Brenda is at breakfast. Asks John if Kwame is already up before Kwame appears. She tells him he will feel better with some food. He says he is not hungry. She asks if he is ill then? She asks if it is that girl? She joins him & asks what it is but he is not ready to talk. She tells him that no one is worth all this trouble.
Ene is not feeling too well & cannot make it to the office. Chuks looks after her and her uncle visits. He tells them that a toad does not run in the day time without a reason. It is either something is chasing it, or it is chasing something. Ene asks if all is well? He says he came to see Chuks. Chuks tells him that he should have informed them of the visit in advance. He asks if Chuks thinks his wife’s family is not behaving properly? They did not raise their daughter to come and live in a boys quarters.
Kaneng visits Dan. She talks to him in whispers about the need for him to get something quickly. She encourages him to hang on. He tells her about his having to set Ota up to prove his loyalty to Masters. He asks her to try & get to Sankey and Ahmed & explain that it was a set up & get them to put Ota’s name back for early release. Kaneng asks why Masters wants to set Ota up? She thinks they may be able to get some information to indict Masters there but Dan tells her that Ota is harmless to everyone. She will see what she can do. She asks if there is any other thing worrying him but he says he is okay.
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Danni discusses her project with someone on the phone. She apologizes for calling at the wrong hour, hangs up & puts her head on the table crying. Fred comes in and is shocked she is crying. He asks if it has to do with Kwame? He goes ahead to advise her about relationships. She asks if it is always that difficult? He tells her that at this time last year, he thought his marriage was over but today they are quite okay.
Ene’s uncle tells Chuks that they will not keep quiet when things are going wrong. Chuks tells him that there is nothing wrong with them. Ene’s uncle says that Ene’s mum told him how they are always fighting about bank passwords. Chuks is surprised that their private life is discussed. Her uncle says that he has always known that Ene is earning more money than Chuks. Ene’s tells her uncle that there is no problem with that. Chuks takes offense at hat & leaves.
Kaneng tells Dan that she is not sure that Sankey will accept another request. He tells her that they are discussing an innocent man’s life here & not a request for another pillow! She tells him that Fred is concerned about him. He tells her that Fred is concerned about everything he cannot control. She says she is also concerned about the way he looks. He gets annoyed that she discussed him with his brother behind his back & tells her so in very strong terms.
Danni apologizes & Fred tells her to forget the past & move on. She says it may not be that easy. Fred tells her that what he did to Sheila was quite bad but they are still together. He asks her if she cares for the young man? She says yes. He asks if she cares for him? She says yes. He asks what the issue is then? She says that for one thing, she is leaving. He tells her that there are return tickets!
Ene blames her uncle for making Chuks stay away from the house. Her uncle tells her not to worry that Chuks will be back. He is more bothered by Chuks making her the bread winner. Ene tells hi. That it is not true. She reminds him of Chuks’s fashion business bu he asks if the business is in the house? he is at home when his mates are out there controlling warehouses. He asks Ene who puts money in the brown envelope he heard they keep in the house? She says that two of them put money there for their use. Chuks comes back & tells them that he forgot something. As he picks up the brown envelope, Ene’s uncle shouts at him to hold it there!
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Freddy peeps into the study & asks if he can come in? Danni says he can. He comes in & gives her a cup of tea. She is happy that he knew just what she wanted. He asks whether they can talk? She says she is in a hurry. They will talk when she is back. She scurries out & Freddy settles down to browse through her laptop.
Ene’s uncle tells Chuks that if he talks now, they will say that he talks too much. He accuses Chuks of coming to take money from his wife. Ene says it is not true. Chuks tells the man to lay off him. He should return the bride price if they want to. He is tired of being threatened. He tells the man that he will talk if they continue to disturb him. Uncle Tony asks him to go ahead. Chuks tells him that he is aware that the whole family contributed money for his wedding! Ene’s uncle tells her that she and her aunt have been talking too much. Chuks tells him to leave his wife out of it. He leaves & comes back to get the bag he brought for Ene. Chuks & Ene burst out laughing when he left!
Salewa is waiting in the sitting room when TTK comes out. She asks if TTk is on her way out? she says yes & wonders why she asks? She says that she wants to follow her out & drop off on the way. She wants to see her father. TTK tells her that she will not be able to see him now. He is going thru some stuff now & it’s nothing she can get into now. She asks her to give it some weeks.
Phillip appears at Ziggy’s Bar. He orders a drink & sees Kwame at a table & joins him. He calls him lover boy & asks why Kwame did not tell him that she is his family friend? He would not have thrown her out. He asks if Kwame actually went to Fred to ask to date Danni? He accuses Kwame of deceiving Fred into thinking he is now a gentleman. It was all he could do to keep a straight face. Kwame is not interested & he asks him to make it easy for him by rising up to the tease! He asks after the call Kwame made to him in Ghana & Kwame says it was a waste of time, some moment of insanity. Phillip thinks it is possible Kwame realized that he was being stupid. Kwame tells him that he has some apologizing to do. Phillip asks if he is drunk on that one glass? Kwame asks how Ghana went? Phillip imitates a Ghanaian accent and says that the place is fine but it was all work work work.
Chuks gives Ene a massage. Se enjoys it& when she starts laughing, he asks if she is tickled? She says that she loved the look on her Uncle T’s face when he told him off. She asks what they will do if Uncle T call his bluff & returns the bride price? Chuks thinks he will not do that. Ene tells him that the man will tells the story as if Chuks is the one that started it all. Chuks tells her that it may be better for her as he is not rich enough to keep her. She tries to stop him but he continues. She stops him by planting a kiss on his face.
Masters asks how Dan is getting along in his new accountant’s role? He says he is coming up to speed. He notices some people hanging around & gets up so that they an attend to customers. 47 takes over the seat & collects money from the customers as he dispenses the drugs. The money goes to Dan! He argues with one of the customers & the next one trips over Dan’s leg & that gets him a slap from one of the boys. Dan stops them & 47 hails him for learning fast. 47 gets up with his loot & Ota comes around to greet Dan but Dan jumps when he sees him!

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Barrister Ahmed is impressed with Dan. They however ask him to get them more solid stuff especially on Angela. From his side of the barrier, he asks them to swap places with him so that they see how easy it is!