Fred rages at Sheila for agreeing to the idea and encouraging Kaneng to talk to Dan. Sheila insists that she believes that Dan should be making decisions for himself. Fred says Dan is not in a position to decide for himself & has not been doing a great job of it so far. As their arguments rage, TTK arrives & Fred tells her it is not a good time. She insists he talks to her as his brother’s life is in the balance. He spits out their discussion & TTK asks Sheila what he means. She explains & TTK thinks it is preposterous.
Salem has been reading up a lot on white rhinos but Soji is not impressed. He asks Salem to get to work reading up and getting ready as they have no time.
Danni meets Kwame who is not smiling. She pokes fun at him & his mood changes. She tells him to get ready for his next assignment. He thinks it will not be worse than bathing in trash. She asks how much his words mean to him as he is about to lose it. The next test is the two-word gag.
Sankey & Segun are going through their files of open cases some of which he thinks should no longer be open. She reminds him that they are still open because they have not been solved when Fred walks in. Sankey rises to greet him but he does not think it is a good day since she forced his brother into spying for the police. He wonders why she does not want Dan to spend his last days in peace? Segun excuses them & she tells him that she did not force Dan into anything & he accepted to co-operate with the police. He does not think that Dan is in a position to take such a decision & she tells him that Dan’s lawyer was present. He says she must have forced him somehow & she responds that she does not like being called a liar.
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Kwame will not allow Danni gag him. She tells him that he will not be gagged. He wonders what she means. She explains that he will meet a group of people & however the discussion goes, he is only allowed to say two words. She has a list of people and he will not get to choose.
Salem welcomes KB his area boy friend to Soji’s house & tells him about his trip to Kenya. The guy is not impressed when he hears that the trip is to a country in Africa. Salem wants to get a passport and needs him to help him get a passport. The guy is not impressed and did not hide it.
Danni tells Kwame that his first assignment is a discussion with Fred Ade-Williams. Kwame could not believe he read right.
TTK visits Dan in prison to discuss the offer from the police. He is surprised that they let him in so late. She says it is because she told them that it is matter of life and death. He wonders whose life and she confirms that it is his. She is there to talk him out of this stupid idea. He tres to stop her but she starts screaming. Before she could say what he is about to do, he screams at her to stop as he is on top of everything. He tells her to get a grip on herself and walks out on her!
Salem tells his friend that he needs him to get him a passport. The guy asks whether he looks like an immigration staff & denies that he is the one that got one for the other guy that travelled from their area. He eventually agrees to help. Salem gives him a paper with his details & money & KB promises to get back to him.
Fred meets Danni and Kwame at his house and after introductions, he tells Kwame that Danni says he should listen to him. Kwame having used up his two words in saying good evening could say nothing more as Danni starts filming with her camera. Fred says that he does not think that Kwame is the reticent type but thinks that Kwame is there to ask for his approval to date Danni. He thinks it is quite noble of Kwame and goes ahead to lecture him on how to treat Danni.
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Dan meets Masters in the carpentry workshop. Masters asks what he is doing in the workshop during a quiet time. Dan tries to engage him in a conversation but Masters looks irritated as a warden walks in and stands there.
Bimpe arrives at the Spa with her film crew in tow. As they film, the receptionist does not give the right responses and asks Bimpe for her reservation. They cut the scene and Harriet asks what the issue is? They are meeting a different receptionist. As Harriet coaches the new lady on how to respond, Bimpe calls Soji who responds by calling her Bimpe. She is taken aback at that and asks when he stopped calling her babe? They spar for a while before he asks where she is? She is shooting a scene in the spa. She asks if he is coming to join them but he says no. She says it is okay if she is the only one that appears in a show that is supposed to he about two of them.
Dan continues to try to engage a reticent Masters in conversation in the carpentry workshop. He rambles on about his acceptance of his condition in prison and how his family made arrangements for him to work in the carpentry workshop as a way to pass his time in the prison. The warder stands quietly behind them and after a while, Masters walks angrily out of the workshop abandoning whatever he was working on.

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Danni tells Kwame that the next subject he is to discuss with is Phillip Ade-Williams!