Sankey asks Segun how he arrived at the house where he claims that Angela is? He starts a long story but she cuts him short so he  tells her that it must be in the first house they searched. The payment to the contractor was for the installation of a new septic tank. Who instals a new septic tank in an abandoned house? She asks him to arrange their boys & quickly go to the house.
Danni tells Freddy that it is a nice necklace & she likes it but asks him to give it to a lady his age, someone special. She is sure there is someone he likes either in school or the computer class. He is not happy as he leaves with the necklace but stops to tell her that he heard that she enjoyed her party.
Soji comes to meet Bimpe & Harriet in Ziggy’s & apologizes for coming late. Jean-Baptiste, Agbabiaka De La Rosa, who came in with him, sits down & launches into a long tale. Soji tells them that she thinks that her last recording did not go well & she is ready to do another one right now. Bimpe is aghast but Harriet agrees after Jean-Baptiste orders the camera man to roll tape. She orders Bimpe & Soji to stand side by side as she launches into her story about art & life. Bimpe tries to stop her by saying that she feels faint but De La Rosa coninues from where she stopped. Bimpe then collapses against Soji & is surprised that Soji did not catch her from falling!
Sankey comes back with Segun & they are both surprised that they met a completely empty house. Segun suggests that Masters may have kept the house as a part of an elaborate plan to drive the police on a wild goose chase. Sankey is not buying any of that.
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Kwame visits Brenda & they exchange new year pleasantries. She taunts him for deciding to visit her last after visiting all his other friends. She asked John to slow down on preparing lunch till Kwame got there. He thinks it is presumptuous of her to assume that he will show up. He only decided to stop by half an hour ago. She asks if he has gotten over his salsa things? Amber calls at that moment to remind him of his promise to give her a 50% raise. He thinks she is drunk or stupid to believe that he will do so. She tells him not to try her as it is his idea and all. She has even bought some things on credit! He tells her off in some very strong words. Brenda wonders who is getting under his skin in such a manner?
Bimpe says her phone is cracked. Soji examines it with her & leaves with Jean-Baptiste. Harriet tells Bimpe that she saw through her act. Bimpe pretends not to understand what she means but she insists that she saw through her acting even if Soji does not. She tells Bimpe that she will only make viewers think she is pregnant if she continues to collapse against Soji. She suggests that Bimpe tries the love test she suggested but she will only divulge the details if she agrees to do so while the camera is rolling. 
The prisoners are watching a play. Masters comes & Dan gets up to go. Masters hopes it is not on his account. Dan insists that it has nothing to do with him. He asks if Dan is walking away to avoid his confronting his craving for the drugs? Dan tells him that he is in full control of his resolve. He wonders what is driving Dan’s new-found resolve. He considers various options but agrees that whatever it is, it barely lasts for too long. A warden calls him out. 
Brenda asks Kwame what it is? It must be a girl, she surmises. He tries to dodge it but finally agrees it is Danni. He is finding it difficult understanding her mixed signals. One minute she is kissing him & the other minute, she is telling someone she feels nothing for him. Brenda wonders whether Danni has a boyfriend e is not aware of, but he says  it is not that or she would have received a phone call that will suggest such. She wonders what the issue is with Danni that got him all hooked up? She tells him that he comes on too strong like he did that night he came to Fred’s house uninvited.
Bimpe tells Soji that a new phone will make her happy. He says that what she needs is orange juice. Frank tells them they can no longer shoot in the bar to avoid disturbing the new year crowd. Bimpe goes to meet Harriet to ask for the love test. She searches for an article she wrote on that topic in Tinseltown. She informs Bimpe that it attracted a lot of rave reviews from readers.
Sankey visits Masters. They trade jibes & he tells her that she can see the day he leaves the prison without any hindrance and that is why she came to the prison on this pathetic expedition. She asks him if he loves her? He is lost for words for a moment.
Masters asks who she is talking about? She tells him it is his companion & asks what he means by companion? She asks why he does not miss her if there was anything between them? What was he expecting from the relationship? An aristo relationship? Or a house in a suburban area with them making little drug lords? He asks her not to talk about what she does not understand. She gets up & says that she understands now & leaves.
Brenda grills Kwame on his relationship with Danni. He tells her that Danni looked through his website & she asks what her impression was?he says that she thinks that it is okay so long as he is proud of what he does. She tells him that she has been telling him the same thing; nobody wants to date the king of sleaze. He also confesses that he could not make sense of it. You have nothing in common then, she tells him.  
Fred tells Sheila he is thinking about where they were at that time last year. She recalls it was the days of Laide, etc. He says it is almost a year & the baby would have been born but he does not know if it is a boy or girl. She reacts to this & he changes the subject. For doing so well in his exams in spite of being away from school for a while, they have decided to allow Freddy spend more time with Danni. He says he will rather spend time with people his own age. That brought a look of surprise to everyone’s face.
Bimpe & Harriet go through the love test questions & Soji failed all the questions they tested. She suggests that they try a different approach to the questions. That may produce a different set of answers.
Kaneng comes to meet Fred & apologizes for coming at such an odd hour. He tells her it is okay & asks how Dan’s appeal is going? She says it is going well. She came to discuss the application for mercy. She has found out the names of members of the committee & one of them is Dr. Gyang. Fred is appalled at the suggestion that he talks to Dr. Gyang but she tells him that there is nothing wrong with that.

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Kwame takes a break from his dance with Danni & tells her thatch has decided to make some changes in his company.