Dan has been doing with Masters? This is not the Dan he used to know. Dan asks him to leave.
Chuks meets Erastus and Erastus tell him that he needs capital. He says that he does not have money to invest. As they were speaking, someone calls Erastus and Erastus tells him to pay back the N4.5 million when he can and stop dodging him. He drops and tells Chuks that he can achieve anything he wants. Chuks tells him that he needs to crawl before he can walk. He tells him that his mum said that he walked at 5 months. He tells Chuks that he can do anything he wants if he believes including flying. Chuks asks him to lend him the money but he claims that he just spent N3 million on clearing his state-of-the-art car. Chuks asks if he also deals in cars? He tells Chuks that he is involved in quite a number of things. He however is not liquid now to lend him the money. He leaves but not before admonishing Chuks not to let a few hundred thousands to stand between him and his dreams.
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Fred and Brenda are in Brenda’s house when Kwame comes out and greets Fred warmly. Brenda asks where he is going to? He says he is going to get something to hydrate himself. Fred expresses delight at the way he expresses himself. Brenda says Fred is in a cheery mood. He asks what Brenda thinks of Kwame and Danni? Brenda says there is nothing to it. Kwame is besotted and will soon get over it. Fred asks if she does not want Kwame happy? She says it is not with a tree-hugging adventurer. Fred tells him that about his seeing Danni crying her heart out and Kwame changing his ways. Kwame who has been listening behind them looks on.
Chuks meets TTK to ask for a loan. She tells him no. He pushes and she tells him that the bar has no money for his hair-brained schemes. He says it is time like these that he misses his uncle. She is ashamed that he only thinks about his uncle when he needs money. He tells her that he has a list of those he will be nice to when he makes it and she is not one of them. She asks him to close the door before him when he leaves.
Masters hands out to a prisoner and tells him it is for free. He will however have him do a task for him before the end of the week. 47 tells Masters that he saw Dan discussing with Ota. Masters warns him against telling him his opinions about anything. Dan tells him to out-source his recruitment when he leaves the prison and he tells Dan that it is the confinement that limits his choices. As Dan wants to walk away, he asks what Dan was discussing with Ota? Dan says it was general prison conditions. He asks Masters for a game of chess if they are through.
Kwame visits the Ade-Williams ad asks after Danni. Freddy tells him that she is not around. He sits down and Freddy asks if he is going to wait for her? He can get him a cup of tea if he needs something to drink or better still get him Danni’s project to keep himself busy. He likes that and Freddy goes to get it.
Ene asks Chuks to come out with it. He tells her that he needs a couple of hundreds of thousands to meet his investment needs. He will need to sell the tiara he bought her. Ene burst into tears and tells him that he indeed no longer wants their marriage. Her ring is missing and now he wants to sell the only sign of their love. She accuses him of wanting to collect his dowry back. He holds her and tells her that it is not like that. She continues to cry and he promises that he will never sell the tiara. As soon as she extracts that promise, she stops crying and walks away from him. Chuks looks on like a man that has just been duped.
Freddy comes downstairs with CDs of Dani’s project and plays it back on his laptop. He starts off with Kwame’s garbage bath. Kwame’s face changes as he sees himself in those conditions.

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Masters’s boys descend on a prisoner down and beat him. He screams at them and asks if that is all they’ve got? Masters looks on surprised as they keep pummeling the guy.


Mr. Iyke Okechukwu, Chuks Obi in Tinsel got married to Florence Uwaleke, Ene Obi, his Tinsel wife the traditional way (IN REAL LIFE) on Friday, January 25th, 2013. Here is wishing them a happy married life!