Dan apologizes for what happened to Kaneng’s daughter. She asks if he will kill again if his daughter is threatened? He says a year ago, he would have said yes without hesitation. 
Kwame is sprawled on the floor. Danni & Freddy taunt him. He gets up & confirms he is good & asks Danni to accompany him for a drink at Ziggy’s. No, she is taking Freddy for snacks. Danni takes a call & says she will be going to meet with salsa club members. Maybe he will find a real partner there. Kwame offers to him instead. 
Chuks meets with the Ginger salesman. He tells Chuks that he will organize the seminar but Chuks has to find the N65,000. He tells Chuks that each day that passes is a waste of money.
Kwame takes Freddy out & asks how he did at the dance? He believes he did well for his age. Phillip, he says has two left legs. Freddy corrects him that Phillip is a great dancer. He asks after Danni & Freddy tells him that Danni is a family friend. He asks if Danni ever talks about him? Freddy asks him if he wants to really hear what Danni thinks of him? Yes, he wants to know. 
Chuks calls Bimpe to ask if she has Telema’s number? She asks him why? He wants to know if Ene confided in anyone where she kept the tiara. She asks why he did not ask her or is she not Ene’s friend? He asks her only to be told that she does not know. He drops & Bimpe who is sitting with Ene tells her of the discussion. Ene tells Bimpe to keep the tiara for her but warns her not to wear it. Bimoe agrees but Ene is owing her.
Salewa visits her father & when he starts asking her about the university admission, she asks him why he wants to kill himself? She wants to know why he does not want to watch her grow up to make up for the lost time between them? He assures her that she is his most-prized possession & he would have loved to be the fathe she will be proud of, but unfortunately, he will never be that for her!
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Freddy tells Kwame that Danni does not talk about him. Kwame says it is because she does not know much about him. Freddy tells him that she does not so much about him because his family talks about him always. He gives Kwame a run-down of what the family thinks of him. the magazine also says he makes worthless movies. Kwame believes that trust the women to fill Danni’s mind with rubbish. He asks Freddy to eat up & let them leave. 
Dan & Kaneng discuss his execution & his meeting with Salewa. He could be executed in a matter of weeks. That shut Dan up.
Amaka visits Sheila & as they discuss, she agrees that Danni has at least succeeded in bringing Freddy out of his shell. She has also initiated a background check on Danni & she is expecting information on who she really is. Just then, Danni walks in & Kwame calls her. She asks after Freddy? He says he is fine. He is calling to ask if she can come to Ziggy’s for them to talk? She asks for half an hour & as she drops the phone, the women ask her what she just said about Freddy? She tries to hedge but accepts that Kwame took Freddy out for snacks & she wanted to confirm that he is ok. Amaka berates her for leaving Freddy with a stranger. 
Fred calls Kaneng & asks if she is okay or Dan is giving her a lot of trouble? He says she sounds tired  she says that An is never a problem for her  he invites her to pass by the house so that they can talk in person. 
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Freddy is at table with Amaka & Sheila but he is not hungry. He just came from getting a snack. With Kwame? Amaka asks. That must be awkward. It was not, Freddy says. He just talked, he wanted to know what Danni thinks of him.
Kwame & Danni meet at Ziggy’s. As he talks, she busies herself with downloading stuff the salsa guys sent to her. When she is through, he launches not a defence of himself & why Danni should not listen to gossip. When he is through, she says nothing & he asks why he is looking at him? She asks if he will rather she does not look at him? He would rather she does not listen to idle gossip. She tells him that it does not matter much what she thinks.
Ene asks where Chuks has been & he says he has been out raising cash. Some people are coming to pick some of his things. He carries out a packed bag of his sewing stuff which he wants to sell. She asks how he intends to fill in orders if he gets them? He says he needs cash & will survive. She says she will not sigh there & watch. If he likes, he should sell the house as she leaves. Soji visits & asks wha is going on? Chuks says he needs to raise money for the new business. He is selling everything & the sewing machine including Ene’s family heirloom. Soji tells him to go ahead & sell whatever he wants to sell but hopes Ene is aware of what he is doing. 
Amaka asks Freddy what he told Kwame? He says he did not tell him much. He wanted to know what Danni thinks of him. Sheila asks him to take his plate inside. As he leaves, Amaka cannot believe that Kwame is so desperate he is interrogating a child. Freddy comes back & tells Sheila that if she allows him hang out with Danni, he will help her keep an eye on Kwame. 
The buyers arrive & Chuks sells off the stuff. Soji says that is the saddest thing he has ever had to witness. Just then, Ene rushes in. She cannot stand by & watch Chuks sell off everything. She then notices that everything is gone & asks how he could have sold everything so fast? Soji tells her that he tried to stop Chuks. Chuks sits down smugly in a corner.
Sheila tells Freddy that he can only hang around Danni for as long as it takes to sort out the salsa party. He was only trying to help.  Kaneng arrives as Amaka leaves. Fred asks if she has made any headway with Dan? She says that she has found out the source of his issues & it is with Fred. Fred asks if Dan thinks that is the best way to punish him & Sheila tells her that Dan is a grown man & should take responsibility for his actions. She tells Fred to try & resolve the issues between him & Dan so that Dan can start fighting for his life.

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Amaka finally comes with the mysterious Danni file. Sheila snatches some of the papers from her & she discovers one of the documents she did not read previously.