As Kwame & Danni pack up their dance bags, he asks her how he is doing? She tells him that he is doing ok. He says she is just trying to be polite & she asks if he wants to hear her honest opinion? She says that he was rubbish. He asks her if it is possible for him to get longer lessons to improve on his dance steps & also asks what she does in her free time? He wants her to stop by his house & help him check his art collection prior to his exhibition. She reminds him there are scores of people in Lagos who can do that better & he tells her that the difference is that she is his friend. She agrees to come & he gleefully promise to text her the address & directions. 
Dan injects the drug as 47 watches. Immediately it enters his body, he starts smiling but shortly after, grabs 47 & start shaking him & telling him that he must pay for what he did to Telema. A surprised 47 managed to get away from him & ran from the cell. 
Chuks complains to Frank that every woman should be labelled, “herself & all her troubles. Frank tells him that Ene’s family is his family now so he should deal with it. Uncle Tony calls Chuks & when he calls Chuks his son, Chuks tells him to take his scam elsewhere but he quickly identifies himself. He called to congratulate Chuks on his becoming a textile magnate which he heard of through the family grapevine. Chuks tries to tell him that it is not true but he will not hear of it. He is sending over his two sons who are in the village doing nothing to come & work for Chuks. Chuks tells him that he needs to escort an old woman across a busy road & promised to call back. He call Ene to ask where the textile story came from? Ene says she told her family member to cover for him. A furious Chuks tells her to go back & correct the story or get ready to provide employment. He is not happy that Ene is not proud of him. 
Kwame waits expectantly for Danni & when she eventually comes, he opens the door & stands there speechless. When he ushers her into Phillip’s flat, she complains that the decor is too strong. She asks to be shown the art work & he tells her that it will be after he entertains her. She reminds him that he did not talk of entertainment with wine when he invited her. She says that she thought that he wanted a sober opinion  He manages to get her to sit down & as they start discussing, his phone kept on ringing & he was forced to pick it & ask Brenda what she wants!
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Masters hopes that 47 has a very good reason for disturbing his afternoon nap. 47 tells him that there is a problem & he quickly sits up. 47 tells him what happened with Dan & he hopes that 47 did not help Dan administer the drug. 47 confirms that it was Dan that injected himself. Masters instructs him to get Ota to stay with Dan & ensure that it does not get out of hand.  
Soji meets Chuks at Ziggy’s & asks after the company. A dejected Chuks tells him that Ene wants them to keep the company as a family business. Soji agree to pull out of investing in the company. Chuks complains that Ene is not proud of him. He tells Soji how Ene lied to her family that he is a textile tycoon. Soji reminds him that Ene may have done that to protect him. 
Kwame asks Brenda whether the call is quite important because it is not a good time for him? She tells him that he may be interested in tuning to the TV right now. He turns on the TV & Danni asks if that is a part of the entertainment? Peju is on TV talking about Kwame’s upcoming art exhibition. She interviews Jean-Baptiste Agbabiaka De La Rosa who says that if Kwame is a fake, she will smoke him out from a distance! Kwame switches off the TV & looks dejected as he turns to Danni. Danni asks who the woman is & what is driving her? Kwame sits back down & as he makes to kiss her, Danni jumps up & asks to be shown the arts collection!
Fred meets with Barrister Eddy who suggests that they declare Dan mentally incompetent to enable them file the appeal. Fred is not completely for it but Eddy was insistent that it is the only option available to them. 
Brenda is impressed with the report Ene & Feke prepared & asked them to ask the PR Department to issue a denial that Odyssey is involved in any criminal activities & they will sue anyone implying that. She asks them to find out how many of Odyssey’s films has Kwame’s name on it. Feke had the answer! She had watched all Odyssey movies. She had also helped the editor finish the presentation  for Brenda without Ene knowing. Ene is fuming as Brenda berates her for not being on top of the job she is paid for. 
Dan wakes up to see Ota watching over him. Ota tells him what happened while he was asleep. Word out there is he passed out. Dan tries to hide the needle prick in his arm & Ota tells him not to bother. He knows when someone is having adverse reaction to a hard drug. Dan says that he thought he would die at some point. He apologizes to Ota for the way he treated him earlier. 
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Ene accosts Feke as soon as they step out of Brenda’s office & asks her what just happened in there? She says she is playing her part as a good team member to get the work done. Ene accuses her of undermining her & reminds Feke that she is the one that recommended her for the job. Feke tells her that it is not her fault that she is not impressing the boss & leaves Ene & walks away!
Danni comes downstairs from inspecting the art work & Kwame asks her about her opinion. She is reluctant to give one but he pushes her to come out with it. She tells him that she thinks that he spent a fortune on worthless pieces of junk! Kwame’s face changes. She says that she will not put up most of the pieces she saw there in a tree house! That really hurt!
Ene stumbles into the bar to meet Chuks & asks for something strong from the bar. Chuks asks them to give her chapman & asks her why she wants to get back to work drunk? She says that is what she needs to get through the day. She tells Chuks about the incident with Feke and Brenda. She accuses Chuks of being responsible for engaging Feke through one of his stupid schemes. Chuks reminds her that she never believes that he can do anything right. As they were exchanging words, Frank comes with her drink & asks if everything is alright? They pretend that they were having a discussion & Ene asks Chuks what he will like to have for dinner? He tells her it is jollof rice & plantain. She tells him to start heading to the market no because she will not cook when she is back from work. She takes a sip of her drink & abandons the whole thing & walks out. 
Masters meets Dan in his cell & Dan tells him that his first instinct when they met was to stay as far away as is possible from him. He has decided to abide by that instinct. Masters is not happy the way he is being treated by Dan. However he asks Dan how he felt after the drug entered his body? He tells Dan that he will continue to feel that euphoria going forward.

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Chuks visits Soji & Bimpe & reminds Soji that they need to start behaving like men!