alewa says she can never say that her father is mad. He is already being tried for murder & now mad? TTK & Eddy insists that is the only option left to save her father. By requesting psychiatric evaluation, they might be able to keep him out of danger. She agrees & signs reluctantly. 
Tantalizing outrage …proclaims Jean-Baptiste to the audience & before Sheila, Amaka, & Brenda could sniggers, Danni takes her up to everyone’s amazement & asks  asks if she does not think that the exhibition contributes to the controversy of neo-expressionism as a true re-birth or a passing fad & that the exhibition is a great example of work towards that argument? Everyone is shocked. 
Soji is still running around to find a salve for Bimpe’s throat. She assures him she is fine. Harriet comes in to show them things she got for product endorsement. Bimpe says she thought of that but Harriet says she could not get a boutique or fashion house. She got killer bleach, which can kill 99.99% of all household germs. They can do an episode where Bimpe will talk about it while cleaning. Bimpe tells her that she does not clean. It is not glamorous. The next product is dandruff cream. Bimpe complains but she assures her that it is for men. She relaxes & Soji tells them that he has never had dandruff. They both tell him to take one for the team!
Dan accosts one of the warder to ask him to help him get a message to Kaneng. The warder makes fun of him but agrees to help. He wants Kaneng to come & see him. The warder is surprised that he is ready to see a visitor. If the warder passes the message immediately, she will be able to make the visiting hours.
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Kaneng visits but Bello insists that she is not allowed to see Dan. She asks what happened as she is still within visiting hours. He tells her that there has been a change in protocol & it came from the top where Dan’s lawyer has gone to get them to ban Kaneng from seeing Dan till his mental state is determined. Kaneng is shocked that Fred could do that to Dan but Bello tells her that Fred is not the next-of-kin in question. 
Sheila wonders what is going on? She thought that Jean-Baptiste was going to annihilate Kwame’s collection. Amaka agrees that that was going to happen till Danni interfered. She draws Jean-Baptiste’s attention to the passion in the work & managed to convince her that it is not just the careless work of a 4 year old as she was won’t to believe. As they were discussing, everyone around wonders what they are talking about. Jean-Baptiste finally sums up the exhibition in one word after driving Peju & her recorder away from her serious discussion with Danni. She calls the exhibition Brilliant & says she will drink champagne. An elated Kwame calls for champagne for everyone & asks that all the press men be let in. The ladies could not hide their disappointment. 
Harriet asks them to endorse breath mint. Bimpe & Soji argue that they do not have bad breath. Harriet insists everyone has smelly breath especially after a meal. The next product is an aphrodisiac! Everyone knows that Bimpe & Soji gets physical. Bimpe argues that they are soul mates. Soji asks that they pack up the business part & get day for their sponsor who should be there soon. 
Sheila greets Kwame & Brenda as she leaves. Peju interviews De La Rosa who ranks Kwame’s art in the higher quotient of great art. She excuses herself for her next appointment. Kwame asks Brenda if she is having fun? She says no. She was looking forward to his making a fool of himself but he escaped. He tells her that he learn from the best. 
Harriet gripes that De La Rosa is late. Just then she enters & when Bimpe makes to greet her with a hand shake, she cuts her off by saying that she got her name wrong! Soji calls the full Jean Baptiste Agbabiaka De La Rosa, before she sits down. She tells them she just came from an arts exhibition where she rated the work exceptional. Bimoe asks what she can offer her & she brusquely asks for tea. As Bimpe goes for the tea with a mischievous look on her face, she invites a reluctant Soji to sit down & talk arts with her as Harriet rolls the camera. 
Bello comes to break the bad news about suspension of Dan’s visits. He wonders why this is happening? Bello explains that it is due to a request for psychiatric evaluation of him is completed. Dan asks if they are mad? There is nothing wrong with him. Bello asks him what he wants people to believe? He has been behaving abnormally for a while now. It is not normal human behaviour to want to die. As he leaves, Dan shakes his head & mumbles Fred, why are you doing this?
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Kaneng visits TTK. TTK attacks her & asks her how long she has known Dan to call him by his first name? Salewa asks that she be allowed to speak. TTK tells her that she is the one that has turned Dan against them. She tells Carol to throw Kaneng out but she tells Salewa that there is nothing wrong with her father & taking away his visitation rights will do him no good. TTK asks Carol what she is waiting for to throw her out? Kaneng leaves.
De La Rosa keeps talking art as the camera rolls. At some point, everyone is tired & the cameraman dozing off. After a while, she removes her glasses & sees the camera man as a fresco she studied in Italy, nude of course. Bimpe asks if she wants more tea but she says no, the two cups she had is enough. It must have been quite strong. She feels tingly & asks that air conditioner be turned up. Soji sensing mischief grabs Bimpe & asks if she put alcohol in the tea? She says no. It suddenly occurs to Soji & he screams “The Pink Moon?” bimpe shrugs  he asks her why & she says that Da La Rosa was dragging the show  she is more interesting now! Soji shuts the camera down & tells Harriet that it is a wrap for the day
Peju goes to interview Kwame but he tells her no & walks across to Danni. She asks if there is a problem? He wants to know why she did it, why she saved his show.

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Soji is holding Bimpe back in the bar as she abuses TTK. She tells TTK that this is her show & not an episode of Where Are They now? TTK wonders why she will be competing for an upstart like Bimpe? Harriet urges them to get to the hair as the camera keeps rolling.