Fred and Sheila discuss the forthcoming sentencing. He cannot believe he is going to witness his brother being sentenced for murder. He does not have appetite for food. He asks Sheila to keep Freddy away from the news. Freddy runs to meet them & is all over the place. He wants Danny in the room next to him. Fred agrees. Fred asks for a welcome party for her. Sheila thinks it may not be necessary but Fred agrees to a small party.
Ene calls Soji to inform him of an audition for Bimpe. He thanks her for the quick result. Bimpe comes in but is not very keen to audition for a commercial. She is not ready for an audition & refers them to the films she made for Black Ananse. She is not ready to go back to her modelling days.
The judge asks if Eddy has any plea before he goes ahead with sentencing. Eddy pleads for leniency for Dan saying that Dan has been a model citizen who lost his mind momentarily following from the acts of the victim. Dan interrupts him saying he is not rambling. The judge adjourns till the next day on Eddy’s request before sentencing.
Sheila tells Cosmo to prepare for Danny’s visit. They need to stock up on fruits and whole grain especially Quena. Quena? Cosmo asks. Sheila asks him to check the major supermarkets. They need to prepare vegetarian dishes. He will check his cookbook for vegetarian dishes. Amaka asks why they are cooking vegetarian? It is for Danny, Sheila confirms. She also does not eat chilli. Amaka suggests they ask Danny to stay in a hotel. That way, things will not turn awkward if all does not go well. Sheila thinks that it is good to distract Freddy from asking awkward questions about the trial. Sheila will keep an eye on Danny.
Fred is angry with Dan for aggravating the judge. Dan is not in agreement with the statement. Eddy says that if he has been helpful in preparing the statement, he will have known what is in it. He says Dan has been his most difficult client, even worse that Angela. Fred suggests Eddy speaks with the judge in his chambers to apologize for Dan. It is worth a try.
Bimpe visits Soji. He asks why she did not go for the audition? She is not bothered about Brenda but is not interested in the audition. She is a star and should be given a product endorsement, not audition. He asks her not to worry when the other girl gets the job. She agrees to go but with him. He agrees to come along but gets a call from an agent Hoes & Rgers setting up a meeting for him with one of the biggest arts critic, Jean-Baptist Rogers Agbabiaka. Bimpe asks why he is meeting with so many people? He assures her that it is one person. She asks why she is bearing all the names she was giving at birth plus her maiden and married name? She agrees when he assures that she is old enough to be his mother.
Amaka and Freddy discuss the preparation for the welcome party. He is happy & will suggest that Danny try some of our local dishes like Egusi. They can bake her a cake. He downloaded some recipes from the internet. They can get Danny to try some local dishes.
Bimpe attends the audition. She greets Odun warmly & he asks her to go ahead with the audition. After being assured that Brenda is not around, she starts but Brenda walks right in.
Fred comes home & immediately asks Cosmo for brandy. Sheila asks how the day went? He tells her that sentencing has been adjourned to tomorrow because Dan disrupted proceedings. Sheila asks if Dan is alright & Fred says he is obviously not. Amaka comes back with Freddy & as soon as they send Freddy upstairs, Amaka asks if it has to do with Dan?
Brenda riles Bimpe up about her internet videos and her not being expected at this kind of event. She asks Bimpe to carry on. Bimpe is completely thrown and reads the script lifelessly while Brenda smiles smugly.
47 comes to taunt Dan about his day in court. He thinks that Dan is trying to get the court to commit him as someone of unsound mind. He had done the same thing in the past when he was in Benin prison. Dan asks to be left alone. He says no because Masters asked him to come with Dan.
Fred tells Brenda about Dan’s day in court. How he has been aggravating everyone. She asks what is next? The next step is that the lawyer will speak with the judge and the prosecutor. Brenda suggests that Fred speaks with the judge himself but Fred says the lawyer says it is a bad idea as the judge is already annoyed with Dan. Freddy comes down to ask for permission to make welcome banners for Aunty Danny in the study.
Dan asks Masters that he is not in the right mind to play any games now. Masters understands considering what went on in court. He will not allow Dan to go back to his cell though as he does not like leaving a game unfinished. Dan says he is being sentenced for murder the next day. He suggests that Dan keeps his mind sharp with the game rather than go & brood in his cell. He is not forcing Dan but when he makes to leave, 47 reminds him to play.
Brenda asks why Fred is inviting a young woman that he has never met into his house on the invitation of a 12 year old. That is the least of Fred’s  worries. She asks when Danny will arrive because she wants to clear her diary.
Soji has been stood up by the art critic. Bimpe comes in to also tell him of her bad day at the audition & Brenda’s presence. Ene comes in and apologizes for Brenda’s presence at the audition.
The judge gives his pre-sentencing speech. He is not happy a the media attention the case got & Dan’s constant interference. He refers to those who think that Dan’s crime is justified. He sentences Dan to death by hanging to send a signal to those who think that his crime is justified. He is to die by hanging! TTK screams.
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Fred comes home and collapses on the sofa in front of everyone. He gets up and collapses again.