Kaneng informs Dan that the committee has notified her of their decision & apologizes for the negative outcome. He says he had started to believe they had a chance. he tells her about the visits of his daughter when she accused him of giving up on life & not caring about her. He thinks she is right on the giving up part. She does not think he gave up. He also thinks that here are so many others in his shoes & he should not be the one to get mercy. He is relieved now. He can focus on his time in prison now & the things he has wanted to pursue. He thanks her for her efforts & leaves.
Kwame tells Danni he is not into public displays. She reminds him hat he just had a public display of his arts. He thinks it is different but she says it is the same. He is not ready to make a public spectacle of himself. He is only willing to share his art with her alone. She asks if he is gong to change his mind? He says no. She suggests she takes a video of his work or pictures of his performance but he refuses. She badgers him into accepting to perform some scenes to be recorded.
Chuks & TTK look for who to use to test Grab. The first is a good customer who TTK does not want to subject to their experience. The second lady cannot be trusted. They pounce on a man who walks up to the bar to order for a drink. Chuks serves him the drink & they tell him to drink and tell them how it tastes. He sips& tells them it is different from what he expected. It is fantastic and is already clearing his nose. Chuks is ecstatic & talks about how much they will make stocking other Grab products. TTK reminds him that she only agreed to he tea.
Fred goes to pick up Freddy from school. They are on their way to pick presents for Toochi. The car radio announces that the request by Dan has been rejected by the committee on the prerogative of mercy. Fred is devastated.
Kwame is ready to celebrate & goes for drinks. He feels like John & Yoko! Danni says it depends on his interests. He is interested in his work & money. What of family? She asks. He rarely talks of his family. He says that is a given. She asks after his sister & network? He rushes through it & asks after her’s. She says she had a typical four people household which ended up in a divorce. He is sorry & when she asks after his, he suggests they drink. She tells him it is okay if he does not want to talk about it. He eventually tells her about his family. She thought Fred is Brenda’s father? He says it is true. Long family story. She presses on but he is no longer ready to talk. She asks why he does not sleep in the master bedroom? He says that someone killed himself there.
Chukkas tries to see Sheila at the spa but the receptionist will not let him. He gives her a sample of Grab & asks if he can see Sheila now? The receptionist still says no. Sheila comes out & he introduces himself & sells Grab products to her as a product to lift the lives of her patrons. He over-sells as usual; it cures everything & doctors across 300 countries are still looking for what it cannot cure. She doubts ha there are up to 300 countries around the globe & says that she already offers her customers some African & global brands & is not ready to add Grab. As she leaves, Chuks collects the sample from the receptionist who is smiling at it.
Peju comes to interview TTK & Salewa. As they roll tape? TTK & Salewa launch not an appeal for clemency for Dan. Peju is shocked they have not heard that the request has been denied. That got a howl of pain from TTK & Salewa. Peju & crew run off & TTK lays the blame for the failure on Kaneng but Salewa reminds her that Kaneng tried her best & was not the one that refused the pardon.
Danni says it is so much for a friendly conversation but Kwame found it more like an interrogation. Phillip calls Kwame to talk about his films. He is happy he left before Kwame ran amock with his movies which made him laugh. He says Phillip ran because he could not handle the fire. Phillip says the films made him laugh & he knows they are not supposed to be funny! Kwame does not care but Phillip thinks that if he starts caring, maybe his movies will not be idiotic. He is n no mood to accommodate Phillip’s judgement. As he drops, Danni picks her bag to leave. She has an idea what their next project will be.
A happy Chuks gets home & Ene calls. He answers gaily & tells her how well his business has been going. He is home to pick more samples. He has sold off everything he went out with in the morning. The tea became a big hit at the bar. Very soon he will be the biggest tea distributor in town. She asks that she bought he wanted to be the biggest designer in town? He can be both. He complains that he cannot find some of the tea! She tells him not to worry. She drank them!
Kaneng meets Sheila & tells Sheila that Dan was just trying to be stoic when he heard the news. Sheila is sure Salewa is not taking the news well. Kaneng is devastated at the result. She feels she achieved nothing & raised everyone’s hope unnecessarily. As she breaks down, Sheila comforts her & reminds her that she got Dan to meet with hs family & fight for life again. He could have died n there if she had not intervened. She thanks Sheila for her support n the whole thing as she dries her eyes.
Ene tells Chuks how she started drinking the tea. Chuks asks what made her drink the tea? Is it the taste? She says she does not want to add weight like other married women. Chuks tells her that she is not getting fat according to his estimate & even if she gets fat, he will still love her. She may just take an early break & come & surprise him.
Kaneng asks after TTK & Frank says she left early after hearing bad news. About Dan? She asks. He is in no position to talk again. She may be a journalist. She asks for something strong. Sankey walks in & tells her that the thing about alcohol is that we drink it whether we are happy or not! Kaneng is in no mood to bandy words with Sankey. Sankey reminds her that he case was controversial from the beginning & very few condemned criminals get pardoned. She reminds Kaneng that her offer still stands.