Dan is dejected that there is no chance of an appeal. He recalls that Eddy warned him about it. Kaneng tells him that she has will make an application for his pardon same day. They will know the result after the holidays. He tells her that he has stopped being expecting but he is accepting now. She tells him to then accept that he will get a positive outcome. He agrees to make that his new year resolution. He asks her why she is not with her family on a day like this? She says hat helping him is her top priority now. She wishes him a happy birthday. 
Bimpe asks how they are going to spend their first new year? Harriet stops recording. She asks them to avoid saying anything that will give away the date on the camera. They start again & she sits on his laps & says he is a bit stiff and suggests she gives him one of her remedies. He says he is okay but screams that she is a bit heavy now. It seems she has added weight. She jumps off him & screams for the camera to cut. Harriet reminds her that they are wasting time but she calls Soji aside & tells him that he is too dry & needs to spice up his acting. He says hat he is supposed to be in a reality show & tells her to audition someone else for the part if he is not good enough before he walks out on them.
Kwame practices his steps at home & calls Danni to ask if he should pick her up for the salsa dance even though it is not a proper date? She tells him no. He should just show up. 
Barrister Eddy reads through a document at Sankey’s desk & asks if they have anything concrete tying Masters to the prison murder? Sankey says they are working on everything including finding Angela. He reminds her of the looming court deadline & the need to move faster. She says they are working on it but he says they may need to look for another angle or else Alhaji Abubakar may just walk free again.
Soji comes home & meets Salem. He asks if he was able to do it? Salem smiles & he is happy that he can relax without any camera spying on him. He smells food & Salem serves him eba and Egusi that he prepared. Soji wolfs it down so fast Salem asks him to relax. He tells Salem that Bimpe has not been allowing him eat since Bimji started. She insists on his eating salad. 
Bimpe asks the cameraman for his expert opinion on how they look on camera. The guy tells him that the camera loves her! She asks him for more but Harriet walks in to complain that her Internet is slow. She needs to keep up with news & Bimpe asks if the action on the reality show is not such enough for her? She says that at least on Christmas day, there was chemistry between her & Soji? Harriet attributes that to the happy juice.
Sankey asks Segun about progress on the cases? There has been no headway even with members of his gang. She says she does not blame them seeing what he did to a man he is not even sure is a mole. Segun clears his throat & when she asks him to speak, he suggests they release Masters. He may even lead them to Angela, he surmises. Sankey replies that they may as well release all the prisoners. She instructs that they dig further into Masters’s foreign account. She needs more information than for a money-laundering case. She calls Emile to invite him for a meeting as soon as he can make it. 
Mr. & Mrs. Ade-Williams are all gaily-dressed for the dance. They commend each other & he says it feels strange to be celebrating. She reminds him that it is not all gloom. They also need to celebrate Dan’s change of heart. Amaka comes out & sees them looking good. Freddy comes down all dressed-up & asks to be allowed to go but they tell him it is adults only. Danni comes down to meet them & commends them in her gay manner, but remarks about Amaka’s under-stated dressing. She is home baby-sitting, which Danni finds shameful! Freddy asks her to tell grand-dad to allow him join them. She tells him no, it is for adults but she will bring him some treats from the party. 
Emile tells his mum that he will have to leave from their dinner but she is annoyed that Sankey can call him out on new year’s eve. He says it is for Angela. She tries to stop him but he reminds her that Angela’s life may be in danger & he is the only one that can help. She reminds him that it is bad luck to carry a ghost into the new year but he reminds her that Angela is still alive. She complains of his taking off to the North without telling anyone like some form of action hero. He apologizes & promises to come back before mid-night. 
Kwabena meets Kwame at the dance & asks when he started dancing? Kwame claims it is for charity. Danni walks up to them all dressed up in dinner jackets in her long gown & Kwabena commends her before leaving. She hopes Kwame is not nervous. He is not. She tells him that her coach told her that when everyone is watching, imagine them as if they do not have their cloths on. It works always. 
Bimpe & Soji are in bed & Harriet preps them for the scene. She reminds Bimpe to talk about testing & driving & also talks about her limited edition SUV. They run through it & Harriet likes Bimpe’s delivery but asks Soji to remove his shirt. He refuses but they prevail on him. The next take, she mixes the lines up & Dds Soji, I love you but he does not respond to that. They cut but Ohakam of Telema Soldiers rushes in just then & shouts abomination & stops the shooting.
Kwame & Danni wow the whole house with their electrifying dance to a loud ovation.
Soji asks Ohakam what he is doing there? Harriet tells the camera to keep rolling. Ohakam is shocked that Soji is lying with this half-wit! Bimpe screams & asks Harriet if the guy is a part of the script? Ohakam calls Bimpe a cheap no-talent hungry nobody & is shocked that Soji is defiling what Telema stands for with her. Bimpe asks why Soji is allowing the guy to insult her. Soji asks the guy to leave but when he continued ranting, Soji strong-arms him & throws him out as he screams & salutes his Telema Soldiers. Harriet thinks it is dynamite & perfectly timed too & calls it a wrap on the shoot. Bimpe sinks on the bed deflated. 
Emile meets Sankey & reminds her of his request for immunity earlier. She asks what Angela needs immunity from? He tells her that she has been in Masters’s company for so long she may have been forced to do some illegal things. Sankey asks him which he prefers; an Angela in jail or in a coffin? He leaves to meet his promise to be home before midnight but promises to email her what he has. 
Everyone in the dance counts down to the new year & Kwame walks up to Danni to wish her a happy new year. She thanks him but as she makes to walk away, he pulls her back & plants a deep kiss on her mouth. That got the attention of everyone in the room!