Dan meets a crying Fred in the prison. Fred is crying because Dan has been sentenced to death. He feels he has failed in his responsibility as an elder brother. Dan tells him that he is no longer the junior brother he needed to protect at the playground. Fred says he should have pulled more strings, hired better lawyers, etc. Dan tells him that he tried but it did not work well. He says that he has been catching up on a lot since he found himself in jail; Things Fall Apart, The gods are not to blame, etc. he tells Fred that he does not look well. He should go home & see a doctor. He leaves Fred and works away.
Kwame quarrels with Hassan who is shooting in Telema’s flat for wasting time & making noise that will make the neighbours know they are there. Hassan says that he needs an AD for things to move fast. Kwame promotes the DOP to AD. He is happy but complains that the money is too small. Kwame leaves them and on his way out, he meets Amber who is very happy to be a part of the movie. He tells her that she is the lead actress and hopes she will not disappoint him.
TTK comes to meet Dan and complains that they kept her waiting for too long. She rails about all kinds of things but Dan cuts her off and tells her that he invited her to discuss the bar. He hopes that it is running well & she has given up on those her nonsensical ideas as that is Salewa’s inheritance. She tells him that she has come to her own conclusion; if he does not appeal the verdict, she will give the bar away! That got his attention.
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Frank is surprised that they want to kill Uncle Dan. A big man like that, the judge must be drinking something. They hope that his family will appeal. They wonder what kind of bad luck is it to lose both Ziggy & Dan at the same time. Chuks remind them that it will be worse when they lose the customers and orders them back to work. Ene calls to say she will be late. Chuks asks what that slave driver wants her to do today? She says that she volunteered. She is trying to make Brenda feel her presence so that she will miss her when she goes for Youth Service. Besides, they need the money. Chuks is not happy but he eventually agrees. He will cook dinner for them.
Hassan quarrels with Amber for looking into the camera in spite of his telling her not to. He cuts off her scene for the next scene and as she was going out, Kwame meets her & asks her to wait outside. He goes to have a word with Hassan.
TTK & Dan scream at each other over the bar. She insists on selling the bar and giving away the proceeds to charity if he does not appeal his verdict. He tells her that she does not have the right but she reminds him that he gave her the right to run the bar. He tells her that blackmail will not work & she tells him that she is not joking. He walks away from her.
Kwame reminds Hassan that Amber is coming quite cheap and that is all they can afford. He tells Kwame that he only wants to move to the next scene. Kwame reminds him that it will be difficult to complete the movie if they keep cutting off scenes. Hassan says that Amber is a terrible actress. Kwame gives him two options: use Amber or hire a professional actress and pay out of your salary. He will use Amber.
Chuks meets TTK in the office crying. She cleans her face immediately he appears. He tells her that the staff commiserate with her over Dan’s fate. She thinks he came to ensure that their pay is secure and reminds him that the bar is still in the woods. He asks how he can take care of his family & she tells him that he is lucky that his wife is working.
Kwame comes in & is furious that Hassan is still shooting the first scene. Hassan is surprised that he is still around & he says that he was on the lookout; nay securing the location so that no one will disturb the shooting. He asks them to pack up the scene they are shooting. They will fix it in editing. Hassan wonders how that can be done and he shouts him down telling him to ensure that everything is ready when he comes back.
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Soji and Chuks discuss Dan’s sentence which they describe as a bad dream. Chuks reminds Soji that he confessed to the crime once & Soji says that no one expects that the sentence will be this harsh. He suggests they discuss something else. He asks how Soji & Bimpe are doing? Soji says they are okay. It is only that Harriet wants to be Bimpe’s manager but he has told her to stay away from Harriet. Chuks wonders what the issue is if it will bring money? Soji says that it is not all about money. They discuss Chuks and Ene’s financial problem and her impending youth service. Soji would have loaned him some money but his money is tied up. Chuks says that he will need Soji’s help to secure Ene’s job.
Kwame is furious with Hassan for wasting time & his money after promising to be some miracle worker. He complains that he will have delivered if he had been provided with a better actress. Kwame tells him to sort things out but he says he is leaving. Kwame drags him back but he screams that Amber is a brainless bimbo & Kwame is a hatchet job of a producer. Kwame asks him to leave before he is thrown out. As he leaves, the AD reminds him that the crew is still waiting for food.
Bimpe comes to visit Chuks in the bar. He tells her that they need her help to secure Ene’s job. She is furious that they are asking for her help after failing to thank her for giving Ene her job. Chuks corrects her that she did not help Ene secure the job. She hits his arm & says that he will offer her a drink before they discuss anything. He tries to wriggle out of it but she insists on getting a big chapman before any discussion can start.
Kwame asks the crew why they are packing? They tell him that they cannot continue the shoot without a director. He says he will direct the film. He will change the script a little to avoid any charge of plagiarism. They jump to scene 3.
Bimpe asks why Chuks is asking for her help? He tells her that they need a replacement for Ene. She wonders why they are not leaving that for HR? he tells her that they are looking for a unique person like her! She tells him that people like her are difficult to find because they are unique. He agrees.
Sheila lets Brenda, who came to see how they are doing into the house. She asks after Fred and wants to leave when she is told that he is sleeping but Sheila asks her to wait that Fred will want to see her. Fred comes down and asks her what she would have done if she was in his shoes? She tells him that she would not have allowed things to deteriorate to that level. She would probably have hired the best lawyers.