Amaka visits & meets Fred & Sheila sharing tea. She came to see how Freddy is doing. Sheila calls Freddy down & Danni brings him down. They tell him that they have decided that he can go to school from home but there are conditions. He will surrender all his electronics + his phone. He shouts when they mention his phone. They remind him that he committed a crime by forging a letter & can go to jail for that. He also will no longer be hanging out with Danni. He can keep his computer but only for school work. If he uses t for other things, it will also be confiscated. 
Masters & Dan are playing chess when they bring in some stoned prisoners to the gym. Dan asks Masters why he is spreading his brand of anarchy among men who are already despondent? Masters asks him who he is trying to convince? He tells him to ask for some of the drugs if he cares for it. Dan says he is not interested. He tells Dan not to mock it till you have tried it. 
Ene comes in to meet Brenda briefing Feka, who she knows before. She asks what Feka is doing & Brenda tells her she is resuming immediately to help as Ene is no longer able to cope. She will also act while Ene is away for youth service. Brenda reads out Ene’s duties as Feka’s responsibilities. When Ene points this out, she tells Ene to be on her guards if she still wants the job. 
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Mrs. Lament comes to visit Sheila. Sheila says she has no news about Dan. Lament believes that things will be better if she can speak with Dan. Sheila reminds her that Dan has refused to speak with anyone even family members. She says that he may find it easier to speak with a stranger with no pre-conceived notions about him. Sheila asks her what she wants to gain from all these efforts. Se says that saving Dan will help her organization by spotlighting rape. Sheila agrees to see what she can do to help. 
Kwame comes into the dance class venue & meets only one babe who wants to be at his art exhibition. She shows him a news magazine story on the exhibition. She will be there to see what the renowned art critic will say about his collection. As she leaves, Kwame calls Soji & when Soji sounds hostile, he tells him to forget the Telema debacle. He begs to come & see Soji to discuss something important. 
Sheila & Kaneng meet Warden Bello to ask to see Dan. Bello tells them that Dan has refused to see anyone. Sheila reminds him that she is family. He tells her that they are tired of visits to Dan & reminds her that he is in prison. Se tells him that surely there must be something he can do & they will make it worth his while. He tells her that unlike contrary opinions, there are some of them who do not take bribes. Sheila tells him that she hopes that boning happens to Dan for Bello’s sake. 
Kwame visits Soji & notes that much has not changed. Soji tells him to get to the point of his visit. Kwame says he is there to get information about this art critic who he could not pronounce her name. Soji says oh, Jean-Baptiste Agbabiaka De-La-Rosa. He says he wants to know what he is dealing with. Soji asks what he is doing with her? He tells Soji about the exhibition. Soji tells him that he will not like to be in his shoes. Jean-Baptiste can spot a fake art work from a distance & she can make or mar a career with just one review. Kwame thinks that he is making it all up but Soji gives him examples of people that had to re-locate their business because of her negative review & one that attempted suicide & ended up in a mental institution. He calls her the Oprah of the art world. Kwame looks dejected. 
Ene comes back to meet Chuks. He tries to greet her but she tells him to stay away. He is about to cost her her job. He asks how & she tells him of the experience with Feka. He apologizes & offers to give her a massage. She refuses because she knows where it will end up. Also, there will be no midnight trysts between them. She advises him to concentrate on making money to train their children instead of making babies. He says that is what he is trying to do by attempting to incorporate the business. He says he might need to use their stash. She warns him off it saying that the business is not even a real business. He says that he is not surprised. She has never supported any of his ideas. 
A dejected Sheila & Kaneng sit over a drink at Ziggy’s to consider other options. Sheila is tired of trying but Kaneng is not giving up yet. 
Ene asks how Chuks can say that she has not been supportive of his ideas? He gives her examples & she reluctantly agrees that he can use the stash. However, he must pay back immediately he starts making money. He does not like this & she reminds him that TTK’s power over the bar came from her lending the initial money to Dan. She does not want that to happen to Chuks. She wants him to own his business fully. 
Dan sees other prisoners singing & having fun while 47 lies on the floor with the heroine paraphernalia around him. He watches them for a while & when he tries to pick up the syringe, 47 who had looked like he was sleeping jumped up & held his hands saying he caught him stealing. 
Kwame comes back to the dance class & meet Danni packing up. Danni tells him the class is over. He tells her that he had been around but had to leave for something urgent about his upcoming exhibition nabe says she heard about that though she did not think him the artsy type. She has also heard about his “other art”. 
Soji visits Chuks & asks why Chuks is frowning? Chuks says he is not being supportive. He apologizes for talking down on Chuks the previous day but reminds him to wisen up. Chuks asks him to leave, he says no & sits down. Chuks whips out his phone to call the police & Soji asks why he is calling police for his best friend? He calls Soji a best friend that is not supportive. Soji asks if he has asked Ene & Chuks complains that Ene wants him to pay back any money she lends him. Soji reluctantly agrees to invest in the business. 
Kwame asks if Danni is one of those who thinks art should be censored? She says no but reminds him that he will get another chance to step on her feet another time as the day’s class is over. 
47 shuffles Dan into Masters’s cell & says that he caught Dan trying to steal his thing!

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Brenda accosts Kwame at Mirage Spa & asks if he has not done enough damage to the family name? She reads him a quote from the magazine where he talks about his extensive arts collection & asks if it is a true quote?