Masters asks Dan why he did not ask him first before trying to steal from one of his men? Dan asks him to give him the thing & stop asking questions. Masters wants to know why he suddenly moved from scorn to desiring heroine? An impatient Dan asks him to tell him how much it will cost if it is money. Masters instead asks him for a game of chess. Dan gets up & walks away. 
Amaka visits the Ade-Williams’ & meets everyone at breakfast. She came to see Freddy before he heads out to school on his first day as a day student. She gives him a lecture on how each member of the family is expected to behave. Danni tells her that Fred has already done that. Freddy gets up to leave for school & Danni excuses herself to also leave. A shocked Amaka asks if Danni is taking Freddy to school? Danni tells her no. Freddy is going with the driver while she is going to her dance class. She invites Amaka to the class. It will help her loosen up before she leaves. Amaka asks Sheila & Fred if salsa is a part of Danni’s project & Sheila says no but it has proven quite famous with the spa patrons. Fred cuts in & asks after Toochi. 
Chuks complains that he is hungry & Ene reminds him that the food is cooking as she works on a project that Brenda gave her. Chuks tells Ene that he has something that will make her smile. He gives her an envelop of cash & a surprised Ene asks where he got the extra cash in the envelop? He ells her that they have a new partner in the business in Soji. Ene is not happy that Chuks took on an investor into what is supposed to be a family business. As Chuks loudly ask what she wants him to do, Ene’s sister, Amarachi (Amy) comes visiting. As she tries to engage Chuks in a conversation as Ene takes her bag in & check on the food but Chuks says he is on his way out to buy something. 
Dan walks into the gym where the warden is distributing letters. He asks for more letters & the warder reminds him that he just got 5. He says those are from Telema Soldiers. He is expecting letters from his family. The warder walks away & one of the prisoners begs Dan to read him a letter from his child. Dan brushes him away & goes to sit beside Masters who he asks for the drug again. He is ready to pay. Masters asks him not to broach that subject again. 
Amarachi asks Ene where she finds time to take care of her home & still work? Ene says that she is coping & is okay. Amy then tells her that their parents are worried about when she will get a nephew. Ene tells her that her pregnancy is nobody’s business. Amy says that Aunty Nkechi says that if Ene ends up barren, the whole family will be shamed. A flustered Ene tells her that they have other priorities but are on the right path. Amy tells her to allow Chuks work & take care of her. She asks Ene when they are going to move out of this shoe box?
Ota meets Dan in the gym shredding his letters. He came to return the book from the library. Dan absent-mindedly collects the book. Instead of leaving, Ota starts to cry. Dan asks why? He gives Dan his letter. It is his daughter’s birthday & he could not be there as he promised them. He thought he will get an early release to enable him attend. A visibly-angry Dan grabs him & tells him to face reality & stop deluding himself over an early release. For all he knows, his wife & child have moved on to other things. A crying Ota tells him to stop saying that as he moves away from Dan. 
Brenda meets Kwame at the spa & berates him loudly for what he is doing to the family name. Kwame is not in the mood for her drama & she reads him a quote from the magazine about his extensive collection of art works & asks him if that is a correct quote? He says yes & she asks when he started collecting art works? She believes that he must be scurrying through all the art houses looking for how to pull off another charade. He tells her he will be late for his salsa class & she wonders what he is doing learning salsa as he walks away. 
Ene tells a persistent & mischievous Amy to tell the family that Chuks & herself are planning to rent a bigger home. Amy asks her when that will happen? She asks Ene if Cuks is living off her & Ene tells her that Chuks has big plans to break into the fashion design business. Amy picks up Chuk’s design book & asks if that is how he plans to do that? Ene snatches the book away & tells her that Chuks came back from UK with a lot of ideas. Amy scoffs at that & Ene claims that Chuks is also branching out to other things. Like? Amy asks. Textiles, Ene replies. Chuks has secured some investors to partner with in setting up a textile outfit. Amy is happy that her sister has finally made it. Ene asks her how long she is staying & she says that she is not sure. She needs a break from the family house. 
Kwame is finding it difficult keeping count of the salsa dance steps. Danni gives him fresh instructions & asks him to lead the count. They try again & as they turn, Kwame’s hand moves from Danni’s back to her bum! She stops & asks him what he is doing wrong? He pretends not to know & she tells him that his hand is in the wrong place! He moves it back up but she calls a break.
Dan meets Masters & accepts that he is right. The world is a moral blur. Masters asks him if he still thinks that his punishment for killing is still just? Dan agrees that he has been futilely trying to be upright. Masters tells him to go to his cell & expect the stuff there. 
Chuks asks Ene when Amy is leaving? Ene says that she does not know but is worried that it may not be soon due to the large bag Amy came with. Chuks is not happy at the constant visits. First it was her uncle & now her sister & asks why they cannot be left alone? Ene begs him to keep his voice down so that Amy does not hear him. Chuks tells Ene that Amy will leave sooner than she planned. He asks her to leave it to him. 
Danni tells Kwame to dance with his kind & his body will follow. He tries & it seems to work better as they start talking about the kind of music he likes & other things. After a while, she reminds him hat he is dancing better since they started talking & he removed his mind from the number of steps. He tells her that it may be due to other reasons as he pulls her to him & their lips close to each other’s. She breaks the embrace & walks away. 
Amy watches Chuks sketching & sits beside him. She tells him that her neighbour’s children also love to draw. He tells her that he is sketching, not drawing. as she watches him work, he asks her if she is a light sleeper? She asks him why he is asking? Has his snoring increased? She asks. He tells her that it is just that he and Ene get so loud at night that their neighbour’s complain about the noise & they plan to play that night! What kind of play is that? She asks.  Chuks makes a kissing sign & a disgusted Amy shouts eeeww! She shifts immediately from beside him on the sofa & moves to another seat. She asks that they give her that night. By the next day, she will move on to her friend’s. Chuks tells her that it is okay if she wants to stay & listen in!
47 walks into Dan’s cell & asks after Dan’s cell mate. He is outside, Dan says. After ensuring that they are alone, he gives Dan a syringe & rope & says it is complimentary from Masters. SA Dan struggles with the rope & syringe, he asks 47 for help but 47 tells hi. That Masters says that he should take his destiny in his hands. 

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Masters gets to Masters & tells him that there is a problem.