Danni calls Kwame from the Ade-Williams’ kitchen to invite him out for them to talk at Ziggy’s. He asks if she is okay and she says she is good. He wants to talk but she says they will talk when they see. He asks if she is upset with him but she tells him to wait till they see.
Ene is worried that Chuks is in her office. She does not want Brenda to see him. He asks if he is now a visitor? She tells him that she is on shaky ground. She is the one they send on errands instead of Feke who is the subordinate. He tells her that if she was in agreement with him, she would have quit this job a long time ago. She asks after his fashion design? He says it is tied to his Grab business. Ene tells him that it is more like the Grab business is tying down his fashion design. She asks how long he thinks it will take people to slim down to fit into his tiny design? He says she should leave the convincing to him. She asks why he is not using that ability to convince the same people to buy his design? That got him thinking.
Fred tells Sheila about his visit to Dan. He says he has never seen Dan like that. Sheila asks if he provoked Dan in any way? He screams that he never even allowed him to talk. He wonders why Sheila will think that he is the one that irritated Dan? Sheila wonders whether Dan is having a nervous breakdown? Fred says it is the spying that is getting to him & he has taken action about it already. He has invited Miss. Denju to come & see them.
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Phillip asks Freddy why he prefers being a day student? Before he could answer, Amaka comes in and screams in delight. They greet each other & she says Freddy must be happy to see his uncle. Freddy says that Phillip has not given him what he brought for him. Phillip tells him to go upstairs to his room where he will find a suitcase in his name. Amaka asks how the shoot of River Riders went? She wants to see the film but Phillip is not ready to show her till the premiere. She pleads with him but he tells her that they have another drama in the house. She asks which one? He tells her it is about the house guest and Kwame becoming a regular visitor to the house. Amaka looks away.
Chuks tells Ene about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. They are still in level one and need to get to level two. Ene tells him that she needs to get back to work. He tells her to wait. He wants to tells her how this will add up to their lives. She tells him that whatever does not add up to his life is not interesting. He tells her that her problem is that she is looking for a quick fix. If you plant corn, you sample for a few days but if you plant palm kernel, you have to wait for years. Ene tells him that she is not day to wait for that long & he needs to get back to his fashion design or …
Fred asks Kaneng why they need to continue with Dan’s spying? They need to re-think the scheme as Dan cannot handle it. She says they have not reached that level yet. Sheila asks if it will not be worse if Dan suffers another nervous breakdown? Kaneng tells them to focus on the end result for now but Sheila wonders what positive can come out of it? Fred asks what will happen even if Dan finds out something about Alhaji Abubakar? What if someone decides to take revenge? Kaneng says the police will take Dan out sheila asks her to confirm that this is expressly stated in the agreement with the police. When she could not do that, Fred says he will call Sankey. Kaneng says she will meet with Sankey & sort this out.
Phillip admits that Danni is hot & Amaka asks him to think with his head, please. He backs off but says Danni must have a lousy taste in men if she is into Kwame. Amaka thinks that Danni is mixed-up inside. She is not a bad person but she says and does things without thinking. Phillip laughs & says she must have told Amaka the truth about herself! Amaka smacks him playfully & says she does not see Adanna as the perfect angel everyone thinks she is. He sees her as a sultry she-devil or a sex siren! Kwame will kill you if he hears you talk about her like that, Amaka tells him! Amaka is not completely fooled by Danni’s arts performance and the bike ride she offers them. Phillip stops her and asks who rode on the bike?
Chuks visits Soji who is packing. He asks if Soji is preparing for his trip to Kenya? Soji says no, packing is his hobby. He asks Chuks why he is frowning? Chuks says it is Ene. Soji asks what happened again? He says he went to talk to Ene as a human being but she instead gave him an ultimatum. Soji asks what he did? He says he walked out on her. Soji tells him to go back and apologize. He was the same person that was advising him when Bimpe gave him an ultimatum. It is Chuks’s turn & he must listen now. Chuks says Ene can do her worst. Soji tells him that it looks like they need marriage counseling. Chuks says that Ene is a woman and will come around when he starts making his millions.
Kaneng meets with Sankey and Ahmed to discuss Dan’s case. She tells them that she met with the Ade-Williams and they are all concerned about Dan’s safety. She is worried too. Sankey tries to assure her that she will do everything to ensure that Dan is safe. She tells Sankey that she is not just talking about now but even after the judgement. Sankey tells her that they have the cooperation of the prosecution & the prison authorities. Dan needs to come up with information they can use to indict Masters. Kaneng asks whether she means that Dan will have to produce damning information before they can assure his safety? Sankey says that is not exactly what she meant but Ahmed confirms that that is what they mean! She asks what use it will be if the man is not alive long enough to do that?
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Danni meets Kwame who jumps up to pull out the seat for her and compliments her looks. He apologizes for putting her in an awkward situation. She says it is okay. She is cool now with Phillip. Kwame asks if she knew him and she tells him that she and Phillip were formally introduced at the house. He tells her that he has been thinking about the wheelchair and the chains and it brought up feelings he felt he has dealt with in the past. As he stumbles along, she rubs his hands & when he kisses her hand, she takes her hand back. He stops and starts again and says that he sleeps better now. She tells him that we all need to be like that sometimes. He tells her not to ask him to do that again. He got to re-discover himself & says he is blabbing but she tells him that he is making sense.
Chuks complains to Erastus that the problem is getting bigger. Even his wife is not supporting him. The guy tells him that his wife will come along. Chuks agrees but asks where he will sell the new batch of products? Erastus asks if he has exhausted all his options? Chuks says he has. Erastus tells him that he is disappointed in him. He saw a different person from the myopic whining fellow sitting in front of him!
Kaneng is disappointed at Sankey and Ahmed and says that if she had known they were that callous, she would not have agreed to the deal. Sankey tells her that all is not lost. The prison warders are watching. Kaneng reminds them that some warders are on Masters’s employ. Ahmed tells him that they are not in the business of dispensing favours. If they do not insist on results, Dan may not need to do anything but string them along. Sankey tells her that Dan has to get them information to indict Masters or there will be no deal.
Kwame tries to explain what happened between him and Phillip to Danni and how he got to stay in Phillip’s house. He is going house hunting the next day and wants Danni to come along. Danni says she is not annoyed at him. She was busy with her thesis when she was not picking his calls. He tells her that he did not get to tell her the his words; please stay. Danni gets up and leaves.
Erastus tells Chuks that he is hung up on retailing the Grab product. He can get commissions from signing up additional sellers under his name and get paid a commission on that. He says that it looks like a pyramid scheme to him. He tells Chuks that there is also another way to make money out of the scheme. He can create accounts for six imaginary sellers and get paid commission on that. Chuks is worried that the accounts are imaginary. Erastus tells him that the Grab people never check the authenticity of the accounts but tells Chuks that he is not saying he should go that way.
Kwame meets Danni outside trying to mount her bike. He begs her to stay but she tells him that it is not possible. She has her project to complete and they also do not know each other like that. He tells her to go & come back to him. She tells him that she has things to do & they do not even know each other like that. He tells her that she knows all there is to know about him. He never held back. She tells him that maybe he does not know enough about her. She has things to go. She mounts her bike and rides away.
Dan is roused from sleep by 47 and asks what it is? 47 hands him a notebook. Masters says he should balance the account before tomorrow morning.

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Chuks tells Ene’s uncle that he can return the dowry if he likes. He tells the guy that he knows his story too. Ene tries to stop him but he tells the guy that he heard how the whole family contributed money to pay his bride price on behalf.