Fred is surprised that Kaneng has finally been able to meet Dan. He wonders why Dan has refused to see them all? Eddy wonders if they can trust a stranger who they know nothing about? Sheila says they should wait till Kaneng comes around to tell them how she managed to do that. Eddy thinks that Dan meeting with a stranger against his family members is enough proof that he has gone over the edge  While they were still talking, TTK comes in & screams at Fred asking why Dan has refused to see either herself or Salewa? They tell her that is what they are discussing. She asks to be kept informed of their discussion. 
Brenda calls Kwame to remind him hat he forgot to invite her to his grand entry into the art world. he tells her that she is not invited & will be thrown out if she comes. She asks if he is passing up an opportunity to rub his success in her face? He insists that she is not invited & drops the line. She calls John to tell him that she will be attending the event after all.
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Sheila cannot reach Kaneng on the phone to tell her not to come to the bar. Eddy suggests they tell TTK who she is before she gets to the bar. Just then, Kaneng walks in but meets TTK at the door going out. She tells them how she was able to meet with Dan & get his email address. Fd & Eddy were hoping for more. 
Soji stops at Chuks’s house. He forgot the key that Bimpe gave him & asks if he can leave the carton with Chuks? They are re-decorating Bimpe’s flat. Chuks hopes he gets enough out of that. Soji apologizes for his & Bimpe’s earlier statement but Chuks says he is not annoyed but commenting on his friend’s transformation into a love slave. 
Amaka & Sheila come out from a massage session feeling good. Danni declines to join. Amaka winders why they should go to Kwame’s exhibition after everything he did to Phillip? Sheila says she wants to go & see Kwame fall flat on his face. She says that Danni said that his pieces are not very great but Danni says she did not say as much. Amaka says that will be the first time she is going to a non-work related event since she had Toochi. Danni suddenly remembers that she has been meaning to ask Amaka about the story with her baby daddy? What? Amaka wonders? Toochi’s father, doesn’t he have a daddy? Danni asks. I have never seen you with a man! Amaka looks like she is about to burst!
Ota visits Dan. He checked Dan’s email as Dan requested. He noticed that Dan’s fans have been sending him even emails. He hands Dan the printed copy of the email he requested. 
Soji & Bimpe are in bed & after arranging Soji’s dreadlocks, Harriet calls for the camera to roll. Bimpe wakes up & smiles, but Soji stutters. Harriet is not amused & asks Soji to for once behave like a lion that just woke up beside his lioness. They start another take …
Amaka asks Danni what she just said about her baby? Danni says that she simply asks if he has a father? Amaka flares up & Sheila tells her that she is sure that Danni was not intentionally being rude. Danni asks whether he was born by immaculate conception? Amaka warns her not to ask after her baby. Sheila tells the spa girl who comes in not to worry but Danni rolls on & tells Amaka that she should have said that she does not want to talk about it. She also tells her that she needs to stop wearing those old suits she wears & also work on her expression. Those must be the things scaring the guys away. Sheila tells her to leave Amaka alone. She agrees but says that she would have loved someone to tell her when she is doing something wrong. 
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Harriet scores Soji & Bimpe play love. After a while, Soji calls time & asks Harriet why they cannot just be themselves? Harriet insists that is what people like. She asks Bimpe to change into a shorter gown. 
Kwame instructs the head of security to bounce anyone with a camera, the press, & anyone who refuses to be searched. 
Dan meets Kaneng who wonders which part of her letter made him agree to see her? He has not read the letter. He asks why she has been wanting to see him? Was she hired by his brother? She tells him that he should have read her letter if he wanted to know why she is there. 
Peju arrives at the exhibition with Jean-Baptiste Agbabiaka De-La-Rosa & introduces her to Kwame. She eyes him & asks if he is the one that set up an exhibition in the morning? He says yes, & he is honored that she could grace the small event with her presence, he says with a smile that comes off & on. 
Dan & Kaneng stare at each other. He tells her that he could do ha for days. She tells him that she heard. He asks her why she should not make the best of the opportunity to meet with him? She tells him that she is not there to tell him what to do just like she knows that his brother & lawyer must have been doing.  She is only there to show him how to leave the prison legally & be with his family. He asks her what she will say if he tells her that she is full of it? She replies that she will know that he is still not ready. When he is ready, he will read her letter. She says this as she packs up & leaves. 

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Kwame shows Jean-Baptiste around the exhibition & charms her along the line. He expected to meet an older person, he says. She asks if that is all the artwork he has? He says it is a humble collection, but she stops him & tells him never to use that word ‘humble’ again in connection with an art work.