Danni pours Kwame a drink before settling in to quiz him. He asks after her drink & she assures him it is not drugged. She asks what he wanted to be when he grows up? An astronaut, Voltron, what? He will give her an answer for every sip she takes. She says they have no agreement to that. He is ok with that because she will not want to get drunk & let her guard down. She takes a sip & he says he wanted to be Fred Ade-Williams. She is surprised & asks why? He wouldn’t do that now but that’s another question.
Kaneng tries to convince Dan. To accept the offer to spy for Sankey to take Masters down. He says no. She agrees it is not the best deal but that is all they have now. He screams no & asks to be left alone to face what’s ahead of him with some dignity & walks out.
Chuks asks Ene for the laptop but she is working on it. She has some assignments to complete for Brenda. He asks her to hurry. He needs to order some Grab online. He whines that she is not sharing things as she promises. Brenda calls her & Chuks uses that opportunity to grab the laptop & is not happy about what he sees.
Danni takes a sip & Kwame tells her that Fred destroyed his family with one act so he made up his mind to be like him. Now he knows better. She is surprised he is adopting that as a role model. He knows better now. She thinks he still wants to be Fred. He feels slightly annoyed. She keeps sipping at the drink as she fires questions. Money or love? He will have both. She asks if he has to choose one? He thinks there is nothing like true love but he will choose all the money in the world because he will use it to buy love. She asks if that is what it was like between him & Telema & his countenance changes. She is happy she has hit a soul spot.
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Kwame hedges at the question about Telema & Danni presses on. She agrees to give up if he wants to hide it from her. He says that the marriage was a miscalculation. The reason for the marriage did not work out. There is probably not a clear answer to that question. She asks whether he loved her? He says he had an unhealthy obsession for her but he learnt from the experience. He learnt that when you are ready to do everything for someone, be sure that the person is ready to reciprocate.
Chuks tells Ene that he will not return the laptop to her till she tells him why she has an account he is not aware of. She says that she will not bother to explain since he does not trust her. They struggle over the laptop till Ene’s mum clears her throat at the door. She asks if she is meeting them at a bad time?
Kaneng tells Sankey that Dan says no as she knew he would. Sankey does not believe that a man that has no other chance said no just like that. She does not think that Kaneng tried to even convince Dan to come along with the plan. She replies that she does not have anything to prove to Sankey who she adises to find another way to convict Masters.
Danni asks Kwame to tell her why he married Telema, flawed or not. He tries to dodge but she insists. He says that there was a time when he believed that marrying her was all that mattered & he did everything it took to marry her; lied to her, hurt her, & even blackmailed her into marrying him. Danni asks why he still went ahead to marry her? He says that he felt that if he married her, everything else would not matter: everything like the accident, the wheelchair, etc.
Ene’s mum hopes that Chuks did not leave on her account. Ene says he had to go do something at the cybercafe. She asks her long her mum was at the door before she made her presence known? Long enough to hear them quarreling like an old couple. Ene says it was a small quarrel but her mum is shocked that she could start lying to her at this stage. Ene confesses that Chuks is not happy that she did not tell him about the contribution account she has with her colleagues. She thinks Chuks is over-reacting but her mum tells her she is the one at fault.
Sankey thanks Bello for the favour & he tells her that she can only meet with Dan for a few minutes. Dan comes in and tells her that he thinks she made a wasted trip. She asks him if he has accepted someone else’s offer to get him off the death row? She wonders if his loved ones are not enough reason to fight? He tells her that he has thought about all these but he wonders why it is now his duty to bring the man down? She tells him that the man has been friendly with him all these while in prison. He says that things are not as they seem. She hopes that all the time he has spent with Masters has not made him think they are now buddies. She says hat they have it all wrapped up, Masters’s accounts, etc. They only need to find Angela to wrap it up.
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Danni cannot believe that it was Brenda that was driving & what it was like waking up & not being able to walk. He thinks that she feels sorry for him but she says she dies not feel sorry fir him. She hurts for him & feels for him. He says that women who feel such for you get close to you but you can’t get them because they feel that you are not a man but a charity case. She does not see him as a charity case. He says he is going to kiss her now.
Masters walks into the sports room & 47 hails him & asks how his meeting with his lawyer went? He says it went well. 47 knows that it will not take long for Masters to leave the prison & hopes he will remember to take them along as he promised. He confirms he will d so & 47 goes away happy. Masters calls him a cockroach who he will rather step on than release him to the outside world. Dan is not happy that he will not help 47. Masters wonders when they got on talking terms. Dan is not bothered but wants to know why Masters is giving 47 false hope. He replies that 47 is cannon fodder & you never know when you will need cannon fodder.
Ene is clearing the plates & her mother asks why she is annoyed? Ene wonders why her mum thinks she is the one at fault? Her mum tells her that secrets, no matter how harmless can destroy a relationship. She says that she did not hide it for any bad reason but mst of the money belongs to her colleague. Her mum tells her the story of a woman who hid her money from her husband & when her husband found the money, he thought it was someone else that gave her the money. Ene smiles & tells her mum that she did not need to make it sound like tales by moonlight after all she is a big babe now. Her mum tells her to shut up. Even after 100 grandchildren, Ene will still be her child. They smile at each other.
Dan call Warden Bello closer to the door of his cell. Bello wonders what he wants? He says he needs to talk to Sankey urgently.

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