Salewa screams that she will not declare her father mad. TTK & Eddy try to convince her to go along as it is the only way to save her father. She says no. It is bad enough that he is being tried for murder. If he is declared mentally incompetent, what else will he have? TTK insists that she must sign the petition but Eddy tries to reason & after a while, she reluctantly signs the document. 
Ota comes to call Dan to attend a lecture. He refuses to attend one of those lectures where they teach you how to manage your time. Ota asks what else is there to occupy yourself with here?
Chuks reviews the stock register & bites at Frank over some gaps in the book. Frank tells him that the supplier is responsible for not supplying those ones but he will not listen. He orders a stocktake & Frank reminds him that it will be the 3rd time for that week. Afi  & Obiora come around & hails them but Chuks lays down new rules: shorter breaks for all the waiters & they will not all be away at the same time! They wonder what they did wrong & Frank gives them a sign to go back to work. Frank asks Chuks if all is well? He has been behaving strangely & if there is any issue, he should tell them to enable them adjust. Chuks says he is doing what a man should do. 
Dan shuffles into the lecture on the value of time. Kaneng is one of the facilitators of the training! The lead facilitator addresses them & says the training will start with a short film. 
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The waiters are turned out in their new uniforms – dark shirts & red bow ties & the bar is decked out in CpXmas decor. Chuks tries to compliment the uniform but Frank reminds him that they do not have a choice. He compares Chuks’s recent behaviour to that of those who come to the bar & harass the waiters & when they get drunk, they start complaining about their family issues. Chuks asks what he tells those patrons when they complain? Get creative, Frank replies. Show your wife who is the man in the house by being scarce & when you are around, occupy yourself with football matters! He adds. 
Kwame calls Uzo to complain about the quality of the art pieces he gave him. Uzo wonders what he is talking about & tells him that what he gave him is top of the range. Most of the pieces are from an upcoming artist whose works the world is eagerly waiting for! Kwame threatens that if Uzo makes a mess of his exhibition, he will ensure that Uzo does not sell anything again. Kwame calls the organizers of the exhibition to ask if the date if the exhibition could be shifted? The invitations have been sent out.
The facilitator talks about time and it’s uses while Kaneng continues to stare at Dan who is busy playing with a paper he folded into an airplane. She whispers to the trainer to ask Dan a question. A startled Dan who was not paying attention says he has nothing to say. She presses on & Dan says his sentencing made him realize that there are other levels below rock bottom. The woman asks why Dan is speaking in the past? Dan says he feels like something has been lifted from him that morning. 
Sheila meets Danny in the kitchen & rushes to get ready. She is joining Fred at a meeting with a lawyer. Danni asks how Freddy’s first day at school as a day student went? She came back too late yesterday to ask. Sheila, who has settled to grab a quick cup of tea, tells her it went down without any incident. She asks how Danni’s day went & Danni says she went to a student’s house to see some art works. Student? Sheila worries. Danni says it was no worry, & she can take care of herself. Besides,it was that guy we met together at the spa! Kwame? Sheila screams as she nearly chokes on her tea! Danni tries to get her to talk about why she is not comfortable with Kwame but when she demurs, Danni tells her to make love not war!
The seminar ends & the trainer asks interested prisoners to leave their email addresses for updates. As they start shuffling away, Kaneng walks up to Dan with the address book to ask for his address. Dan says he does not have an email address. Does not have or does not want to give? She asks him.  She tells Dan that he cannot hide forever from her. If he runs away his time, she will find another way to make contact. He reluctantly writes down his email address. 
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Soji is happy the cameraman & Harriet are not around them that day. Everyday we are not shooting is a day my fans are missing me, Bimpe complains as Chuks visits. Soji let’s him in & asks him how things are? He hopes that Eneis no longer giving Chuks trouble. Chuks wonders why everyone thinks Ene is the one giving trouble? I am a man & we need to start doing manly things! He tells a bemused Soji & Bimpe
Sheila sits with Danni in the sitting room & asks how Kwame’s art is? Danni says she will not comment. Sheila wonders if it is that bad & Danni says she did not says so but asks Sheila to endeavour to see it herself. Sheila says she can’t see it. Kwame will not invite her after what he did to Phillip. Just then, Cosmo brings her an envelop & it’s her invite!
Bimpe takes a call & is not happy that Harriet has not agreed a production schedule for their reality show! She hates waiting. Soji hugs & consoles her. As they were holding each other, Chuks talks about his discussing football with Soji anytime Ene is around. Soji thinks it is a stupid way to show manliness.
Fred & Sheila meet Eddy at Ziggy’s. Eddy pushes for them to use the available opportunity to start the appeal. Fred is keeping an open mind for all options. Eddy tells them that there are no other viable options. They just have to use this opportunity before it slips away. Sheila says she was not allowed to see Dan but Fred tells him that it is not an easy decision for him to declare his brother mentally incompetent. Eddy pushes as Sheila’s phone rings. Kaneng calls Sheila to report that she has made contact with Dan!

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Danni has been meaning to ask Amaka something. What is it? Amaka who is dressed in the spa robes with Sheila asks. What is the story about your baby’s daddy? What? Amaka screams as Sheila squirms! Who is Toochi’s daddy? I have never seen you with a man!