Fred calls Peju’s show to make a comment about Kaneng. He says that his family did not know much about her when she approached them but he is calling to say that they have checked & she is innocent of all the allegations leveled against her. Pressed by Peju, he says that he cannot reveal everything on public television but his family is quite confident of Kaneng’s activities.
Kwame is in some very good mood when Amber and the director comes visiting. He asks what they will have & they think it is too early in the day but he brushes that aside & offers them a drink. The directors tells him they came for what they discussed, to sort out Amber’s demands: she wants a hairdresser, wardrobe, etc. Kwame asks if that is all? She also wants a 20% raise. He likes her spirit as she goes for what she wants. He asks why she wants 20% when she can have 50%? 
Chuks tells Soji that this is their chance to get out of poverty. The pyramid scheme is about buying products, selling the products & making a profit out of what other people sell. Soji tells him to leave him alone to do some things for himself before he goes back to his reality show. Chuks wants to see how the people that are close to him like Ene & Soji will react to the scheme. 
Fred tells Dan he came in peace. Dan asks that they sort out the legal issues he was told they need to get out of the way. Fred tells him that he is right about Kaneng but Dan flares up when he mentions the name. Fred accepts that he was wrong. He had some investigation done on her. She is a trustee for a secret trust belonging to a minor whose identity is sealed by a court order. Dan says he should have asked her rather than dig behind her back. Fred tells him that Kaneng was sworn to secrecy & could not defend her self when the issue came up. Dan taunts him & he asks Dan to stop treating him like the enemy. Dan tells him that if he did the right things, the wrong things would not have happened.
Kwame sees off his guests & puts a call through to Danni. He hopes she had a nice holiday. He also thanks her for the invite to be her partner to the sale fiesta. He wants to know more about the fiesta. She tells him that it is a program to market the salsa class to new students. There will be other dancers, professionals & alike at the dance. He worries that he will be tossed around the whole place. He tells her that they need to practice more to enable him cope. She tells him that he needs to do better than that. He needs to bring his A game as she plans to make him sweat. 
Ene comes out & sees Chuks behind the PC in their reception. She asks what he wants & he asks if it is wrong for hum to visit his wife at work? She asks what he wants & he says it is about the business but she cuts him off with a NO! Anything that is named Grab cannot be good business. She does not have time to discuss with him in the office so he says they will discuss at home. She asks what they will be discussing & reminds him that her family has told him that they will return her bride price to him if he does not shape up. He asks if she is threatening him? She says that it is a wake-up call. Just then, his phone rings & it is Remi, his orobo customer. She has a big order & wants him to come immediately. 
Kaneng tells Dan that there has been some developments in their favour. The state governor has inaugurated a 7-man committee on the prerogative of mercy. He cuts her off & tells her about what Fred told him. She tells him that it was not relevant to his case. He tells her to be more open next time. She tells him that the earlier they get him out of the place, the less worked she will be. He still stands by his decision to leave but at his own terms. He asks her to as his lawyer, ask that his execution date be brought forward? She is shocked. 
Chuks meets the customer who complains that she has been waiting for a while. She asks what he has for her? She really needs to change her wardrobe. He tells her he will give her the opportunity to be a part of the Chuksy lifestyle brand. He brings her a set of clothes, his spring & summer collections. She thinks they will not fit her. He agrees. They are prototype designs. They agree on the colour & he says he does not need to take her measurement. She insists that he does that as she has slimmed down seriously. He takes her measurement & confirms that she has really lost weight. He asks if she has joined a gym? She says it was a tea that her friend gave her. She does not even recall the name. Chuks asks if it is Grab? She does not care. All she knows is that it is working for her. 
Kaneng asks why Dan wants to bring forward his date of execution? He asks her which she will rather have: a quick date or a long-drawn death like cancer. She tells him that he speaks like death is the only option. She asks if he has discussed this with his family? He tells her that this is for them as much as it is for him. Puts them out of their misery quickly. 
Danni is dancing with Freddy when Kwame walks in. She tells him that he is late. He says that it is only 5 minutes. He apologizes & says he had issues with parking. He asks what Freddy is doing there? She says he is helping out. she asks Freddy for music & tells Kwame what to do. He does not understand. They try the dance & he keeps missing the routine. She berates him for slouching, etc. 
Soji tells Chuks that he hopes that he hopes he will forget the Grab thing now that he has an order. He says that he will not forget the grab thing but will concentrate on the slimming products which is selling like hot cake. His customers even know about it. Soji says well, he is not doing the pyramid thing at least. Soji says they will see how it goes. Chuks thanks him for the support. 
Danni continues to grill Kwame who is tired. She tells him that she has watered the routine down twice already. He asks for more time but she says they do not have time. He says that all she has done is bark orders & overload him with information. Se tells him that she may need to find a more experienced partner. He says that is not what he meant. 
Ene asks Chuks why he is buying her lunch? He asks whether he is not allowed to take his beloved wife out for lunch? Ene then asks him pointedly what the lunch is for? Is it for that Grab business? He tells her that they need to move fast so that he can be the sole distributor for Lagos. She asks if he is going to abandon his fashion for selling Ginger? He says it is not ginger. She tells him that it would have been better if it is real ginger, at least people can use it to cook. his game plan is to focus on the sliming products which is moving fast & his customers can spread the words. They want to slim down so that they can wear his avant-garde clothes. He manages to convince her that the plan works. She agrees & he asks her to give him the tiara so that he can sell it & raise money. Not on your life, she tells him. 
Kaneng tells Dan that his situation is not that bad. He still has his life & his daughter to protect from rape. She tells him to imagine her being attacked, imagine her committing suicide, etc because she was raped.