Masters wonders where Dan’s previous righteous indignation has gone to? Dan says he has come to terms with his long stay in prison & has decided to make himself comfortable. Masters asks what then he brings in exchange as heroine is not made from distiller water. Dan says he can pay for whatever he gets. Masters does not want his money. Dan then suggests that he be made one of Masters’s boys.
Danni tells Kwame that he looks like he has been sucker-punched! He asks her if she had done this before? She tells him no, not with anyone she knows closely. He asks if she knew that he would say what he said to Brenda? Apologize? She asks. Yes. She says she has an idea that he owes a lot of people an apology. He believes that Brenda is one of those he needs to apologize to. She asks what he did to her, try to steal her company, etc? She also says that she does not get enough time with her brother to fight. He is in the US Navy & the few times they get to spend together are so short that they do not waste them on frivolities.
Soji gets home & calls Salem when he did not see him at home. He claims that the is looking for his mum to get his birth certificate. Soji notices that he sounds different but he claims that all is well. He cannot find his mum or sister & plan to stay around till she comes back.
Masters laughs at Dan & says that they should bring mirrors into the prison so that people like Dan could see what they look like at certain times. He does not believe that Dan has the energy required in his organization. Dan says that whatever he lacks in brawn he makes up for with his brain. Masters wonder whether Dan thinks he runs a fancy school for criminals? Dan reminds him that as a man that keeps scores, he needs a good head to keep accounts and records of the operation. Masters considers what he said & tells him that Sunday will bring him the drugs. As Dan turns to leave, Masters asks for his price. He asks how much Dan’s daughter means to him?
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A distressed-looking Dan says he loves his daughter like any father does. Masters tells him that he only wants his daughter’s image & does not want his daughter for anything. He collects the book Dan is holding & takes out Salewa’s picture from the book. He tells Dan that he looks at the picture every now & then & carries a book with the picture even when he is not reading. Dan is surprised that he is that transparent. Dan is willing to pass on the picture but asks if he will get it back when he stops using the drug? Masters tells him that means that he does not want to get the picture back.
Bimpe & Harriet arrive Bimpe’s flat & she complains that she did not know that going to the spa can be such a difficult task. Harriet asks her when they are going to Kenya? She replies that there is not going to be any Kenya. Soji does not want to take her. Harriet wonders why she is giving in so easily? Bimpe says she is not interested in going to any backward African country that may not even have a place for her to shop. Harriet reminds her that Kenya is an international tourist destination. Bimpe has better get in that trip as it has been hyped as a part of the reality show. Bimpe asks her to Un-hype the trip. When Harriet pushes, she replies that she is taking a break from the show. Harriet suggests she takes 24 hours but she says she wants 2 weeks! Harriet noticing her resolve tells her to slow down. She wants to show her some of the footage from the show.
Brenda asks Ene if there is a place she would rather be? Ene says no. Bend a sends her on some errands before Ene tells her that it is Nnenna’s birthday & she is to pick up a cake for her surprise birthday party during lunch break but she worked through the break. She asks for permission to to dash out & get the cake. Brenda asks her to take two hours off after completing the task she has at hand. Ene is not sure Brenda is serious & Brenda asks if she wants the break cancelled? As she dashes off, Phillip calls Brenda to ask what is wrong with Kwame? He has been receiving weird calls from him. Brenda wonders what he means? He gets calls from Kwame & no one says anything! Brenda thinks it is bad network. Phillip says he thought so too till he heard a young woman’s voice yelp like a puppy in the background! Brenda smiles & tells Phillip not to worry. He will take care of any issues with Kwame. As she clicks off, she calls someone else who she has a job for.
Masters gives 47 heroine for Dan. 47 reminds him that Dan does not have the head for stuff & may kill himself! Masters mutters to himself that Dan is right. He is indeed surrounded by men lacking intellect before he lies in his bunk as 47 scurries off.
Salem comes back home & Soji notices his rumpled shirt. He claims that he has been out there playing football. He says his mum must have travelled without notice. Soji is surprised at that but Salem claims that it is possible now that she lives alone. As he looks jumpy, Soji asks what the issue is? He claims that he broke some bottles accidentally while he was cleaning. Soji gives him money to go pay for the bottles.
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Bimpe looks through the footage of the show. Harriet says she likes the shot of Soji removing his shirt & thinks it will be popular with the women. Bimpe is not happy at Harriet ogling her boyfriend. Harriet tells her to relax. She likes her men loaded upstairs. Bimpe asks her who she wants? Desmond Elliot? She complains about the hidden camera in Soji’s studio but Harriet reminds her that they have gotten some good shots from there. That was how they got to know about the Kenya trip. Bimpe tells her that Soji came clean on the trip himself. She tells Harriet that she will kill her if she discovers there is a hidden camera in her flat. Harriet tells her to relax. They have enough shots of her. As they were discussing, Bimpe suddenly gasps as she gets to the footage of Salem fighting with KB.
Soji teaches Salem about nature pictures but constantly notices that his attention is drifting. He asks what the problem is and assures Salem that his mum is okay, if that s what is worrying him. He leaves the laptop & tells Salem to continue the review of the pictures. As he goes into the room, KB calls Salem & threatens him that if he does not pay up the N40,000 quickly, he will shred Salem’s birth documents. Salem reminds him that he cannot raise that kind of money at short notice. KB gives him till the next morning.
47 asks Dan what connects him with Masters? Dan tells him that if Masters wanted him to know, he would have told him. He dangles the heroine in front of Dan & eventually dumps the trying on the guy asking him to go ahead and kill himself! As he leaves, Dan waits to ensure that he is lone before he turns up the stuff into the toilet!
Kwame suggests that Danni moves into his apartment as she spends more time there now than the Ade-Williams house. He asks where she is coming from & says he is willing to move onto his next task. She is happy he has taken to this performing arts thing with such gusto. she is coming from preparing the next and final task but thinks she should slow down for now. He is surprised they have already reached the final task and asks her to bring it on. She hesitates but he insists she goes ahead. She goes out & comes in with a wheelchair! He looks sick & physically recoils from the stuff!

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Bimoe meets Salem in Soji’s flat & asks what he has been up to? He tries to tell a story but she asks him which animal he has been fighting with?