Kwame kisses Danni exploratorily at first. She responds & he goes again. She pushes him down on the sofa & as they grope for each others cloths, she breaks free & tells a bewildered Kwame that her clothes are dry!
Sankey thanks Bello for the favour. He leaves them alone in his office & Sankey starts the meeting by lain down the agenda for the meeting. Kaneng says they are aware of Dan’s responsibilities. They are only interested in his reward. Barrister Ahmed says they will give Dan a reduced sentence if Masters is convicted & he is not in a position to request for more. Sankey gets him t convince that this has been discussed & agreed by his office. Kaneng thinks the terms are not air. What happens if they d not get a conviction? What happens to Dan? As the lawyers struggle, Sankey cuts them off & asks for Dan’s opinion.
Chuks comes back & Ene’s mum thanks him for the meal she just had. As the head of the family? She is thanking him for his hospitality. Chuks has a private word with Ene. He asks when her mum is leaving.. She does not know yet & it will be rude to ask her. He tells her that with all the pressure from her people to make kids, they need to give them a chance to do that. Ene laughs & says they can leave off that for just one night.
A fully dressed Danni comes down & thanks Kwame for all he shared with her that day. As he tries to comment, she says they will make wonderful art together & zooms off.
Kaneng asks Dan if he is okay with the terms? He says he is already aware of what is expected of him. Kaneng reminds him that nothing is cast in stone yet. He tells them that he already has incriminating evidence on Masters. The lawyers go attach other again butSankey stops them & asks Dan what he just said? He has incriminating evidence on Masters. He walked in on the death of Kabir.
Sankey says she knew Masters had something to do with Kabir’s death & asks Dan for what he saw. Dan was in the wood workshop on the fateful day when Masters & Kabir walks in. He left the workshop when Masters started taunting him. He returned when he decided not to let Masters criticism get to him. Ahmed asks him what he saw. He says he saw Masters choke the life out of Kabir. Masters subsequently asked him to leave. The warden on duty will confirm that they were both n their cells when Kabir’s heart gave in on him. Ahmed thinks that Dan’s word against a warden’s is not good enough.
Danni comes back & Fred asks where she has been? She has been hanging out with a friend. Fred asks if that friend is Kwame? Anni wonders how he knew? He reminds her of the display they put together at the new year’s day! Sheila reminds h. They agreed to leave Danni & Kwame alone. They ask her about her relationship with Jonathan Kaiser, Freddy’s father? She says there is nothing between them. He has divorce like a bag or karma & she does not want to be around hi. When it hits. She has to run off to take a Skype call. Fred wonders if Sheila believes her?
Ene’s mum tells Chuks that she is aware of all the pressures a new couple come under from family who want to know when they will start having children. She was once newly married too. She asks when they will start having their children? Ene tries to stop her but she will not have that. Chuks says they will start when their finances is better. Mrs. Obi accepts that is right. They need to be financially stable to raise kids. She says honesty is also important & asks Chuks to say what he is thinking. He is not sure it is the right thing but she insists that he comes out with it. He says he wants her to leave. He is tired of family stick in their nose into his business. Ene’s mum leaves. She has received the kind of insult that is not befitting of a woman her age & status.
Brenda comments that it was a nice move for Kwame to remove those trashy movies off his website. He is not n the mood to chat about it. She asks how it is going with the American? He will not s there & have her poke at his file. He thanks her for the indigestion & leaves.
Sankey tells them she knows it is not easy to get information they need to convict Masters & get Dan a reprieve. Dan tells her she does not need to rub it in. Sankey says she is aware. They are only asking for some information on Angela to bring Masters down. They know hat he plays chess with Dan. Dan tells them that their intelligence is a little stale. He no longer plays chess with Masters after he made it clear he is not interested in being friendly with the man. They are also not quartered in the same part of the prison. Kaneng is not aware that Dan no longer meets with Masters & thinks their new scheme is risky & it will be suspicious if Dan gets close to the man. Sankey is not going to give up without even starting.
Ene is shocked a what Chuks has done. He tells her that he answered a question asked by her mother. Ene thinks it was rude of him. He says ha if she had not been secretive, this may not have happened. She says she did not mean to hide it from him. He whines that if he had been the bread winner of the house she had not thought he will beg her for money, she probably would not have hidden it form him. she apologizes again & he accepts that he was also over the board. She has decided to share everything with him; passwords, bank details, everything.
Brenda meets Danni in the kitchen. She came to see Fred. Danni asks what to get her? Water, room temperature. As she gets that, Brenda says it is serendipitous. She chatting with Danni when everyone else seems to know her well. She says she is a struggling artiste & there is nothing to share. Brenda asks after her relationship with Monica? She says it was not a complicated relationship. Brenda asks for more but Danni thinks that she does not know Brenda well enough to confide in her. Brenda tells her she is Kwame’s elder sister. That is all there is to know. Danni asks if there is so ethnic Brenda wants to find out from her? She wants to know what Danni is doing with her kid brother.
Ota visits Dan & is ecstatic that someone told him that his name is in the warden’s list of this to be let out soon on good behaviour. Whe. Dan does not show the same enthusiasm, Ota is not quite happy. Dan assures him that he is happy for him but has other things on his mind.
EneNd Huks share their passwords. Ene’s passwords have Chuks’s name on all of them but Chuks’s does not have Ene’s. He tells her that using her name as his password is not very sharp. It is very predictable. That means that she will have to change her passwords. They snuggle & he suggests they try for the baby! Ene’s countenance changes.
Sheila discusses with Fred as she massages his head. He is quite happy with the massage & says it makes a man forget nearly all his problems. They talk about Kaneng’s discussion to get Dan to work with the police. Sheila tellsFred that she has been meaning to tell him she met with Kaneng. He thinks Kaneng will try to convince her to get Fred to come along wit the plan Sheila says she convinced Kaneng to talk to Dan directly. fred wonders why she will do that?