Dan collapses & Masters & his boys make fun of him. He struggles to his feet & as he staggers out of the place, he steps on Salewa’s picture & stops. That brought out more laughter from the crowd.
Soji calls Salem to come so that they can go out. He came out gaily dressed & Soji hails him. Salem tells him that he has something to tell him. He tells him about KB. Soji is quite furious at him & expresses his disappointment. Harriet & her cameraman are packing up to leave. Bimpe is disappointed. She only asked for time off, not a suspension of the show. Harriet says she is not sure that the show will be a success but they gave it their best. As she fiddles with a bouquet of flowers, Bimpe reminds her that it is a gift from Soji. Harriet reminds her that they invented the gift for the show but she says it is still romantic. Harriet removes her microphone from the flower pot & keeps it back. Bimpe promises to call her when she gets a new phone.
Kwame rushes into the master bedroom, hides an envelope under the pillow & asks Danni in. She likes the room & asks why he does not sleep there? He asks if she wants the truth? Always! This is the room where the suicide took place. She tells him nice try but he insists it is the truth. She says the room is the perfect place for what they want to do. She asks him to undress & he says that she should have simply asked if she wanted to see him naked. He takes off his shirt revealing some seriously rippling muscled six packs as she pulls out metal chains! She asks him to sit on the wheelchair & goes ahead to tie him to the chair with the chain.
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Danni asks Kwame if he is okay. He says he is never better. She tells him that the chains represent everything that has been holding him back; his fears, insecurity, etc. The purpose of the art experiment is to demonstrate the past that is keeping him away from moving on. He asks what he is to do? She fishes out a camera & snaps off pictures.
Dan gists with Masters in the wood workshop. Masters says he heard that Dan had a visitor. Dan says yes. That is why he came late to the workshop. Masters wonders why a man that claims to have turned his back on the world will be receiving visitors? Dan says it is his lawyer & his reason is for seeing is her is to use up any chance to see a woman. Masters asks him to meet him outside.
Soji knocks on Bimpe’s door & she jumps up & cleans her face first before she asks him in. He asks what is on her face? She gies back to clean her face properly. She tells him that the camera men are not shooting. He is happy because they need to talk off camera. He has been calling her but she is not answering. She claims she took her phone for repairs. He tells her that he spoke with someone earlier in the day & he learnt a lot from the discussion. As he rambles on, a confused Bimpe asks him what he is talking about? He says that he realizes that he has not been appreciating her enough. She says it is true. He then gives her a present for what she did earlier in the day. It is from him & Salem. She jumps up & plasters kisses on his face.
Kwame is still tied down on the wheelchair while Danni films him & he cracks some dry jokes while she films. After a while, he let’s out a scream as he struggles to break free of the chains!
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Bimpe admires her phone & tells Soji that he did not need to do it. He says he wanted to do so. She says that Salem did not keep his promise not to tell Soji. Soji says that the guilt was killing the poor guy. Bimpe threatens to deal with KB if she catches him but Siji begs her to call him next time & not handle it herself. He tells her that there is a message waiting for her on her new phone. She reads the message & he is inviting her to accompany him to Kenya. She is happy to join him.
Kwame is crying on the wheelchair & Danni the videographer has some tears too. She finally drops the camera & unties him. She tries to hold him but he pushes her away. She held on & starts kissing him & from kisses, he lifts her off her feet & they end up on the large bed.
Dan comes in to meet Masters at their rendezvous. The other people run off. Masters tells him that he has been thinking of all he said & it is time for them to re-shuffle things. Dan looks on perplexed. He tells Dan to give Ota a black mark!

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Phillip opens the door to his room & meets Kwame & Danni entwined on his bed!