Sankey tells Kaneng that Dan will be required to spy in Masters. Kaneng says no to the deal. Sankey says she at least offered a deal. Kaneng tells her that Dan helped get rid of a pedagogy thug & made Sankey’s job easier. Sankey says she is asking that Dan helps take care of another predatory thug. 
Sheila says Danni has a way if stirring up the nest & asks why she is leaving? Is it anything they said? Danni says it is nothing of such. She will miss them all & thanks them for taking her in. Amaka tells her that they cannot stop her from leaving if she wants to. Fred says it is okay if it will help her focus on her thesis. Freddy says he is filled up & wants to go to his room. 
Bimpe does a test run in front of the camera of her love test & asks Harriet how they are going to achieve that? Harriet assures her that all will be well. She will be surprised at what Soji can do for her. Maybe they should ask him for a present. Bimpe wants a phone but Harriet is disgusted at the talk of phone again. 
Kaneng wonders why Sheila thinks they will take the offer? Sankey says they are giving him a chance to escape the hang man’s noose. She heard that his application for mercy is dead in the water. 
Sheila & Amaka discuss Danni’s leaving. Sheila taunts Amaka that she is torn by the fact that Danni is leaving & nothing untoward has happened to any of them or their bank accounts! Amaka confesses that she is becoming fond of Danni. Shells says that she will if Danni had such fond nkata for her like she calls Amaka. Sheila thinks that it may have to do with Kwame & that new year’s eve stunt. Amaka could not agree less. Whatever U’s the reason, she believes it is better to keep her away from Kwame.
Kaneng asks Sheila what she heard? She says she heard nothing but if the scale was in Dan’s favour, his being an Afe-Williams, his sentence would have been commuted by now. Kaneng gets up to leave & Sankey reminds her that their discussion is confidential. 
Jean-Baptiste Agbabiaka De La Rosa visits Soji & offers him a chance to take pictures of endangered white rhinos in Kenya for 3 days. He jumps at the offer & she wonders if he is available considering their show? He says he is available. Bimpe can hold on to the show while he is away. she reminds him that she is interested n the success of the show & leaves after telling him to send his passport & that of his assistant to enable travel documents be prepared. 
Freddy meets Danni & asks if her decision to go back has to do with him or his gift? She tells him no, she is just busy & has a lot to do on her thesis. they are friends forever & his decision to hang out with only people his age does not affect them in any way. 
Salem visits Soji & he tells her about the photo trip to Kenya to photograph white rhinos & invites him to come along as his assistant. Salem is elated but does not know what white rhinos are. 
Sheila sees off a customer & meets Kwame who came to pay for his next month’s subscription for salsa. Sheila reminds him that he can pay online. He says he was in the neighborhood & stopped by. Sheila tells him that there is some snag. They are looking for a new salsa teacher. Kwame thinks that business is booming if they are setting up another class but Sheila tells him that Danni is leaving. He calls & invites her out to lunch. 
Bimpe takes a break from filming & goes out to stretch her legs. Harriet checks to find out what Soji has been up to but the cMeras are off. She asks the cameraman about the cameras in the photo frame in Soji’s house & hooks up to those on her laptop. 
Kwame meets Danni at Ziggy’s & makes her a proposition. He wants to hook up with her on the artistic side. He wants to learn everything about her & that way he will understand what her art is about. She tells him she has other things on her mind. 
Bimpe is annoyed that Soji chose Salem over her to accompany him on the trip to Kenya. Harriet tells her that it is not a problem yet. This could be their chance to test if he truly loves her. She should wait toll he tells her about the trip. For all she knows, he has not even thought about her going. She asks what they will do if he insists on choosing Salem? Harriet says that will be when they know whether he loves her or not. 
Bimpe meets Soji & he tells her that Jean-Baptiste visited & she should guess why? she says Kenya! He wonders whether she has been talking to Salem? She reminds him that he asked her to guess! He gives her the details & she goes off on arrangements for the trip starting with Bimji hits Kenya! She talks about visas, etc but Soji stops her by saying she is not going. She asks why? He says it is a photoshoot & Salem is coming as his assistant. She reminds him that Salem can hardly pass as a photographer’s assistant. Salem is a boy he just started teaching photography. He insists on going alone & she tells him that if he goes without her, she will not be waiting for him when he comes back. He tells her that it is okay, if that is what she wants to do!
Fred meets Dr. Gyang for lunch & after pleasantries are done with, Dr. Gyang wonders what the purpose of the lunch is? Fred tells him that they have known each other for a while & he can vouch for Dr. Gyang’s integrity. Dr. Gyang says the feeling is mutual. Fred tells him that this is not easy for him but talks of their application for mercy for Dan & requested Gyang to assist but Dr. Gyang violently stops him & tells him not to say one more word for the sake of their friendship. 

Next on Tinsel
Soji tells Chuks about Bimpe’s reaction to his choosing Salem for the trip to Kenya. Chuks says it is usual of women & their twisted logic. He tells Soji to buy Bimpe a present; some adipose tissue remover. Soji looks like he will punch Chuks!