Kwame tries to call Danni who is not picking his calls while Brenda watches from behind him. She asks him who it is? He tells her to stop being Gestapo-like with him. She hopes it is not who she thinks it is. She grabs his phone and it is Danni. She asks what happened & he tells her. She tells him that the way he was going, he needed some intervention. He asks if she called Phillip to come back? She says she just mentioned it to him & wonders how he came back so fast?
Chuks calls Ene. He feels like he is drowning. She tells him not to worry & to check if he sold expired Grab to the customer. He checks and says they are not expired. He wonders whether the customer went to some crazy pepper soup joint before coming to Ziggy’s Bar. She tells him that her meeting is about to start. She will think about new ideas and call him back. He calls Erastus and tells him what the problem is. Erastus thinks it is just a bump on his road to success. Chuks asks that they meet at Ziggy’s to plan strategy but Erastus thinks it is a bad idea considering what happened. They agree to meet at Chuks’s instead.
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Phillip comes to meet Fred who just finished checking his BP. It is a wonderful surprise & Phillip says he does not realize how much he missed the place. Fred asks why he did not come home for Christmas? He says he just finished shooting and they are in post-production. He asks after Sheila who has gone to see Dan. As they talk, Freddy comes out & greets Phillip enthusiastically. As they greet, Phillip looks up & sees Danni who is also not feeling too eager to show her face.
Erastus tells Chuks that he missed the opportunity presented by that irate customer. The customer overdosed on Grab tea and luckily there are other Grab products that act as antidotes to the overdose. Chuks asks how he should proceed? Erastus tells him to think out of the box and not continue to do things the same way. He should look for other outlets like supermarkets, other offices, etc.
Fred introduces Danni to Phillip as their house guest. Danni was Monica’s friend in America. Danni and Phillip pretend not to have met. Phillip asks if Danni is enjoying her stay and making friends? Fred says she is teaching salsa and asks after her friends? Fred says he has not seen that young man in a while. He expects him to have stopped by. Phillip asks which young man, but Danni tells them that Freddy was going to show her how to use something & Fred excuses them to continue their art project.
Chuks calls Ene and tells her that he has found a solution to his problem. He has found an additional stream of income. She asks if he has been talking to Erastus? He tells her that she will now sell Grab tea in her office. She says no way. She is still struggling to retain her job with that Feka babe breathing down her neck. She is not going to jeopardize her job by selling that thing in the office. Chuks rails about her not being proud of his business and he will remember that when he becomes a millionaire.
Masters comes to meet Dan who asks what happened? There is supposed to have been a search five hours ago. Masters says it depends on how thorough the search is. Dan says that Masters lied to him. Masters says hat he gave Dan an incentive. As they were talking, Bello and two warders march in and deal Ota a slap. He asks what the issue is? They show him a key and says he is planning to escape. He says he has never seen that key. They tell him they saw it in his tin of milk. He takes a look at Dan and Masters as they march him out.
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Fred & Phillip about Dan. He says he will go & see Dan but Fred advises against it. Phillip asks after the house guest. Fred says that it might be uncomfortable for Phillip considering his issues with Phillip before Phillip left. Phillip wonders what that has to do with the discussion? Fred says the young man they are talking about is Kwame. Kwame is courting Adanna & actually came to ask for permission to court Adanna. Phillip agrees that that is surprising. Fred tells him that moral decadence is a serious issue these days as so many young people cannot wait to jump into bed. He tells Phillip to take a leaf from Kwame. Phillip agrees completely & says he will follow Kwame’s example to the letter!
Chuks and Bimpe look through his collection of clothes. She argues with the selection. He suggests that she uses one of those short skits she did for Black Ananse to promote Gab products. She tells him that now that she is a brand, she is careful about what she promotes. Chuks tells her that she will then be promoting Grab products. She tells him sorry, but Grab does not do it for her!
47 comes to fetch Dan who is not happy with them. He asks why Masters wants to get rid of Ota? 47 tells him that Masters simply tested him. He asks what that has to do with Ota? 47 says Ota was just collateral damage.
Chuks poses beside his Grab products in light-green shirt, a darker shade of tie & brown suit as Soji takes his pictures. He tells Soji that he is the only friend he has. He complains about Bimpe truning him down. Soji tells him that Bimpe has been helping him in the past & suggests that he ask Ene to sell some in Odyssey. He tells him that he asked Ene first but she turned him down.
Dan meets Masters in the wood workshop & Masters asks why he is nervous? He tells Masters that a stab is a stab whether it is in the front or the back. Masters tells him that there is a chance of survival with a stab in the back. Dan asks if he wants Ota to turn against him? He has jumped all Masters’s hoops. Masters asks what he wants? A medal of honor? Masters asks what he wants? He asks for a hit, for starters!
Danni is sitting dejectedly when Sheila gets back & asks how she is? She says she is ok but asks Sheila for advice about her project. She feels kind of conflicted with some stuff she started for her project. She feels bad about it but feels she has to complete it. Sheila asks if the thing involves other people like what she did with Monica? She advises Danni to think about her projects before she stats. She thanks Sheila for the advice & sits there as Freddy watches from behind her.
Fred comes to visit Dan & starts fretting over his condition in the prison. He keeps asking after his condition till they start shouting at each other. After a while, Dan gets up and leaves as Fred screams.

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Ahem tells Danju that Dan is in prison. Miss Danju argues that it is dangerous & Sankey tells her that her client has to get them information implicating Alhaji Abubakar in the next three week before the trial!