Sankey asks Emile to tell her where Masters is keeping Angela but warned him that it is a crime to lie to the police. He asks if she does not believe him? She wonders how he could solve a case that a number of policemen have been working on. He says he will then take matters into his own hands if she does not believe him. He is not sure of where Angela is but he wants guarantees that she will not be prosecuted for whatever crime she may have committed. 
Fred paces the doctor’s office while worrying himself for being too hard on Freddy. He wonders why they are not telling them anything about his condition. Sheila & Dannie try to calm him down as the doctor walks in. The doctor tells them that nothing is wrong with Freddy physically after all the tests. His symptoms are however severe. She asks if there is any history of epilepsy in the family? Fred says no. The doctor says that Freddy’s condition is psychosomatic. That brings worried faces all around the room.
Emile asks if he should take the issue to Sankey’s superiors? Sankey says that she cannot take him to her superiors without knowing what the crimes are. He tells her that he can walk out on her. She threatens to throw him into custody but he reminds her that she will lose the chance to catch Masters. She tells him that she is on the same side as him and can help. He says he will think about it and come back to her. 
Soji visits Chuks who asks why he is not shooting his reality show? Soji says that anytime away from the cameraman is bliss. They are shooting B rolls, which Chuks mistakes for Bimpe Rolls now. He asks what is happening to Chuks? Chuks complains that things have not been up to speed especially with the registration of he company. Soji suggests solutions for entrepreneurs but Chuks says that is not high on his agenda. He talks about a baby & Soji hugs him but he says that Ene is not necessarily pregnant. Soji is so disappointed. 
Sheila & Fred wonder whether Freddy was making up the fainting spell? Danni says he may not be making it up. She suggests they call a child specialist or psychologist to talk to Freddy. Fred calls Dr. Ibrahim while Sheila calls Amaka.
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Dan visits Masters and sees the stoned prisoners sitting around the place. Masters says that we all have a way of escape from realities. Dan insists that he is coping nicely. Masters tells him not to judge the rest. He tells Dan that Ote his friend’s escape is hoping that he will be released early. He asks how Dan escapes? Thinking of the day he will be hanged? He heard that it is a slow and painful death. Dan says that the death of the men around him is slow and painful. Masters tells him that the men will come back after their highs but he will not come back from his.
Ene walks in to meet Brenda & apologizes for staying away the previous day. Brenda chews her for being away & also coming late to work that morning. She asks Ene that she heard that there are rumors about Odyssey being used as a front for criminal activities. Ene agrees but suggest that they put out a denial. Brenda asks her to draft that. She asks whether she can do that the next morning? Brenda says no. 
Dr. Ibrahim tries to talk to Freddy who pretends to be asleep. He tells him that he knows that he is awake & understands if he does not want to talk to him. However, that will make him write that he is a mental case and he will be locked up. Freddy jumps up at that & says that he is not crazy. He tells Dr. Ibrahim that he is afraid of going to school & coming back to meet everyone dead. Dr. Ibrahim is surprised & tells him that his grandfather & Sheila loves him & will be there when he comes back. He says that he is afraid that they will die just like Uncle Dan will die. 
Soji asks Chuks what he means? Chuks says that he has devised solid tactics to get Ene pregnant. They have been married for a while & Ene is not pregnant yet. Soji makes fun of him but cautions that he should sort his finances out first. Just then, the new mattress Chuks ordered is delivered. He says that it is to counter whatever excuses Ene may have. 
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Dr. Ibrahim asks Freddy to tell him about Uncle Dan. Freddy says he has been sentenced to death for killing someone else. Dr. asks him how t makes him feel? He says he wants to ask Dan why he killed the man. He also says that everyone treats him like a baby and stops talking about Dan whenever he is around. 
A visibly tired Ene staggers in and asks Chuks how he has been & whether he has had anything to eat? Chuks asks if that is how she greets her husband? She tells him that she had a bad day & he says that it has nothing to do with him. She reminds him that he is the one that switched off her alarm & made her have a bad day at work. He apologizes & she tells him that she is tried of his wanting some nookie every night. He sits her down & suggests that she takes a break from work to concentrate on trying to make a baby. She tells him that he must be drunk on sewing machine oil. 
Freddy, propped up by Danni comes home with Fred, Amaka & Sheila. They discuss what to do with his condition. Fred thinks that Danni seems to be a big part of the solution. Amaka thinks that it is unhealthy. Fred however reminds them that they need to teach Freddy some values about how to deal with challenges so that he does not forge letter the next time he is challenged.
Ene sits on their bed & notices a difference. She asks Chuks what happened? He tells her & she says that he got this one right. She however asks him not to mention one more word of soccer or he will play for a whole season alone.
Dan is crying in his cell as one of the warders unlocks the cell door for Masters. He stands beside Dan’s door & encourages him to try some means of escape which is better than crying due to despair. He throws the package of syringe, etc into Dan’s cell, who picks it up & hides it under his pillow when no one was looking. 

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Brenda introduces Ene to Feka, who will resume work immediately to assist in her work as she is no longer as reliable as Brenda thought.