Fred will not put his reputation on the line to save Dan. Reminds Kaneng that they agreed from the beginning that she will not involve him in the campaign. She says she will do everything to help Dan but it will be nice if Fred does not sit on the fence. Fred says he is staying away to ensure Dan’s safety. He wants everything to be above board. Kaneng tells him that if she is in Dan’s shoes, she will remember those that helped her in her distress when she is out. 
Bimpe is recorded telling the audience that she is going to test Soji’s love for her. She tells the camera that they know that Soji is the kind of guy that does not express his feelings easily. She will however try him out & see how it goes. Harriet tells her that she did a great job but she is worried it will not all go well.
Kwame meets with his team members in Ziggy’s. He tells them it is to thank them for what they have done this past year & to tell them that they need to step up their game to ensure they get to the next level. Everyone needs to work harder except Amber. Amber tells others that he means that she is the only one that works hard. He tells her that her talent is so good they have to do without her!
Fred meets Salewa in his house. He encourages her to be strong as she will soon be off to the university. She is worried about her mum and is not sure she will be doing the right thing if she leaves her & goes to school. Fd assures her that she only needs to work hard & do well in school. He will find a way around the rest. 
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Kwame & Danni take a break from dancing & he tells her he is making some changes in his company. Good for him, she says. He tells her he looked at her project online but could not make sense of them. He does not get their connection with art. She tells him that he needs to open his heart to appreciate art and what she is doing. 
Bimpe tries again in front of the camera to cue her love trial with Soji but gives up. She is worried that it will not go well. Harriet assures her all will be well. The audience will love her for trying to win her man’s love. What if Soji finds out she is testing him? Harriet assures her that Soji will not know.
Kwame & Danni argue over what art should be in Ziggy’s. They ignore Afi, who was waiting to serve them & after a while she leaves them to their discussion. She insists that his definition of art is too narrow & that he should broaden his mind & see art from different perspectives. He asks a question & she accepts that art can affect the artist as much as the critic. at this point they take a break & order for the drinks.
Chuks visits as Soji inspects his camera. Soji asks if all is well? He tells Soji that all is well especially after taking Grab. Soji is not in the mood for his banter. He asks after the cameras & Soji says he disconnected them. He asks Chuks how he knew he loved Ene. Chuks reminds him that they have had that discussion in the past. He asks Chuks to go over it again & Chuks starts. He tells Chuks about his doubts with Bimpe & Bimpe wanting him to say the L word. Loser? Asks Chuks. Soji gets angry & Chuks apologizes. 
Harriet visits Sankey to get an update on the Alhaji Abubakar case. Sankey wants to be left alone. So you will hold him indefinitely? She tells Sankey as she leaves. Sankey calls her back & asks how she knew that Alhaji Abubakar is held indefinitely? She refers Sankey to the judge’s statement on their last day in court. Sankey calls her a hack & she leaves saying insulting her will not help Sankey nail Masters.
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Sankey reports to her superior on the phone. They are working hard on the case & will inform him once they have anything new. Barrister Eddy stops by to ask if they have anything new on Alhaji Abubakar? She tells him she is working hard at it. He reminds her that the judge told them to produce hard evidence or release Alhaji Abubakar. She is working hard. He tells her that it seems that everything is coming down fast around her. As he leaves, Sankey call Kaneng to invite her for a talk. 
Fred discusses Danni’s work with her. She says she is finding it difficult focussing on the work. She did not know that it will be this difficult when she chose what to work on. He tells her that passion sometimes clouds the mind. She is lost in thought & he tries to excuse himself but she asks what he said? He repeats himself & she is lost again. He leaves & she thanks him for the advice, saying that he may not know how much it means to her. 
Bimpe calls Soji to test his love for her. She is in front of the camera with her phone on speaker. She tells him that it is holiday season & he should introduce her to his friend & family. He tells her that she has met his friend’s Ene & Chuks. She pushes further & he flips over. He screams down the phone that Harriet must have put her up to this. She tries to convince him otherwise but he screams in fact… & storms out of the house leaving them hanging… Harriet asks Bimpe what he means by in fact?
Danni picks on her food & Sheila asks if she is okay? She says yes but there is something on her mind. She is going back home to America! Everyone around the table; Fred, Freddy, Amaka & Sheila cannot hide their shock at the sudden news.
Soji comes to scream the roof down in Bimpe’s house. He threatens Harriet & reminds her about their agreement on boundaries before he agreed to take part in the reality show. Bimpe tries to calm him down but he will not have any of that. Instead, he turns on the cameraman & threatens to break the camera on his head if he does not stop recording. While everyone is wondering what he will do next, he turns around & leaves.
Kaneng is happy Sankey has changed her mind. Sankey asks her if her client has a talent for spying! Spying? Yes, & she warned Kaneng that it is dangerous & could cost him his life!

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Sheila meets a gaily-dressed Kwame in a new shirt at the reception. He came to renew his subscription for the next month’s salsa lesson. Sheila informs him that they are searching for a new salsa teacher. Danni has given notice of her intention to return to America. Kwame’s jaw drops!