Dan asks what Masters is offering him? Masters calls it different names but finally calls it what it is; heroine. Dan is shocked that he is making his men use drugs. He says he is not forcing them, but providing what they need to escape their prison conditions. They say that it provides temporary escape from their conditions. After their discussion, as he means to leave, Dan asks why he is showing him the drugs? He says that he is simply satisfying Dan’s curiosity.
Sheila meets Freddy staying all by himself? They are providing for his return to school. She asks what he wants & he says whatever they get is okay. She tries to chat him up but he wants to go upstairs. She reluctantly allows him.
Soji is surprised at the script. Bimpe cannot cook, & she says that she has not tried does not mean that she cannot. She convinces him to go with the flow & gave him a kiss and he agrees. Harriet says that they are already used to their presence, they no longer knew they were there. Soji forgot they were there. He asks if they will be there permanently & she says that they will be around intermittently.
Ote comes to see Dan with a bottle of drinks he said he won in a card game. For the first time, he won. To celebrate, he wants to share with Dan a remedy that will make them forget their troubles for the night. He takes a swig & offers Dan the bottle but Dan violently tells him to keep the bottle away from him.
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Freddy calls Mr. Moshood from Fred’s study to invite him to the house to help them do something. Moshood asks if Danni sent him, but agrees to come. Cosmo comes to ask where Freddy’s school uniform is? He wants to ensure it is ironed. It is still in his school box.
Harriet asks where Soji is? He is taking a bath. Bimpe asks Harriet what she thinks of the chemistry between her & Soji? She says that it is good but Soji is slightly nervous and she needs to find ways to get him to relax. She leaves and when Soji comes out, Bimpe tells him that everyone has gone & they have the place to themselves. He picks her up but she says that it is not that. They are going to Mirage Spa for a massage.
Amaka speaks with Freddy about school but he is distracted. She reminds him that he is always churlish when he is about to go back to school but enjoys himself when he is in school. He says it was then. He gets up to check whether dinner is ready as the door bell rings. Amaka asks him to get the door while she checks for dinner. He meets Moshood & gives him a letter that needs to get to a certain address first thing tomorrow morning. He pushes him out before he could ask further questions as Amaka comes back.
Brenda meets Harriet in Ziggy’s Bar & after chiding her for getting there late, she asks her what it will cost to kill the story. She says that she has already submitted the story. Brenda insists that the story can still be killed. Harriet tells her to ask her editor. Brenda says that she has done that already & the editor says that she should talk to Harriet. Harriet refuses to call the story back. Whatever Brenda can offer will be overtaken by the sales of the magazine & readers’ loyalty. She believes that the Odyssey ship is leaking & Tinseltown will like to be the one to break the story. Brenda tells her that Odyssey will survive this but she will remain a hack.
Bimpe & Soji come out from the spa & one ugly babe says that she did not know that jailbirds also get a massage. Bimpe asks her what she just said? Soji begs her to leave but she brushes him off & gies the girl a major dressing down. As she moves into her space, Soji pickes her up & takes her out of the place as she tells the girl that she is Bimpe Adekoya & she has her own reality show!
Ene & co read the story on Odyssey online & Nnenna & the other lady scream & ask Ene if it is true? Ene wonders why they are asking her? They remind her that she is Brenda’s PA. she agrees that she know Masters but from outside Odyssey. He killed her husband’s uncle. The others recall that they heard about Ziggy’s death. Ene however says that she does not think that Brenda is involved in anything fishy. They ask her not to defend Brenda. She has seven faces. They wish that they are like Ene who will soon leave for youth service. The accountant comes in and tells them that they should only be bothered by their salaries which is still regular. They eventually agree to confront Brenda about the rumours. Just then, Brenda works infor a meeting. As soon as they settle in, she asks if anyone has any questions for her before the meeting starts? No one spoke up & the meeting starts.
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Freddy meets Danni cooking. She is still sore from salsa class. He would have loved to learn salsa. She spins him around. He asks what will happen if he comes back & she is not there? She tells him that she is not leaving soon. He asks what will happen to their plans? She will survive. She will only have to get another cameraman. He asks her not to get someone yet. The school thing may not happen after all. She eyes him.
Soji comes back with the egg & Bimpe asks if he went to Ghana to buy the bread? He is shocked that she did not fry the egg while he was away. She apologizes that she got distracted while he was out. He yabs her for the way she was going to fight the lady yesterday. He is happy that she fought for him. Then he goes to fry the eggs.
Brenda calls Sankey to harass her about the story in the press. Sankey says that she did not speak with any reporter but Brenda says that if Sankey had kept a good hold of her case files, that will not have happened. She demands that Sankey call a press conference exonerating Odyssey. Sankey will not do that & if anyone asks her, she will say that Odyssey is not the lead they are exploring now. Brenda drops the line & as Sankey goes back to Segun, Emile Haruna calls her.
Sheila comes home to meet Danni. She asks if Freddy is happy in boarding school? Sheila gives her the history of Freddy’s difficulties in adjusting; not talking to anyone, his friendship with a strange woman, etc. after all these, they decided to make him spend more time with his peers. She wonders why Danni is asking?it is due to a statement Freddy made about school. Just then, Sheila’s phone rings. It is Freddy’s principal calling to confirm that they are withdrawing Freddy from boarding school.
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Dan asks Masters why he is not using the drugs he is giving others if it is good? He says that he is immune but asks Dan if he is immune?