Harriet tries to convince Bimpe to come on the reality show. She says that is what all Hollywood stars are doing now. Bimpe is not sure that is what she wants. She does not want a film crew following her all day. Harriet says they will cut out whatever she does not want. She  asks Harriet to show her the money. The money? Asks Harriet. Yes, confirms Bimpe. She is not ready to go through Black Ananse again where they used her talent for peanuts. Harriet says she cannot write Bimpe a big cheque now but she will sign Bimpe on as her producer. Bimpe is not ready to go through what Telema went through to produce a film. She is eventually happy to appear on the show! She sees herself as the new Kim Khardasian.
Amaka & Sheila see Brenda off. Amaka asks Sheila if she is comfortable having this Danny around? Sheila is okay with it. However, she will ensure that there is no discussion of Dan or his case when Danny is around. Danny & Fred comes downstairs & she asks what she does not need to know about? Amaka says she was just leaving. They have been looking at old pictures of Monica & everybody. Some of them remind Danny of the Monica she knew. She remembers the first thing Monica said to her. She mistook her for a stranger. She asks why they do not discuss Monica a lot in the house? Fred says that it is not exactly a favourite topic in the house. She says she understands. She grew up in such a house; a house of shadows! Sometimes you need to open up. Let the light in.
Bimpe lays down her requirement for appearing on the reality show. She wants an all-star treatment. No skins, etc. Where will they shoot? Soji’s or her’s?l Harriet says both. There will be no bathroom scenes & no bedroom action. Harriet agrees to them all but reminds Bimpe that she will be the producer on this show. Bimpe suddenly sees a problem. Soji will not agree to appear on the show! Harriet asks her to use her womanly wiles to get him to agree. She smiles in agreement.
A house full of shadows? Fred repeats as he breaks down over Dan’s case. He blames himself for various things that went wrong with Dan. He did not give him a lot of credit as a brother & as the elder, he should have taken better care of things. Sheila assures him that he did his best in the circumstances. Dan is an adult & made his choices. He thanks God that their mum did not witness the humiliation of the case. Fred wonders what kind of rage pushed Dan to killed someone? He believes that Dan is justified to feel angry at the treatment.
Bimpe tells Harriet that their relationship is different. It is based on trust. Harriet tells her that is why they need to be on the show. They need to show Lagos couples how it is done. Bimpe is not bothered about Lagos couples. She did not like the tweets they sent to their picture. Harriet tells her that is why they need to Benoni the show to show Lagos that it is for real. Bimpe gets up to take Soji home. Frank wishes him luck. He asks why & Frank says that whenever women discuss for a long time, there is always trouble.
TTK demands for a meeting with Fred. Shells tells him that he is resting. TTK makes o walk upstairs but Sheila restrains her. She blows up & says that she demands to see Fred now before they start throwing flowers on his brother’s grave. Sheila tells her that Fred did not put Dan in prison. TTK asks if Sheila thinks she is bette than them? She asks if Fred would have let the case go on if it was Phillip or Sheila, Miss Liz Taylor of Lagos that was on the dock? Sheila reminds her that there was little Fred could have done on a case that public. TTK fumes that Sheila would have done something if it was her daughter that was about to become fatherless. It is just that Sheila does not or cannot have a child. Sheila throws her out. She will go but that is not the last they will hear from her. She also says Fred should be in the jIl begging for forgiveness.
Dan asks Eddy if he is not going to convince him to change his mind? 
Danny comes down to meet Fred & Sheila in the sitting room. They ask if she slept well but she says Freddy kept her awake for too long. She loves the artwork they have in the house. Sheila says they a collectors & asks what kind of art Danny is into. She says she is into real life art! Describes some form of funny art. Sheila asks how long she is going to be around for? She says she has a grant to complete her Masters. She hopes to get a temporary job to earn he keep. Fred suggests that Sheila can employ her in the spa. Danny screams in delight. She used to take some classes in aromatherapy! Sheila asks after her family & she says she does not know much about them. Her parents never brought her back. She asks to borrow Sheila’s kitchen.
Soji advises Bimpe against accepting Harriet’s offer to be her manage as they cuddle in bed. 
Sheila meets Freddy & Danny cooking in the kitchen. They are making a power shake. Danny thanks Sheila for going all out to make her stay comfortable, buying all that food, etc. She noticed that Amaka did not like her not eating. Freddy says they will break some eggs into the drink like they do in the movie. Danny says that when Freddy takes her drink, he will be the roughest player around.
Soji walks in on Bimpe sending a text to Harriet about their arrangement. She suggests they work slowly on the “problem”. Soji asks what she is doing & she claims tha she was writing herself a note to stay away from Harriet.
The Ade-Williams are at breakfast. Everyone is struggling to pass the food down. Sheila asks how Danny became vegetarian? She says that all her friends were vegetarians & she joined. Fred remarks that Monica liked her steak. She says that is why their friendship lasted. Sheila asks after he family? She says that they had a number of relations visit & she calls them suckers. Fred gives her a lecture on the importance of family. He leaves them to make a call. 
Fred calls Phillip & leaves him a message. Amaka comes in & Fred tells her that he is trying to reach Phillip. He should be around at a time like that. Amaka assures him that she is around & she is going nowhere. He asks Amaka how you break such news over the phone? Son, come, your uncle is about to hang? Amaka asks after everyone & he says that they are at breakfast. Adanna cooked breakfast which he did not find according to his taste. Amaka rails about Adanna & Fred assures her that Adanna is harmless. 
Danny tells Freddy to own up ha he is not enjoying the breakfast. Sheila also gives up. Danny thanks them for the effort & tells them to keep things real. Freddy says the drink was not nice & Sheila hopes that Danny is a better artist than she can cook. Danny says that she did not mean that real. Sheila offers to show Danny around town & Freddy asks to come along. Sheila says no & Freddy complains that he feels like a prisoner in he house. He starts to say that must be how Uncle Dan feels but Sheila shuts him up firmly & asks him to go to his room. Danny says that it is not the right way to bring up a child. Sheila berates her for finding faults with the way they live. She throws a parting shot by telling her that breakfast was for the piths.

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