Emile tells Sankey that he is just coming into town. He will come to see her after seeing his mum. She asks why he has not called her all these while? He tells her not to worry. She will be okay once she sees him. He will come and see Sankey later. He says that he has what Sankey is looking for.
Bimpe is being filmed pretending to sing in Ziggy’s Bar. The waiters ask what is happening & Harriet says it is part of a new persona being created for her. Soji asks about the song & Harriet says that she will insert a song during editing. It is a part of the reality show. Frank asks Soji if the fight at the bar was real or make-believe? Which fight? Soji asks. Frank tells him that there is a fight in Mirage Spa that has been playing around the internet. They call it The Mirage Massacre!
Eddy comes to see Fred looking glum. Fred says that from his looks, he knows that it is not good news. Eddy reports that Dan attacked a prison warden. Luckily, the prison authorities are not pressing charges. They however threw Dan into solitary for a while but he is back with other prisoners now. Sheila joins them & Eddy tells them that he thinks that Dan is unraveling. Fred asks if it is possible that Dan was provoked? Eddy says it is unlikely. He will research into what can make Dan get to that level and report back to Fred. He also says that Kaneng has been hanging around the prison trying to speak to Dan. Fred thinks she is being persistent but Eddy says that she has still not succeeded too, just like him.
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Sheila apologizes for bringing this up at that difficult time but asks Fred why he withdrew Freddy from school after they agreed he should go back? They both think about it and agree that it must have been from Freddy.
Soji orders the cameraman to stop filming them. He has filmed enough shots. Bimpe asks him to give them some chance and shoot from a wide angle. The cameraman shifts but Soji complains about the Mirage Massacre and the reality show that is not real. Bimpe tells him that the real thing is them and people would talk irrespective of what they do. They will use Bimji to cement their relationship. She toasts to Bimji.
Fred & Sheila wonder what could have made Freddy forge a letter to school. He asks if she has noticed any sign that he is being bullied? She says no. She wonders if he has developed an emotional crush on Adanna. As they were discussing, Freddy comes in and they confront him with the news.
Chuks comes into Ziggy’s & meets Soji and Bimpe & Bimpe welcomes him to his inaugural appearance at Bimji. She wants to go out and take some few shots before joining them. As they were talking, Ene enters and Bimpe gives her a big hug, all captured on camera before she leaves with the cameraman. Ene and Chuks ask Soji if that is how they have been following him everywhere? He shrugs. Chuks says that is how they got the recording that is on the internet. Soji asks what they are talking about? There is a film saying that Soji beat up a woman because of Bimpe. Soji denies the story.
Sheila and Fred tells Freddy to speak up. He agrees that he wrote the letter. Sheila tries to talk him into agreeing that he likes school but he says that he does not want to go back to school. Fred asks if he forges letters whenever he does not want to do something? Freddy asks to go to his room, but Fred orders him to go and sit down in the sitting room. He is going back to school same day.
Dan comes into Masters’ cell and meets the whole place filled up with stoned prisoners. He asks Masters that he can see that he has the prisoners hooked. Masters says that he only provides an avenue for escape. Dan asks why he does not use the solution he offers others? He says that he is immune, but asks Dan if he is immune too?
Eddy comes in to meet Fred looking unhappy as he downs his tea. He asks what is wrong & Fred tells him it is family. In addition to Dan’s issue, he is also worrying with a young boy that will not go back to school. Eddy suggests that they plead temporary insanity in Dan’s case as he wanted to do previously. Fred thinks it will not work. Dan is okay and he will not agree to that. He suggests that Eddy give the prerogative of mercy some chance. Eddy will not do that as he believes that it will seal Dan’s fate.
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Chuks and Ene get their drink. Ene is not going back to work. Brenda is at a meeting. They try to convince Soji that the Mirage Massacre is just the beginning of the things that Harriet can come up with. He reminds them that he is the producer and whatever he does not like will not be shown.
Danni tries to find out why Freddy does not want to go back to school. He refuses to talk to her. She reminds him that she is on the same side with him. He tells her that she should know why he does not want to go back to school. He says that he will not hang out with her if he goes back to school. She tells him that she will be there when he comes back. He jumps up & shouts that she is just like others & should leave him alone as he stalks upstairs.
Soji tells them that he also had issues with the show at the beginning but he got around to it when he realized that it was something Bimpe really wanted to do. Chuks tries to convince him but Ene tells him to stop as it is what Bimpe wanted. Bimpe overhears them as she comes in and asks what it is she wanted? Soji calms her down and tells her they were discussing the reality show. Bimji, Bimpe calls it & says that they should all get used to the name. Soji tells her that Chuks and Ene were expressing their worries about privacy. Bimpe asks who is talking about privacy when they could hear them going at it all night? All these were caught on camera. Chuks asks Soji if they could get a spot on the show, probably as Bimji’s neighbours? Bimpe & Soji open their mouth.
Freddy, dressed in his uniform  is clinging to Danni who tries to convince him to go to school. Sheila gets up & pushes him towards the door as he protests, holding onto Danni. Danni promises that he will soon be back home on holidays but he still will not leave pleading to his grand dad to make them stop. Fred gets up & orders him to get going to school. Sheila promises that they will all come and visit him during visiting day. Danni latches onto that and when he still will not go, Fred shouts at him to stop & that he must go back to school that day & nothing will stop that. At this, Freddy stops talking & then crashes to the floor as if he has been shot!
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Emile tells Sankey that he needs guarantees. Sankey asks what for? Has he been involved in any shady deals? He tells Sankey that he needs guarantees that Angela will not be prosecuted for any crime she may have committed.