Danni was wondering when she will run into Kwame again. Kwame wonders why she took off without paying damages. She left because he was on the phone. She brings a wad of notes to pay him off. Sheila is not happy that she did not mention that she was in an accident.
Angela’s father calls Sankey to ask after Angela.
Soji & Bimpe discuss their funding issues & Brenda’s cheque issue. He assures her that they will find a way around the funding issue.
Sankey assures Nero that all is well and he does not need to come down to Lagos. They will ask Angela to call him. She asks Segun to provide answers on Zamani & Masters’ newly discovered account.
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Danni invites Kwame to her dance class. He will pass and as he goes for his usual, Danni grabs him & straightens his posture. He agrees to sign on.
Soji meets a patron who instead of breaking his investment offers to invest in the show in return for the promotion of an art magazine.
Sankey asks Segun for feedback on the case. He discovered maintenance fee on a house they are not aware of.could be a drug lair or Angela’s hideout.
Sheila & Danni discuss Kwame and Brenda.
The investor demands for copyright to the pictures for Bimji in return for her investment.
Sankey & Segun strike another dead end in the search for Masters.
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Ene consoles Bimpe about the sponsorship. Soji comes back to announce that he secured them a sponsor.
Elias comes to tell Kwame that the Whitewash people are still disturbing the shooting. He asks him to tell the director to keep shooting.
Bimpe is happy at the sponsor. Bimpe disappears to freshen up & Ene asks why Soji is doing it? Can he live under the constant scrutiny? He asks why she has been trying to convince him to feature in the program.
Kwame barges into Brenda’s house to demand that she calls off her demonstrators. She tells him that he knows what to do. He tells her that he is not going to stop.
Soji, Bimpe & Harriet discuss the terms of the reality show. He insists that they will not lie to people.
Dan goes to see Masters. Asks whether Masters is ready to collect on the favour he did? He wants to do him another favour. 47 challenges Dan & Dan squares up to him.
Masters is at the prison gym & 47 hands him a package.