Kaneng meets with Detective Sankey to discuss her request for Dan to spy for the police. Sankey walks out on her when she mentions Sankey’s husband in the discussion!
Danni calls Kwame. She will text him an address and he is expected to be there in the morning and ready to unleash his creativity. Before he could say a word, she had dropped.
Erastus visits Chuks and they discuss his marketing strategy which is going better than expected. He has almost finished all his stock. He tells Erastus that he has managed to get Grab on the menu in Ziggy’s Bar. Erastus is surprised as he has been trying to break into the bar forever without success. He asks for the c=secret of Chuks’s success? Chuks says that he is marketing Grab as a lifestyle product and tying it in to his fashion creations. As Chuks sees him off, his former sewing mates all troop in. there is a problem and they need his assistance.
Kaneng visits Sankey and apologizes for upsetting her earlier by bringing up her husband. Sankey is okay. She is not seeking for vengeance but as a policewoman, it is her job to put away criminals and Alhaji Abubakar is one of the worst she has seen. Kaneng says that Dan is not in the right state of mind to do what Sankey wants. Sankey reminds her that they all thought so till Dan snuffed out Varere. Kaneng asks what she will have Dan do? Sankey thinks she will never ask.
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Kwame meets Danni and another man and she asks him to untie some bags. He opens one and screams that it is trash. He complains and walks away. As he is leaving, Danni tells him so much for willing to try everything. As he whines, she unties one of the bags and pours the trash all over herself!
Chuks sells Grab to the plus-sized ladies as the solution to their problems. He shows them one of his dresses which they all like but think it is too small for them. He tells them that he wants them to wear the dress after going through the Grab treatment.
Kaneng meets Fred to pitch getting Dan to spy for the police. Fred says it is too dangerous & they should find another prisoner to use. Kaneng tells him that Dan has been friendly with Alhaji Abubakar. Fred blows up and says that Dan cannot be associated with that criminal. Kaneng tells him that may be Dan’s only chance. Fred reminds her that she said same thing the last time. He wants Sankey to stay away from Dan, and Kaneng too.
Kwame is shocked at what Danni did with the trash! He wonders why she did it but she tells him it is his turn to pour the second bag of trash over himself. He says that is not going to happen. She asks Moshood to clean up after her & tells Kwame to think well before making promises he cannot keep. She turns & walks away but he asks her to wait. She turns & as he grabs the bag, she collects the camera from Moshood & snaps off shots of him with the trash strewn all over him!
Anna, Nkoyo, Beatrice, Chuks’s sewing friends ask what they can do? He tells them that they need to buy the full set of Grab products. They agree and he tells them the first thing is to take their measurements. As he was measuring the first one, who is ticklish, Ene comes in. Chuks introduces her as Ene and she tells Chuks that she wants to have a word with him but one of the plus-sized ladies calls her “lekpa” & tells her to take her turn at the back for Chuksy’s solutions. She reminds them icily that his name is Mr Chuks Obi and she is his wife. She asks them to leave!
Sheila meets with Amaka as they go through Toochi’s birthday things. She asks Sheila why she thinks Danni suddenly changed her mind about leaving? Sheila is not sure why but says some clients were not happy she wants to leave. Amaka suggests that Sheila keeps a close eye on Danni as they cannot even see any progress on her project. The last time anyone popped up from America, it was Freddy’s father who tried to spirit him away. she suggests that Sheila searches Danni’s things. Sheila is shocked.
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Kwame meets Danni in the sitting room dressed in his clothes. She thanks him for the shower and he says that he was not going to return her to the Ade-Williams smelling like yesterday’s chicken. He asks what the purpose of the garbage shower in public is all about? She tells him it was to get him to open up as he was cagey when she tried to get him to open up. She asks if he is still ready to go ahead with the training? He says yes. She reminds him that he does not know what she will ask him to do next. He tells her to consider him open.
Chuks and Ene quarrel over her throwing out his customers. She has a problem with her invading her house and calling him Chuksy, which is her special name for him. He tries to tell her that they use that name as it is her special name for him. He agrees to restrict his relationship with his customers to official matters. He will also rent an office when he makes money, he will rent an office. She tells him to warn his customers. If this happens next time, there will be tears and she will not be the one shedding the tears.
Kaneng visits Dan who is surprised at the visit. He asks her to stop wasting her affection on him. She tells him that Sankey has a proposition for him and asks him how he will like to help bring down a dangerous criminal?

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Chuks & Ene fight over an email account till someone they did not notice enter clears her throat!