Mrs Kaneng leaves the Ade-Williams home. Fred & Sheila are discussing Dan’s issue. Fred said he’d never heard of Prerogative of mercy and that people needed to pay attention to things outside their immediate scope.
They talk about getting Eddie, Dan’s lawyer, to assist Mrs Kaneng. “He may appreciate the opportunity to redeem himself & secure victory for his client”, said Fred.
Kwame is seen with his crew in Tare’s apartment. He introduces someone to the others as Ephraim, their new director. He went on to tell Ephraim that he had to shoot as many films as possible in the shortest possible time. Elias walks in with a copy of Tinsel town mag with Kwame’s pic on the frontpage. The headlines read “Make Way for the Man of Sleaze”. Kwame was annoyed, picked his cell phone and called Harriet, to give her a piece of his mind. He subsequently called off any more shooting for the day and said they should have a party to celebrate their success.
Chuks walks into the bar & approaches Titi K to ask for permission to use d bar for another fashion show. She flatly refused and asked for a commission from the previous event. Chuks admitted to her that he didn’t make much from d last show.
Titi K is at her desk and Chuks walked in to demand his rights to the use of d bar. He asked Titi why she was so concerned about the bar and that wasn’t she supposed to be an actress? Titi retorted, “do u think my career is over? I owe no one any explanations. My money is invested in d bar, it’s my daughter’s legacy, blah, blah, blah…….” Chucks got so annoyed & hissed & walked out on her.
In the prison rec room, Dan’s friend (the one treated by Masters’ Dr.) was going on & on about how he was willing to pay off some prison guards in order to get on the list of prisoners to be pardoned. “So u give money to a warder to get on the list of those they will release for good behaviour?”, asked Dan. He went on, “ do u think u deserve to be pardoned? U r a guilty man; face up to it & stop being a coward”.
Chuks is sitting in d bar & Frank walks up to him. Juice with Peju is showing on T.V. A motivational speaker is on d show. Titi K walked up to them, switched off d T.V. & reprimanded them for being neglecting their duties.
Chuks demanded to have d remote control as he wanted to watch a repeat of the prog. Titi K asked him to behave like a partner if he wanted to be treated as one.
Chuks was quite fed up with her & he quit his position at d bar!!
In the Ade-Williams’ living rm, Eddie, Mrs Kaneng, Sheila & FAW are having a meeting. Eddie is in a bad mood. I guess he hasn’t gotten over losing Dan’s case. He’s skeptical about Mrs Kaneng’s suggestions since Dan was not ready to put up a fight for his life. Sheila asked if he could talk to Dan but he refused.
Kwame & his crew are celebrating at Ziggy’s. A fan walks up to their table to congratulate them and Kwame offered to pay for the guys drinks.
Brenda walks in & exchanges words with Kwame. She told him he was dragging d family name into d mud with his mediocre films & untalented actors. He snapped back at her, “I’m not ur child. What is eating u up……… my films or the fact that I’m doing well without ur help?” “I will not allow this to continue, don’t say I didn’t warn u”, said Brenda as she left angrily.
Dan was shown in his cell. A warder informed him he had a visitor but he refused to see d person saying he wasn’t expecting anyone & besides he was done with everyone.
Ene’s looking good in a pair of blue jeans, black top & black jacket & was shown taking notes & practically running after Brenda as she walked into her office. She told Brenda she didn’t quite get her instructions but Brenda got irritated & dismissed her. Brenda then made a call & said “I’ve been trying to reach u. He should not be allowed to continue.” 
So who did Brenda call? I guess we’ll find out 2moro.
Sheila’s on the couch in d living rm. She was on the computer. Fred walked in and she said she’d been trying to get more info on “Prerogative of Mercy”. Fred informed her he had a call from Mrs Kaneng who told him that Dan had refused to see her.
Dan was shown sitting on his bed, reading. The warder (the skinny one that snitched to Masters’ about Kabir) walked in & told Dan he’d delivered his message to d visitor. He went on & on asking Dan what was wrong with him, if he was d only educated person in prison yada yada yada. Then, he knocked Dan’s book out of his hands. A switch must have gone on/off in Dan’s head ‘cos d usually cool Dan just flipped and attacked d warder. He gripped the guy’s neck & started strangling him. You should have seen the guy’s face, he was so terrified, like death was staring him right in d face. 

Chucks & wifey are sitting on d couch. Chuks told Ene he was feeling happy & inspired. “I had an epiphany. All of a sudden, I saw it”. “Saw what?”, Ene asked. “ What I needed to do to break d chains holding me back & preventing me from pursuing my dreams”.
Ene had this look on her face, like, here we go again, Chuks is up to one of his schemes again.