Bello pours water on Dan to resuscitate him. Dan jumps up & Bello tells the other two warders that it typically happens to prisoners when they have been in solitary for a long time. They tell him that they are returning him to the main cell.
Elias comes in with Kwame who complains about the issues with Whitewash. He is not ready to bear with their nuisance again. He collects a new set of invoices from Elias and complains about the cost which Elias insists was got at a good rate. Kwame complains about his damaged car & asks Elias to trace the babe who ran into him. Elias complains that there are too many of such babes all over Lagos but Kwame insists that it is easy to find an okada babe with an American accent. Elias does not even have a complete registration number, but grudgingly leaves when Kwame asks him to be useful for once.
Soji and Bimpe and Harriet discuss the reality show. Soji has a list of demands which Harriet agrees to. The name of the program will be Bimji & was coined by Bimpe. They toast to Bimji but Harriet pours drinks on Bimpe. As she goes to the bathroom to freshen up, Harriet asks Soji who will fund Bimji?
Oti comes to meet Dan and asks him why he attacked the warder? Dan ignores him. He tells Dan that that is how it starts. The next thing they know, he will be attacking other prisoners. Dan collects a wrap of smoke from him and says that he reminded him of something he was trying hard to forget. He hands the cigarette back.
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Soji asks Harriet what she means as she earlier promised that she will fund it. Harriet says that due to the delay from Soji and Bimpe, the crew that was going to work on it moved to other things. She gave Soji the budget for the first season which will be thirteen episodes.
Danny barges into Sheila’s office & says she enjoyed her mud bath. Sheila is happy that she enjoyed it & hoped that other patrons enjoy it as much. Danny asks if they are not signing on but Sheila says that they are not signing on fast enough. Danny pins this down to conflict between exclusivity & openness.  She suggests that they shake up things a bit & when Sheila agrees, she suggests a salsa class. She dances salsa and will be willing to organize classes which Sheila & Fred will be invited to. Sheila balks at the idea but will consider same after a demonstration.
The warden Dan attacked comes & asks if he has a daughter called Salewa? Dan jumps up from his bed to ask if she is around? The warder says she came around. He describes Salewa as skinny & threatens Dan that next time he touches him, Salewa will hear it as he scrunches up Salewa’s picture & drops it on the floor as Dan watches helplessly from behind the bars.
Salem screams when he saw the figures Soji is looking at. He hopes it is not an amount that Soji is owing anyone. Soji explains that it is the cost of producing a reality show. Salem leaves when Bimpe comes in & hands Soji a suit. She wants her beau to look hot on the show. Soji hopes that it is not very expensive. She got it for free & a pair of shoes to go with it. She tweeted about the show & everyone is enthusiastic. Soji tells her not to make noise about it yet due to funding issues. She will look for a sponsor.
Bimpe is asking to see Brenda. Nnenna insists she needs to get an appointment. She wonders why Nnenna is treating her as a stranger. Ene comes & drags her away when she hears the reason for her visit.
Elias comes in to tell Kwame that he could not get the girl he has been asked to look for. Kwame gripes about Elias not getting anything done right. The registration number is not complete, he complains but Kwame is not happy they could not get the girl to pay for the damage. Elias asks if Kwame is only looking for the girl or is there any other issue?  Kwame tells him that he must be mistaken if he is one of those who think that just a dent will stop him from achieving his aim. He tells Elias to relax & rest. They will figure out a way to sort out their issues.
Ene asks why Bimpe is coming to look for Brenda’s help after the way she was sacked? She asks if Soji is away of the visit? Bimpe confirms that he is not but insists that Brenda owes her after the work she did for her as a PA as Brenda comes in. They are both startled when Brenda asks who she is owing? She asks Bimpe into her office.
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Bimpe sells the idea of the reality show to Brenda & she finds it interesting. Brenda agrees that even the choice of name is brilliant & as Bimpe was getting happy, she asks why she should help after Bimpe made fun of her in her film? She asks Bimpe to leave but as she was about to leave, she turns & tells Brenda; People loved me impersonating you because you are such a powerful person in the industry. So?  Brenda asks. You are admired, she continues. Brenda smiles & asks her to sit down as she fishes out her cheque book.
Danny gives a demonstration of her new dancing skills in the reception of the spa to the admiration of the staff and customers around.
Dan & Oti discuss the threat to Dan’s family by the prison warden in the prison gym. He tells Dan not to take it to heart as the warden may not be able to actualize the threat.
Bimpe starts running her mouth saying that people liked the film because it showed a part of drunk Brenda, which people have not seen before as Brenda writes her a cheque. Brenda stops writing the cheque & calls Ene to throw Bimpe out. Bimpe apologizes but snatches the cheque from Brenda.
Sheila reviews the fliers for the salsa classes. Danny looks at the fliers & also makes some corrections to the flier. She also suggests that they distribute the fliers among other people who are not their usual customers. As they were discussing, Kwame walks in & recognizing Danny, tells her that he has been looking for her as a bewildered Sheila looks on. 
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Kwame tells Brenda that he will not stop his movies because of the Whitewash protests. Brenda tells him to go ahead. He tells her to tell Whitewash to come with their sleeping bags as he will not stop his shooting because of them.