Peju reports from the court on the sentencing of Dan when Fred & TTK comes out. The journalists rush them for quotes but they leave without making a statement.
Sheila comes into the kitchen to see Amaka & Freddy baking. Freddy insists on doing everything himself. He is even baking another cake in case the first one does not turn out well. Amaka complains that she is tried of hearing about Danny. As they were talking, they hear a crash & come out to find Freddy on the floor. He fell down while trying to put up the welcome Danny banner.
Warden Bello escorts Dan to his cell. He asks Dan to eat. He commiserates with Dan saying that the judge was harsh. As a first offender, he expected Dan to get a lesser sentence. He says that there is hope. He expects Dan’s people to appeal. He tells Dan to stop worrying. Dan starts laughing & laughs so hard that Bello wonders if he is okay?
Chuks asks whoever is at the door to come in. Bimpe comes in & he worries at her ringing the door bell. She says her career is not going well. He says that Ene told him about the I’ll-fated audition. Bimoe tells him that he has an idea that will benefit Chuks. She wants to make Internet videos where she will wear Chuks’s clothes. Chuks asks how many she wants to buy? She says she is helping him publicize his work but he reminds her that it was the same story she sold him the last time.
Fred & Sheila are downstairs with Freddy waiting for Danny. Sheila compliments Freddy’s outfit & asks why he brought down all his games? He says that he brought them in case Aunty Danny is bored. Silas comes down to go to the airport & Freddy asks to go with him but Sheila says no. 
Chuks apologizes to Bimpe. She says that they have been treating her as a joke just like Ene invited her to an audition. Chuks tells her that they have not been treating her as a joke. She complains that if Black Ananse had not gone down, they will not be treating her that way. She would have taken Kwame’s offer & that Phillip that did not take her to Ghana for the movie? Chuks says that it is possible hat he wants to shoot with Ghanaians. She says that she can act Ghanaian. She is sure that if it was Telema, he would have taken he along. Chuks says that there is a difference between her & Telema. She asks how? He says that Telema wanted to build a career while Bimpe wNts o be a star. Bimpe asks what the difference is? Telema has a manager, Chuks says. Bimpe says she will go get one & as she rushes out, Chuks adds plus talent.
Dan advises Bello that he is okay but Bello is not convinced. The way Dan was laughing just now like a hyena shocks him. That is the way madness starts. Dan assures him that all is well with him now. He feels free now that everything has been over and done with. Bello says hat with his big grammar, it looks like Dan thinks a lot. Dan asks him if it is time for lunch? He says no & Dan wonders why Bello offered him food earlier? He says that he knows that Dan has not eaten all day & he has a doughnut in his office. Dan asks for the doughnut.
Amaka visits and assures Fred that they will fight the sentence with all they have got. As they were talking, Brenda also visits & says that she knows some very good lawyers except if they want to retain the current lawyer. Sheila says the day has been draining on everybody. They will rest & then talk strategy. Brenda says she will make a list of the lawyers she knows & Fred will also go ahead & prepare his.
Sunday, 47 comes to call Dan. He calls him dead body & ells him that is what he will be calling him going forward. Masters wants to see Dan. Dan reminds him that he leaves in a separate quarter now. He says that they have arranged that already. Dan tells him that he reason why he has that compulsive need to intimidate weaklings is because he fears what is in them. 47 exclaims that he, Sunday, Ishola Oriebola does not fear anybody. Dans says that he can explain that to him, but he will not understand. He tells Dan to be careful or they will do the job for the government before time.
Soji massages Bimpe & she commends his skills. She asks after his meeting with the woman of many names? He says that the woman kept mentioning photography things that he has never heard of. She recommended his pictures to some foreign magazines. Bimpe asks if they will be paying in foreign currency?
Amaka & Sheila sets he table. Amaka asks after Toochi who is coming down with fever but the nanny has gone to get some medication. Brenda comes in & commends Amaka on her change of name. She never imagined that she an be sisters with Amaka. Cosmo comes in to tell them that the driver is back from the airport. They all rush out to get the party started.
Bimpe & Soji share a bottle of wine which she says is for a special occasion. She says they are celebrating Soji’s success as an international photographer. He says that he has not reached yet. She says that his pictures are now appearing on an international magazine. That makes him a star. She needs a manager now to push her craft. He reminds her that a pushful manager may not be the best thong for her. She says she will hen get a good manager. Hariet calls her & tells her that she has been monitoring the comments on her picture with Soji. She ells Harriet not to kind the sad comments. Harriet says that the pictures gave her an idea. She asks for a meeting.
Sheila asks Silas, the driver for Danny? He says that he did not see her. He held a sign with her name till all the passengers came out but there was nobody like that. Fred screams that she confirmed that she was com in that day. He gets up to leave but collapses on the chair. All the women fuss around him when he could not get up!